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  1. I take road trips a lot as well haha - I just took one today! Driving allows me to focus and gather my thoughts. I think I have ADD and I always need to keep moving. When I focus on something, I move away from that thing. However, when I'm relaxed such as driving or hiking, I can focus and put thoughts together. I was just wondering what I can do for $450 - I have a lot of room to grow with the budget lol. I honestly didn't know you could even dedicate 1 GB of RAM to the Integ. graphics. I may have seen it before, but I haven't ever explored that area yet. Computer maintenance is so boring to me because I've done everything and I cannot learn anything new in college. I actually had to switch majors to something more challenging - behavioral neuroscience and neuropsychopharmacology. However, I guess I can explore and learn about overclocking. But I have never explored the overclocking area because I don't play much video games, but I wanted a desktop instead of a laptop, and I've seen many good $600 builds and I asked myself if I could go lower. What I meant of upgrading was not to buy junk parts now, but to buy good parts - and when technology changes and processors - I could upgrade without burning out a new motherboard. Also, if I do become game oriented, I can get a better graphics card. I was going to use a cheap one or on-board, for now for playing video games in medium quality - and then if it becomes an interest to me, I could buy a video card! I do like your recommendations though! Thank you for helping me out!
  2. I even tried Firefox and IE in-case the editing feature wasn't working in Chrome, but nothing. Also, I was just wondering about the CPU and video card. All of the other options I am comfortable with picking and matching - however, I wasn't sure if graphics depended on the CPU OR the video card. It seems like I have heard both - games require quad-core, any processor manuf., 4.0Ghz - and any cheap video card - and then I heard differently that any quad-core processor will do just fine - and it relies on the video card. So I was wondering what I should really focus on performance wise, CPU or GPU?
  3. Yeah I'm going to be upgrading - so I definitely want something with more room, as in why I mentioned adding more RAM. Yeah I see the edit button, but it isn't allowing me to save OR even go to the full editor. Maybe because I am never on here, and I'm still considered a new member, and that privilege is not allowed which makes sense!
  4. 77 miles - there is a microcenter. What are the deals like? Sorry for not editing, it's not allowing me to.
  5. Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions! They look good, I've picked out the same components on Newegg, but wasn't sure what to look for with gaming. I didn't know there was a website, PCPartPicker - thanks for that! I don't know if I live near a Microcenter or not! I live in Eastern Pennsylvania, I'm sure Tjj226 may be familiar with the area, I've been in VA a few times. I'll look it up!
  6. I'm not sure why I can't edit the post, but I forgot to include, I'm only confused with the CPU and video card setup. Here is my new EDIT post!
  7. Hi everyone! So I'm trying to get a good build setup... I am using it primarily for everyday tasks, however, I would like to play most games like Need for Speed Most Wanted. Now I'm very well with computers, however, I don't know all about overclocking and gaming setups. So I was wondering if anyone can suggest anything. I have a 950W power supply that I had purchased for $90 - originally $180. So I don't need that. I would need the case, motherboard, CPU, RAM, and hard drive (any size - 500GB+; I can always upgrade, or add a hard drive and extend the partition). Video card - if you don't suggest trinity OR CPU/GPU processor I've built many customer computers, so I'm familiar with that, but I just don't know which motherboard OR CPU is good for gaming. The case, I'd like the Antec cases - they're nice. Now, I'm stuck at the CPU and motherboard. The CPU, I like AMD's 8-core, but I am not sure how well it does with gaming. Motherboard, anything really. Anything that can go up to 16GB RAM - I would also like a video card, for gaming. Now I know Trinity and most Intel has a GPU processor, so if you suggest that, that's fine. I'm looking for $450 price range - it's a small price - but I think you could suggest something!
  8. I want the best CPU and motherboard. Over 3.0GHz. Can you tell me which ones I should get.
  9. I did, but I'd prefer to build my own. If buying one already made would be cheaper, I would go that way. Can anyone find me a good motherboard with CPU. Intel CPU. Or AMD, whichever is the best. Above 3.0 GHz, quad core. I want to be able to put about 16 GB of RAM, in the future. For video and graphics when I start my own website. I'm buying a desktop PC and monitor and extra, but it has Pentium D so I would need to upgrade CPU and motherboard.
  10. Ohh, I see! I'll get that. I got a question. Should I get a pc built on cyberpowerpc, or a custom one that i build? I wanna build my own! I'm a geek like that. But instead of tigerdirect and newegg, any other really good places to get computer parts? Any site that will find the lowest and best deal?
  11. Anyone else? Should I get Intel or AMD? I want to overclock to get maximum performance. I also want 64 bit system! And a full case!
  12. I want to overclock, yes. I want to find a build under $700. Their is one on eBay, with monitor and everything. Asus p5nd2-Sli Board - Pent D 3.2g 800mhz - 2g PQI Turbo 667* Dual Channel DDR2 - Is pentium D good? Can anyone find me a build, on newegg? I want above 3.0GHz, a SLI mobo, video cards(sli), ram(4Gb), hard drive, case. No power supply. bought a nice new one from shell shocker Can anyone help me out, by finding the greatest deals?
