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  1. Updated 9.5.12 -Added items for sale
  2. Ok thanks for answering the question, I was thinking about buying one from a friend that I know will unlock, I just didn't know if there were any differences on the chips or if amd just locked the cores. Thanks.
  3. Ok I have a quick, hopefully simple question. If you take a Phenom II 555 for example, and it unlocks to a quad and is stablest all stock settings, would it perform the same as a phenom II 955? Or would the extra cores not perform as well since they were unlocked? I know this would probably vary from chip to chip but I was just wanting a general idea.
  4. I hadnt mentioned the 1680x1050 part before now.
  5. As the original post says, this computer needs to be able to play games for the next three to four years @ 1680x1050. The extra fps isnt a big deal currently im just trying to decide what would be best for a few years down the road. The card, no matter what i go with will not be overclocked initially, but probably will be later just to squeeze a little bit more life out of the card.
  6. All prices do not include shipping unless otherwise specified. Paypal preferred but I'm open to other forms of payment. My heatware is under paradax. For Sale: PS3 DLC Codes / Online Passes: 1 PS3 Medal of Honor Limited Edition Online Pass 1 PS3 Mass Effect 3 Online Pass 2 PS3 Crysis 2 Limited Edition DLC codes $5 each OBO - I would prefer to pm the codes but can physically mail them upon request. Movies: Lord of the Rings Return of the King Extended Edition - $5 -Great condition except disc 2 of the movie quit working -I bought another copy of it and will include a dual layer copy of disc 2 as well as the original, non-working, disc That's all I have for now, I will be adding more PS3, and maybe Xbox, codes as they become available as well as some computer hardware and misc items. People I've sold to: Playah People I've bought from: El_capitan (x2) dr_bowtie (free to a good home) Thanks for looking!
  7. Yah I know, its one of the newer ones but I found a better deal on a cooler master. Thanks for the warnings.
  8. Alright thanks for all the suggestions, i am going to go with the 960t combo (assuming microcenter in st louis ever has either the gigabyte or asus motherboard in stock again), 4gb corsair ram, I think an ocz power supply cause theres a 600 w one with a mail in rebate at microcenter/newegg, and a 560ti
  9. Ok thanks for the suggestion, I'll Call microcenter and ask cause my wife is actually going to st louis next week.
  10. That would definitely help getting a free motherboard not to mention i may be able to unlock the 960t to an x6. Any idea how long the deal at microcenter is good for?
  11. Ok Thanks for the input guys, I know right now intel is the way to go but with this type of budget there's simply no way to make go that route. Yah hes had this same case for 8 years and wants to stick with it. Yes the hard drive and optical drive are still good
  12. So the higher clock speed and cache dont help out the fx series? What about 3 years down the road do you still think the X4 beats out the FX then?
  13. I need suggestions on one more thing, so far my super budget gamer look like: Phenom II x4 960t Asus M5A78L-M 2x2Gb mushkin blackline ddr3 1600 Antec Earthwatts EA-650 650 W PSU Now I'm trying to decide between a 560ti and a 560ti 448. Both are evga cards the 560ti is the standard edition and the 560ti448 is the FTW edition. The 560ti 448 is $47.56 more. Do you tink the performance boost for the 448 core edition as well as the FTW edition card is worth the extra $45? ***RESOLVED*** - I went with a Phenom II x4 960t A friends PSU just fried and took his motherboard with it, now hes going to replace the motherboard, processor, memory, GPU, and PSU. Im working with a budget of $400 for all of the above and it has to be able to do some gaming. Hes wanting this to last for at least three years and be able to play games throughout that lifespan. My question is should i go with a Phenom II X4 955 or a FX-4100? I like a lot of the features of the FX ( high clock speed, large l3 cache, etc) but ive seen a lot of people saying they aren't worth the money. I dont really want to go with an older architecture like the phenom but if i do i can allot approximately $30 more to the video card budget.
  14. They actually show up as ps/2 devices in device manager. And i have already tried uninstalling the existing touchpad driver and installed the correct one from the manufacturer website without any change. I would have assumed the keyboard and touchpad were both dying except they both work fine during the install process or if i boot up with a live linux disc. Thanks for the suggestions though, I'll keep playing with it.
  15. Hi I was recently re-installing windows on my parents acer laptop and the keyboard and mouse run fine during the installation but afterwards they are very laggy, sometimes i have to hold a letter for more than three seconds before it will actually type it. I have tried an external KB and mouse and they work fine. I have tried windows 7, vista, and xp which is what was originally on the laptop and all of them have the same issue. I noticed on windows xp that the issues start after the "Installing devices" stage of the installation which led me to believe that it was a driver issue so i went into device manager and uninstalled the mouse driver and then installed the driver from the manufacturer website but it still didnt fix the issue. Am I correct to assume this is some type of driver issue? Could it just be something on the MB getting flaky? Any help would be awesome, a laptop kinda pointless if you have to hook up a keyboard and mouse to it lol.
  16. How much would you want for the 80gb drive?
  17. I hate to be picky but I really need something 80+gb thanks for the offer though. Do you know if that drive is sata 3.0 Gb/s or 1.5Gb/s? Cause if nothing else I might buy it to setup a software raid partition on my parents computer for important files.
  18. Just wanting to know if anybody has any old sata hard drives 80gb plus laying around that they'd let go of for cheap? A friends hard drive just crashed and he's laid off right now so Im trying to get his computer running again for as cheap as possible and I don't have anything sitting around right now.
  19. Bump --Added DVI->VGA adapters to WTB
  20. Alright thanks for all the info guys
  21. Ok the hard drive in my sister in laws mac book pro crashed recently, I just need to know if I have to buy a special mac hard drive or if any old 2.5' sata drive will work? The power connector and sata connector on the existing drive are the same as any other 2.5" drive so I should be able to just buy any 2.5" sata drive and format it as a guid partition table right?
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