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  1. Photobucket is not free. Ever see one of those "Bandwidth limit exceeded" images from them? They are also starting to become a pain in the . to use. You have to join their site, and their images are not anonymous. But it doesn't matter whether you like Photobucket more or not. I don't get anything out of you using my site, I just thought some people would like it. It's also not just like imageshack. They force you to "optimize" your image, which is just their way of saying "we are going to compress your picture even more." They also don't have the image editing stuff. Sure, you can use gimp to do it, but for a quick crop, or quick rotate, why not be able to do it on site? I was thinking the same thing. Done.
  2. imgur.com is a free image sharing/hosting service that allows you to quickly upload and edit your photos and share them with friends the Internet. Now you're asking, "How is this different from imageshack, tinypic, or photobucket?" Well that's simple. imgur is free (as in beer), no ads, anonymous, and easier to use. It's my gift to the Internet. Enjoy! http://imgur.com
  3. Hey Everyone, I'm going crazy because I can't figure out hot to add a hotkey field in my Visual C# program. In C++, all I would have to do is add a Dialog resource and then under the Dialog Editor there would be HotKey Field right there. I can't seem to figure out how to add a Dialog resource in C#, or where to find the Hotkey component. By Hotkey Field, I mean the little box that is like a text box, except it recognizes hotkeys. Like when you hold down control and hit a Q, it would show as CTRL+Q. Does anyone know how to add one of these with Visual C#??
  4. Hey, im thinking about getting the ASUS "SK8V" motherboard with an FX-53. Would the Zalman CNPS7000B-Cu be good for this rig? One thing that bothers me is the weight, it's 755g. What are your thoughts on this?
  5. Hey everyone. I've been looking to get a new, really quiet psu. Ive read some reviews on the Tagan TG-480 and it seems to be really good and quiet but its a tiny bit above my price range. What do you guys suggest?
  6. But getting a whole new setup with an Athlon 64 would be way out of my price range.
  7. Well my mobo has very little over clocking features to it and i really dont want to with water cooling because i go to a lot of lans and it would just be a pain.
  8. Ok, heres the deal. I have a duelie right now with just one 2400+. I didnt have the money to get another until recently so im looking for another one to get. I have the option of buying 2 2800 bartons and selling my 2400. the 2 bartons are around $320-$350 and i could sell my 2400 for around $100ish. So that would mean I upgraded my 2400 to a 2800 and got a new 2800 for about $250. Should I do that or just get another 2400 for around 100? Money is kind of a problem but if its really worth it I can fork out the extra chash for the 2800's. What would you guys do??
  9. Lian-Li!!! I've got a pc65 (about the same as that only smaller) and I love it, tons of space, removable mobo tray...it's sweet.
  10. yea, thx for the ping lesson but it wasnt nessessary Well now it works about half the time, somtimes i can connect to it and other times i cant. I think its just the old windows 98.
  11. yea...i think thats one of the dumber onse i've seen. The real bad onse are sent from somthing like [email protected] with a "patch" to fix a current virus that is out there.
  12. Mr.Grim

    Spy Ware

    You can buy ad-aware Platinum edition or somthing like that, its much better than the free one.
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