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  1. Tried everything. Hasn't worked since I took it out of the box and I've even reloaded windows since then.
  2. Yea that works but it's still not the backlight brightness which is what I'm interested in. I'm still awaiting a reply from Dell.. hopefully I don't have to send it in...
  3. I can't adjust the brightness of my screen on my Dell Studio 1558. I've tried using both the control panel settings and the function keys. When using the function keys the meter moves down one notch and stops, but no difference in brightness. It's stuck at 100% I have all of the necessary drivers installed.
  4. I know the Adobe Products are more than capable of that as long as you are proficient in them. (After Effects, etc)
  5. Good luck everyone! May Verran remain in our hearts forever
  6. This is an awesome guide. Can't wait to try this out on mine. Thanks
  7. same with my new Studio laptop, hate having all that extra crap on my computer.
  8. well.. my dad figured this out on his own and he has had a 360 for a month and it worked just fine.. new maps FTW can't wait to buy them myself when I get home.
  9. Some pretty interesting stuff coming up for you fellow Zune HD owners. the 4.5 firmware looks to be adding some codecs and a feature that I've been really looking forward to which is Smart DJ. Source: http://www.engadget.com/2010/03/29/zune-hd...j-new-codecs-a/
  10. I was pretty sure the 5 series was based on the 4 series GPU. They make this sound more like a new design from the ground up like Fermi was.
  11. This is news to me and I haven't seen it anywhere on here yet so I thought I'd share it. Looks like ATi is releasing a new architecture the second half of this year. Seems pretty fast but it makes sense cause it probably didn't take too much to make Evergreen since the underlying architecture was already there. Source: http://vr-zone.com/forums/597605/next-gene...f-the-year.html
  12. Looks pretty dang good. also just a heads up. in the first page where you tell the length, you left out the numbers. It just says a full inches long.
  13. So my laptop came with this neat little webcam software called Dell Webcam Central. I have reloaded and cannot locate this software online or on the CDs. Does anyone know where I can download it?
  14. Yea that's the first thing I tried, it has also been through a reinstall of Windows as well. However... this morning i turned it on... and all the problems are gone. It was only in sleep mode all night. No more distortion on my pro medias, no more drop outs, nothing. I don't know why but it's fixed. The only difference now is I don't have the Creative crap installed anymore, and don't plan to now since it's in working order and sounds perfectly fine.
  15. Just got the laptop on Wednesday. It came with Windows 7 x64 Home Premium. The audio chipset is IDT (don't know much else past that). Also has the Creative X-Fi software stuff that I purhcased for $25 extra (and believed to be hardware, not just software.. <_< )
  16. The headphones don't have feedback but still suffer from the audio issues. The ports are definitely more powerful than the ports on my desktop's Soundblast Audigy SE. There are two headphone ports and both suffer from the feedback sound.
  17. Pro Medias and the audio drops out on the built in speakers, the pro medias, and my headphones. I have tried unloading drivers, updating to latest ones, all that. Messed with every setting imaginable.
  18. When I plug my speakers into my laptop I get feedback noise in the speakers. I don't hear it on the speakers on the laptop though. I don't get the feedback sound going from my Zune HD or my computer's sound card. I have a Dell Studio 15 (1558) Also, the audio almost seems to drop out on loud peaks in songs
  19. That's the case I won in the Christmas Contest, thanks OCC and Raidmax. My friend is now the happy owner of this case.
  20. Also in the case of my tuner card, all of the processing is done by the card so it's not very resource heavy in my situation. I'm not sure what tuner card you have or are planning on getting, but I know someone on this forum is selling a WinTV-150 (which is what I have). Edit: aaaaaand thar she blows! http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.p...=173670&hl= Double Edit: aaaaand now I feel dumb because I just saw the second post..
  21. I'm using a 2GHz P4 with 512MB RDRAM and it works perfectly fine as a DVR
  22. http://www.crutchfield.com/p_105KDHDR20/JV...tures_and_specs Can't wait to hook it up
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