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  1. I have owned 1 dell 15" that came with my E310 which I love still to this day, and two Acer widescreens. I originally owned a 19" 1680x1050, sold it to upgrade to a 21.5" 1920x1080 with HDMI for my capture card. I love(d) both of these monitors and my old one is being used by my friend for a 3 screen setup. The picture is great and I love the touch sensitive buttons on the front of my current monitor.
  2. Would highly recommend the Netgear Wireless N-150 or N-300. I have the 300 and two of my friends have the 150 and they all work flawlessly. The 300 has more features and was around $70 from walmart.
  3. The speakers are in good shape. I'm just unsatisfied with the sound I'm getting from my system. The new receiver will be my first step in upgrading my system. I'm looking for the features I posted earlier, and also to see if it drive my current speakers any better. If the sound is still unsatisfactory then I will upgrade the speakers as well.
  4. Im basically looking for AUX, good FM reception, and good sound quality. Those being my main concerns anything else is a bonus.
  5. those aren't very good pings for 100mi I get 18-20ms at 250mi
  6. I'm really not looking to spend more than $100 so this is what I'm looking at. Thoughts? http://www.crutchfield.com/p_105KDHDR20/JV...tures_and_specs
  7. Yea it does, and I've done it so many times that it doesn't bother me. Fresh installs just make the computer feel.. clean
  8. If you don't like TF2 then the choice is obvious.
  9. I believe you can change the taskbar with a simple Personalization tweak... and I think the taskbar is one of Windows 7's strong points.. Edit: Right click on desktop, go to personalize. Under Taskbar appearance, go to drop down on Taskbar Buttons, choose Never Combine. Problem solved..
  10. Alright, I'm sticking with Windows 7 and I'm good on all the drivers and whatnot. I just want a fresh start on it with no Dell crap and no trial crap
  11. In about a week I will be receiving my new Dell Studio 15. I want to get rid of all the bloat-crap that comes with it and do a fresh install right when I get it. Will this void my warranty?
  12. Not going to stop me from buying them. I enjoy playing MW2 and though I'm not happy with the price hike I'll still get my $15 out of them.
  13. Nah the headphones are fine, it does it with all headphones. Oh well, not worth the effort to send them in.
  14. No I think there is an issue with them because there is no change in bass levels when I turn the bass knob with headphones in. It works fine on the Sub itself.
  15. Alright sounds good. Also I have an unrelated question for you. When you use your headphones on your Pro Media 2.1s, do you get a good amount of bass through them? Mine seem to push next to none in the low end when using the headphone jack on my Fatal1ty MKIIs.
  16. Ok I get what you guys are trying to tell me now. I really like that Alpine deck sdy recommended. - Will that deck work alright with my current speakers until I can upgrade the speakers down the road? - Are amps necessary for a decent set of speakers (no sub) with that deck?
  17. Im not looking to get anything top of the line really. Im just looking to get something that sounds better than the stock system which is very limited as far as volume and quality is concerned. As for inputs the AUX is all i need for my Zune HD. Me and my brother checked my current speakers and deck and everything should fit just fine.
  18. I have a '00 Chevy S10. The stock speaker system is junk and I'm looking to upgrade it. I found what looks like a good deal on Walmart.com but I want some second opinions as this is a new field for me. I found this deal. The reviews say good things about these products but I'm wanting input still. - Do you have any better recommendations that don't increase the price much or at all? - How hard will it be to install this system? - Will it work ok on my vehicle? Thanks, if you need anymore info just ask. Edit: I'm going to measure and get pics of the speakers in my truck here in a bit but we estimated the speakers to be around 6-7 inches.
  19. Will do. It has a great deal going on right now which claims it's $289 off. The deal last til like early June I think.
  20. Dell Studio 15 Laptop $789 I can't wait! Core-i3 2.13GHz 4GB DDR3 1333MHz Intel HD graphics (cpu built in) X-Fi Audio Backlit keyboard 320GB 7200rpm hdd 15.6" 1080p LED LCD 8X DVD Multi Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit Wireless N Bloatware
  21. No they fixed it last night. It didn't give you the option to for allowing the Facebook App to access your information. Works just fine now
  22. The Facebook App for the Zune HD is out now after being promised back in November. Anyone here with a Zune HD should go check it out! As of now it is not working correctly however.. (
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