  13. I need it. Maybe 6 GB for now. This computer is going to be for video editing as well! So I need memory to render videos
  14. I just got the shell shocker at newegg few days ago It's actually very nice! Only took a day to arrive too! So, now I need is a motherboard and a processor then basically I'm pretty much done. I also need a case. I want full case it's better and more room. I want a motherboard that I can sli or crossfire. Whichever is better with graphics cards and my power supply supports. I want an i5 processor too. If their is better than i5, then I'll get the better one. Case can be blue or red. Full tower I prefer. Anyone find me anything good and looks cool? I'm getting about $250 tomorrow and about another 200 friday. So after that, I'll be ready for a new computer! AMD or Intel? explain. My friend Jon is the best at gaming computers. He puts three of them together, it's crazy. He loves putting together PC's, and I've seen pics and it looks like quite an expensive project. He says Intel is better. A lot of people on her are all AMD. What's better for gaming and olverclocking?
  15. I like posts like this. Well, I'm bidding on a case, motherboard, and powersupply. I tested the power supply, it works. Motherboard doesn't. It's fried when it got struck by lightning. Also, like i Said, I can get almost all the parts at school. My teacher also gets a discount so if I buy through her, I can get it cheaper.
  16. I might wait. Not too sure. I just want to get something started now, then build on in the future. Nope, can't be mine. On the front on the case it says Intel Celeron D
  17. Yea it sucks. So they sent me another norton disk. Norton is terrible anyway, so it doesn't matter as of right now. But RAM would be nice to still have in the computer.! I should have thought of this earlier, but I'm going to check the power supply to see if it works. The motherboard connector atleast. Okay, I left this reply window up, and tested it. The power supply works. I take a paper clip and put together the green and ground wire. It turns the power supply fan on, nothing else. Can't get DVD to come on either. I also tested the power on switch. I used a paper clip and linked up the Red and black pin, and didn't start motherboard. So, the power supply isn't starting DVD rom, don't know ifmotherboard has to be running? And power on switch works, but motherboard pins don't. I shold have probably knew long time ago, how to test the molex connectors because I'm in trade school for A+ like I said earlier. So, what does anyone else have to say? Also, if I keep my case, can I liquid cool with the case? Or does it have to be a spcial case? Also, I have processor. Hard drive I have as well!
  18. The kind that came stock with the Compaq. It's Asus It has a processor. Intel Celeron D 2.8 Ghz RAM, nope. I took it to a PC shop when I didn't know anything about A+, and they took my ram and norton disk. I can get RAM though. In school, Information systems technology.
  19. Yea my first post on the thread was lacking information I have a case Dvd-Rom - burner ( I said CD-ROM, but it's a DVD because the CD drives are very old) Motherboard ( I don't know if it works ) Power supply ( I don't know if it works ) Built in video card in motherboard ( Don't know if mobo works)
  20. I want a cheap gaming computer. I only have 200$, sad yea. Anyhow, I want to get started with gaming computers. I don't need Windows 7, I have XP and 7, so software isn't needed. I have an old compaq sr1210nx with a mobo. The motherboard doesn't get power, but everything else does. HP said it was the power supply that was corrupt. So, I have the motherboard. But if you can find a simple motherboard then that'll work. I suggest trying to find a motherboard, because I don't want to be left hanging if the mother board I have actually works! I don't want anything BIG yet. I want something small that I can build, play with, then upgrade later. I really want liquid cooling! But it is expensive, but if you can find a simple case with power supply, liquid cooling, and case then awesome! I know some people may say "under 200 isn't possible!" I think it is possible because some stuff is cheap, and you can also do combo deals! My favorite color is blue, so try finding something blue! Just reply if you want to ask me any questions.. Remember, this computer is only for now. I want to find a job, then get paid and upgrade the computer!
  21. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList....1157%2040000343 Any of those look good? This is my plan. Im out of a computer, because Compaq sucks. I need a computer, for school and online college programs. I do not fathom of using my Dads laptop. So, I'm building a computer, growing knowledge with computer parts, buying and upgrading the computer. So I want to start out small, and eventually grow bigger. My computer is going to be used for daily use.. That's my "outline" EDIT: I'm going to stick with this processor, the one I had earlier. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16819115132
  22. Okay. Im going to buy that case. Not done yet.. Gonna upgrade parts.
  23. That one is pretty nice. But very cheap. Why? I do like the blue light. That case is pretty nice! Inside air conditioning. Clever.. EDIT: 460 Watts?
  24. Yea, I think that's what I'll get. Coolmaster, with the blue side panel. Totals $104. With a power supply. They are going cheap, all rebates. Soo, I'll check back tomorrow, see if they are cheaper. http://www.newegg.com/Store/Category.aspx?...=Power-Supplies Which brand do you think is good? I never built a computer before, Only fixed. So, I don;t know which brand is good and which is not. :-\
  25. I found it. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16811129024 It looks nice. So, should I still get this motherboard? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813131299 Or get an ATX?
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