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    Removing my old interests because I wrote them was I a youngster and I now realise how stupid it made me look... but I can't be bothered re-writing my interests so.


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    Case: Corsair Obsidian
    Cpu: Intel I7 930
    Ram: 16gb Corsair Dominator
    Motherboard: EVGA Classified
    HDD: 2 x 2tb WD green
    PSU: Enermax 1200Watt modular
    Gpu: 2 x EVGA 480gtx's
    Thats all that matter I feel :P
  1. Sorry, yes I disabled secure boot. I should have mentioned this. My apologies.
  2. So I got a new laptop yesterday which obviously had windows 8 preinstalled on it. I tried using it for the last day (Its only for uni so I figured I could get use to it) and came to the conclusion that I hate windows 8 and it must go. So I threw my windows 7 disc into the laptop changed the boot priorities and figured I would just run the disc and format the disc then instal windows 7. The problem being that it wont load my windows 7 disc, at first it would get to the starting windows screen and would just freeze with the 4 coloured dots on the screen. I tried a few things (there was nothing plugged into it), I opened and closed the disc drive (I read somewhere that, that might help) and then I read that it might be a PSU problem and then I realised I didnt have my psu plugged in so I shut the laptop down plugged the psu in and then booted it up again. This time however it decided to ignore my boot priorities and to just load straight into windows 8. I finally managed to get it to boot from disk but it keep saying it fails to read the media. What I want to know is, if I was to format the disc THEN install windows 7 will this fuck anything up? I have never owned a laptop before and I was a young child when I last owned a prebuilt pc so Ive never reinstalled windows on a prebuilt pc before.
  3. I was expecting this to be the case.... oh well. Its my fault for trusting another human with my posessions ...
  4. Oh also the error pops up when I plug it in to the computer I cant access anything on it.
  5. Ok after about half a year of fucking around I finally managed to get HDtach working and the result is..... (drum role please) It keeps failing on the sequential read test (tried three times on both 8mb and 32mb zones). Also I know it has bad blocks but I was led to believe that running a full format would fix that.
  6. I need to zero it out thats the problem :/.... Whenever I plug it into my computer I get a error telling me that I need to format it but quick formats always failed so I tried a full format... Ill cancel it though I guess and try again.
  7. So I had to format my external hdd (its a samsung 2tb) after lending it to my brother (irelivant information sorry). So I started the full format around 76hours ago. I feel as if this is to long and that something has gone wrong but I dont want to cancel the format because of how long its been going for. What Im asking is, should I cancel it? has something gone wrong? Ive never had to format a external hard drive before so not sure what I should do in this situation (although after researching this issue Ive found out that I should have formatted it when I first recieved it... oh well).
  8. Yeah it was all working correctly when I first set it up (I didn't pay much attention to it afterwards) also I was to lazy to test my ram today (first day off after a week of 3am starts at work) so yeah will try to force myself to do it tomorrow
  9. Well my computer has been running fine since yesterday... but I don't trust it, I feel this could be the calm before the storm so I guess Ill spend most my day running tests to work out which of my sticks of ram are plotting against me
  10. So I found memtest86+ and booted it off my flash drive I couldnt run test#5 so I just let it do its own thing and it seemed to run through like 7 or 8 tests (I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to it I was busy reading Narnia the silver chair)... ran the test for an hour and it said I had 160, 512errors to 1pass.... I figured this isnt good at all heres and image of it so you can see it... note I took this picture after it had restarted the test which I didnt realise it would do. Also sorry for poor quality
  11. sadly im only using the free version of memtest and can only run one kind of test... as for prime95 it yielded no issuses either. ALTHOUGH!!! I think I found the problem, everytime I try to run 3DMark Vantage on any level (i.e performance, extreme, e.t.c) it will start doing the whole, checking system thing and then my computer just freezes after a short while and i have to reboot it. So I think it might be the video card/s. Once again though I am unsure if its 3DMark causing the problem or if it really is my video card/s. Well Ill look at my 3DMark settings and give it one more go. If the results change Ill post about it if not then Ill just wait for a response from someone who is smarter than me (that means anyone who responds to me )...
  12. I ran MemTest for about 20min and everything came back fine from that. I'm about to go out so Ill leave prime95 running whilst Im gone. If when I get back my computer has crashed from it then I will run memtest again for a hour or more to see if it crashes from that if not, otherwise Ill start running 3d mark... my specs are as follow, CPU: Intel core i7 930 2.9ghz (I had it overclocked to 3.8ghz without touching the ram frequencies or any of the voltages but a few months ago the hot swap bay connectors in my case (corsair obsidian) broke and they shorted one of my hard drives and in the commotion I reinstalled windows and for some reason it reverted my overclock back to 2.9ghz so I don't know if something happened to my cpu when this happened or not) Motherboard: EVGA classified x58 1st gen Ram: 12gb Corsair Dominator CMG4GX3M2A2000C8 2000mhz 8-8-8-24 Video cards: 2 x EVGA 480gtx's not in sli Powersupply: Enermax Revolution85+ 1200watt (its a overkill but I was young and foolish once upon a time... now Im older and still foolish) (A little while ago I had to get the powersupply replaced because it kept tripping the surge shutoff thing (cant remember the proper name at this point and can't find the manual for the correct name) so one again I don't know if that caused any problems in my computer because everything else seemed to be working fine after I got it replaced) I seem to be using brackets a lot in this thread... as well as ellipsis'
  13. I should probably add, that I made sure that all my hardware was installed properly and what have you and that I reinstalled all my drivers again.
  14. For a while now Ive been having problems with my computer. At first all it would freeze up and I would have to reboot it this was annoying but I figured it was a driver issue, so I updated all my drivers and everything was good for a little while but then it started doing it again (note this isnt the main problem Im facing I just feel that its related, although Im not sure). A short while after it started happening again I came home from work one day only to find that my pc didnt want to boot up properly.... what I mean is that when I booted my computer it would only register one of my three monitors and the resolution was messed up and I couldnt view my taskbar or anything other than the shrunken wallpaper.... so I went to restart my computer but when I booted it the second time I couldnt even see the login screen although I could still type in my password and when I did so it would load into windows but once again the resolution was messed up and what not.... so I shut my computer down and cleared the cmos (this was the only thing I could think of doing) after doing this windows loaded properly again although my computer seemed to be lagging a lot. I say lagging because i dont know how else to describe it, it says Im using 5%cpu ussage and 4gb out of 16gb of ram, so I know the cpu isnt overloading yet everything I do has a serious delay. I have defragged all my hard drives, Ive ran error scans on them and what not and they have all come back saying that my hard drives are fine. So Ive come the conclusion that its either my cpu, motherboard or graphics cards (possibly ram but I dont think so). Can anyone help me at all here? Am I right in assuming its one of those parts? My computer pasts post (obviously), I just don't know what else it could be. I should probably note that I thought it would be a good idea to install all the windows updates that windows has been bugging me to do for a while now (I turned off automatic updates...) Sorry for the wall of text ><
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