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  1. I tested it without plugging in the power to the card and it would still spin up. So, since I have a modular psu and have an extra 6+2 pin, I was able to replace it and now we're in bussiness. Again, thanks for all the help.
  2. Yeah, thanks for the heads up cc. I forgot to mention in the original post that it does indeed have integrated (on the board) and it spins up fine with the same psu without the card and with the card that I was originally using, though that card (radeon 7850) had a 6 pin connector. I haven't updated the bios in a while so I may have to give that a try or just pulling the entire thing out of the case and running it without any potential for shorts....but that'll be for tomorrow.
  3. Been having problems with the above setup. The card is an ASUS turbo gtx 1070 with a seasonic 520w which according to the card should be up to spec. When I turn on the system nothing happens; no gpu fan, no cpu fan, nadda. There is however a light on the video card which seems to indicate that it's getting power. The problem, I think, might be like I said in the title, but I can't seem to find a way to disable secure boot or go into legacy mode. If anyone has any advice on how to do that or just has a better idea of what the problem could be I'd appreciate the advice.
  4. It is the system in my sig and it is a few years old. But worked perfectly fine before it was sent to me. I'll give reseting the cmos a try, but later as then I'll have another board to have my video card in and hopefully not stinking it up, I don't want to risk experimenting with things if I have a probability of losing them.
  5. I'm not sure if this is the system in my signature, but the same will follow either way, so here's the story: I was recently mailed one of my old systems and it wouldn't start on powering up. The light indicated that power was going to the mobo though so I took it out of the case in the hopes that it was just because it was grounding out, but still had no luck. After various other tests; replacing the video card and PSU mostly, I came to the conclussion that the motherboard was fried (when connected to a regular molex the hard drives would spin up, but when I connected the IDE line they failed to spin up at all, indicating a dead IDE controller). I worry that it took other components with it, is the problem. I noticed a strange smell about the third time I started it up (mmmm capacitor stink) that worried me and seemed to come from the video card and I'm still convinced it did. What I need to know is with the motherboard being dead and my video card be connected to a molex is this a common occurance? If so is it a sure thing that my card is also fried? Any estimate from someone who's been through this on the possibility of this surge (or whatever it was) ruining the rest of my attached equipment? I don't have a test system here that I can just throw parts into and check and I don't want to replace absolutely everything if I can help it. And if I need to purchase a whole new system well...I guess I can sell whatever works (hard drives, memory?) and move on.
  6. *sigh* well, I liked the the tribal look and those of you who seem to only see coc when you look at that thing....have problems... But seriously so far I'm liking the blocks even though it seems too corporate and not enough occ, it really snaps otherwise though. Image wise though I'm going to have to go with the lightning/cracked chip or the flaming chip.
  7. yay or nay? it looks classier on white if you click, and that makes me sad.
  8. they were both more proof-of-concept than what I'd use to impliment them in the final version.
  9. two more, not great, but still throwing things out there:
  10. If you can't beat 'em on quality, beat 'em on quantity. am I right? Original Concept: Applied to the Banner: Something I've been wanting to know though, how are entrys going to be chosen? Will it simply be something that the occ community votes on? Will it be something that reflects what Big Boss wants in regards to OCC proffessionally? Will it be ultimately chosen by him but with consideration to the community? Just curious on what's being looked for and who we should try to appeal to with what we make.
  11. Okay, first off so no one jumps on me for stealing images and such, jammin gave me permission to post this up: And if it is chosen it would clearly be jammin's victory and I have no intentions of taking away his rightful prize With that said: best of both worlds?
  12. That's exactly what I intended it as, considering I'm a math major : p O*C*C = O*C^2 That said, I don't like it as is as well, but the concept still appeals to me.
  13. I did originally consider it, but it seemed to have less depth then and blend in too much with the other lettering and backdrop. Here it is with that in mind: Change
  14. A little pixilization on this and it isn't very colorful, but I like the concept better than some of my others, but the execution is way off : / Concept
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