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  1. Okay, done all that. After re-installing the card, it's now getting the same settings as the working machine (a proper I.P, the same DNS (the router's I.P) etc) but still no internet connection...
  2. "ipconfig /release" ouputs the following: "An error occurred while releasing the interface Wireless Network Connection 2 : An address has not yet been associated with the network adapter" and "ipconfig /renew" outputs: "An error occurred while renewing the interface Wireless Network Connection 2 : The support for the specified socket does not exist in this address family" I'm still not getting an I.P allocated, it's still 169.254.etc...
  3. It's worked before at home, which is why it's odd that it doesn't work now. I'm connecting with 802.11N. I tried setting the router to use only G and also tried B/G. It's currently set to B/G/N. I am indeed. How do I remove the tunnel adapters? I thought they were supposed to always be there? They always have been... Here's ipconfig /all from another machine that is working fine: Just noticed that the DNS on that machine is the router's I.P. I've tried using that one anyhow and it didn't make a difference.
  4. According to the router: I.P: Default gateway: I'm guessing you meant the former? That's with everything set statically If i set it to automatic:
  5. Ok, I've restored the registry back to where it was before I deleted anything and it's connecting to the router again. Still no luck with an internet connection though
  6. It's set to assign addresses from to, so that shouldn't be a problem. There's one registry entry left that I can't delete as it says "access denied", even when I run regedit as administrator. It's at: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/ControlSet001/PCI/ The rest are gone though. I put the card back in and it said "Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device (Code 31)", so I installed the third party drivers and it still says the same thing... [EDIT] Just to clarify, It was the only entry left that mentioned "ralink".
  7. It's off. I've just reset winsock and now it doesn't even say it's connected. It just says: "Unidentified Network" and "Limited Access". I'm trying the other solution now... I'm on Windows 7 by the way.
  8. I've just moved back home from uni and for some reason, my desktop can't access the internet. It does connect to the router without trouble. Every other device here works fine so I doubt it's a problem with the router itself. I also doubt that it's a hardware problem, since it worked fine at uni. I've tried many suggestions to no avail, including: Rebooting the modem and router, Making sure the wifi card drivers are up-to-date, Putting the wifi card in a different pci-e slot, Flushing the dns in the command prompt, Releasing / renewing my local IP, Setting the IP, subnet mask, DNS etc manually - I tried both my ISP's DNS and Google's DNS (, Using the RAlink program instead of the 'network and sharing centre', Seeing if it works in 'safe mode with networking' (it doesn't), Making sure my wifi card supports my network's encryption (WPA2 AES) - it does. I tried accessing the router's settings from the desktop and the page just times out. I also get no response from the router when I ping it from the cmd, and also no response when I ping the desktop from the router. It does, however, show up as connected on the router and on the desktop. My router is a D-Link DIR-615 and my modem is a Netgear DM111P. My wifi card is an RALink RT2890. I have a feeling re-installing windows will fix it, but I'd rather not if I don't have to. Is there anything I've missed?
  9. I recently got an Olympus OM2n camera and Tamron 28-200mm lens for
  10. Ended up running at 75c in prime95 at 5GHz (really need a new cooler thinking of the D14 or H100). Gotta run it at 4.7GHz for now :-(
  11. I got my 2550K (and new motherboard ) yesterday. This is what I've managed so far in terms of overclocking: My max OC below 1.4v is 5.0GHz @ 1.376v CPU-Z gets 7.74 in Cinebench (11.5 64 bit). Prime95 has only been running about 20 mins so far, so I'm not sure if it's actually stable - I'll post back after a couple of hours if it is. Max OC above 1.4v is 5.15GHz @ 1.448v CPU-Z got 8.04 in Cinebench - didn't want to run Prime95 as it reached 72 degrees towards the end of Cinebench :-( Cooler is NH-C12P-SE14, Motherboard is a Maximus V Gene...
  12. Even though I don't plan on using eyefinity? All my monitors are different resolutions.
  13. So I can just use one of the DVI ports... Thanks
  14. Just a quick question - I have a sapphire 6950 dirt 3 edition, and I want to use my third monitor. Currently I'm using the displayport for the first one, and hdmi for the second. My card has 2 more ports: dual link DVI and single link DVI. Can i just hook up the third monitor to the dual link DVI or does the 6950 not support 3+ screens? I only ask because I have neither the desk space, nor the plug sockets in my Uni room for the third monitor, and I'm going home soon-ish for the summer. Thanks
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