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  1. The Noctua cooler and fans came in. Unfortunately as much as I would love to use them, I don't have any use for them right now as I just finished my build. Just so happens I need a mechanical keyboard so it will fund that nicely Thanks OCC and Noctua!
  2. Sony HT-CT660 soundbar 2tb HD for the HTPC Luggage Cash and a few odds and ends. Can't forget the Noctua case fans and cpu cooler from OCC!!!
  3. I PM'd you my number again for the grand prize Bosco if you can't find it Congrats everyone who won! Merry Christmas...
  4. Just looked at the grand prize again and WOW. GL everyone. Merry Christmas.
  5. D-Link DIR-655 but it continually loses connection and maxes out around 3-4 Mbps when I get 50-60 Mbps plugged directly in the router. Time for an upgrade.
  6. Best time of year! Sent mine in. *fingers crossed*
  7. still got the i7 920. Waiting until BF to put everything else up on sale.
  8. - Finally pulling the trigger on the 4770k deal at MC today, so it's time to sell some old parts. I will be adding more things shortly but right now I have the following for sale: 1.) Intel i7 920 D0: Was able to get it up to 4.2 but kept it at 3.8ghz for gaming. With the Antec 620, it never saw temps over 65
  9. t0asty

    Battlefield 4

    I get back to the house around 1-2 EST today and finally get to put some quality time in for bf4. Hope to see some of you on.
  10. t0asty

    8.1 upgrade?

    I like the start button addition but Classic Shell already had that. 8.1 just made me have to download the new version of CS that was compatible with 8.1 so the Windows 7 start menu pops up rather than going to Metro. It also defaults a lot of your saved settings which was a slight pain.
  11. Atlanta here, right in the middle of both Microcenters
  12. I have tried connecting it to both my desktop pc and in the htpc. Causes both computers to hang on boot. BIOS sees the HD, but that's about it. Unfamiliar with Spin right... care to explain?
  13. so I finally was able to finish moving and get the internet connect in order to download some programs. cchalogamer helped me with File Scavenger. I noticed with the one HD connected at boot, the system would hang because it apparently locks up the sata bus. I tried connecting it after windows booted and it will see the drive for a minute, but when I go to run the File Scavenger or any other program, they all freeze and the HD is lost in windows again. Any other ideas before I just chalk this one up as a loss?
  14. haha no, it has over 100 (non-porn) movies on it and about 15 complete tv series. Looks like I'll be hitting my comcast limit early this month. I did a little more digging around and read up on some data recovery software that should work that I can copy over to my new 2tb drive. Fingers crossed I can get most of it back. Just glad the computer itself works...
  15. So... I was having one of those days yesterday and to top it off I am in the middle of moving things into my new apartment, one of those things being my htpc. I came back out to the SUV to grab another box to see the htpc had fallen from the car onto the cement. Lots of scratches that can be hidden, broken fan that can be replaced, but of course that can't that simple. Windows from the ssd took a minute initially to boot, but now it appears to be fine, however, one of the three other data drives lost it's assigned drive letters. I changed it back, but it's saying there is no data on there (last time I checked, there was 30gb of 1tb left). Disk Management sees it as RAW as well rather than NTFS (but a healthy primary partition). Never dealt with anything like this before and only having internet on the phone till Friday makes this more frustrating. Anything I should try to attempt to restore my lost por... uh, movies? Or am I SOL and have to reformat? Thanks ahead of time!
  16. Its an LTE Verizon SIM card, not the typical type of one you think of in other phones.
  17. It's a CDMA phone and the only other "major" carrier that uses that is Sprint, I think. After a quick google though it appears it's only Verizon, but I could be wrong.
  18. Hey guys, I upgraded to the Galaxy s4 a few months ago and just haven't gotten around to putting the Charge up for sale. It was less than a month old, recertified refurbished phone from Verizon. Everything but the rear plate is perfect condition (they don't send a rear plate or battery when getting replacement phones). Battery might need to be replaced as it's 2 years old and doesn't hold a charge like they do new. It also does not come with a microSD card or charger. Perfect for anyone needing a cheap Andriod phone. Asking $40 shipped. Let me know if you have any questions.
  19. How can you say that?? This one is going to have all the characters in it!!! I am going to turn my brain off like I did with all the other ones and be completely happy. The first one motivated me to learn about cars and build my last one, so I have to keep paying the series respect, even tho it's not really even about cars anymore.
  20. Was at costco today and played around with the display model they had and compared it to the size of my Droid Charge thinking the 5" screen would just be too much. Lady told me they expect to have it in 2 weeks at $199.99 so I will be returning then to get rid of my POS now... Almost went iPhone 5, but not this time Apple!
  21. Best of luck to you! I second the recomendation of myfitnesspal.com and the app. You don't realize how many calories you actually take in until you start writing it down. I lost over 40lbs last year down to just under 160 from 200 by watching what I ate. Eating healthier is a pain to start with, but it eventually became a lifestyle change, and now my body feels terrible when I eat a bunch of junk food (even though you can't stop eating the bad stuff completely or you'd go insane!)
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