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  1. t0asty

    Tesoro Giveaway!

    Atlanta, GA
  2. The Noctua cooler and fans came in. Unfortunately as much as I would love to use them, I don't have any use for them right now as I just finished my build. Just so happens I need a mechanical keyboard so it will fund that nicely Thanks OCC and Noctua!
  3. t0asty

    What did you get for Christmas?

    Sony HT-CT660 soundbar 2tb HD for the HTPC Luggage Cash and a few odds and ends. Can't forget the Noctua case fans and cpu cooler from OCC!!!
  4. I PM'd you my number again for the grand prize Bosco if you can't find it Congrats everyone who won! Merry Christmas...
  5. Just looked at the grand prize again and WOW. GL everyone. Merry Christmas.
  6. t0asty

    What brand router do you use?

    D-Link DIR-655 but it continually loses connection and maxes out around 3-4 Mbps when I get 50-60 Mbps plugged directly in the router. Time for an upgrade.
  7. Best time of year! Sent mine in. *fingers crossed*
  8. The one in the green bottoms. Wow.
  9. t0asty

    [FS] x58 PC Part Out

    still got the i7 920. Waiting until BF to put everything else up on sale.
  10. t0asty

    [FS] x58 PC Part Out

    - Finally pulling the trigger on the 4770k deal at MC today, so it's time to sell some old parts. I will be adding more things shortly but right now I have the following for sale: 1.) Intel i7 920 D0: Was able to get it up to 4.2 but kept it at 3.8ghz for gaming. With the Antec 620, it never saw temps over 65
  11. t0asty

    Battlefield 4

    I get back to the house around 1-2 EST today and finally get to put some quality time in for bf4. Hope to see some of you on.
  12. t0asty

    8.1 upgrade?

    I like the start button addition but Classic Shell already had that. 8.1 just made me have to download the new version of CS that was compatible with 8.1 so the Windows 7 start menu pops up rather than going to Metro. It also defaults a lot of your saved settings which was a slight pain.
  13. t0asty

    Anyone here near me?

    Atlanta here, right in the middle of both Microcenters
  14. t0asty

    Need help with hard drive

    I have tried connecting it to both my desktop pc and in the htpc. Causes both computers to hang on boot. BIOS sees the HD, but that's about it. Unfamiliar with Spin right... care to explain?