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  1. Wait. What should I get to save $25? I can't find it in your earlier post.
  2. Right here. I got a few open box items. It like saved $50 on the motherboard.
  3. Okay. Tigerdirect is more expensive than Newegg. We checked in IST. But my teacher can get educational sales, so that's a plus! I'll check google
  4. It looks good. Totalling $426 I picked some open box items. Are their any other places that sell hardware cheaper than Newegg? Highly doubt it.
  5. Noo. I don't wanna build a laptop. I want to build a desktop. I wanna use it for regular daily use, and some gaming. But maybe some pictures editing, video etc. I'm not a gaming person. I probably will play Driver Parallel Lines but that's about it.
  6. Okay, I have a Compaq laptop that is starting to pis* me off. It doesn't turn on or anything. JUNK! So I researched the best computer. And I got people saying " built " So, my guess ; the best computer is a computer that you have built. So I wanna build my own computer. I'm in trade school for Information Systems Technology. A senior is building a computer for A+ labs. So I got a good idea on the parts. Last night, while on the internet looking for Best Buy wages, I saw this site. I don't want a high performance computer. I'm not real big in gaming. But a few games here in there. I want a computer that won't freak out on me, and won't crash like Compaq. Blah.. I shop on Newegg a lot, usually for phones and memory cards, camera's etc.. So that will be the place I will like to order from. I'm not running on a high budget. Getting job at best buy, so I'm going to order things, get money, order more etc. Can someone pick me out hardware? I don't know what I'm looking for. The motherboards say processor. Does that mean a processor comes with the motherboard? Onboard processor? Explain.. Thanks people. If I get good replies, I think I'm going to be on this site a lot.
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