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    ASUS A7N8-X Deluxe
    Athlon 3000+ (Barton)
    2x1GB Corsair TwinX DDR400 CL2
    Sapphire ATI Radeon HD3850 AGP
    Tagan 380W PSU
    Some Pentagram 100%Cu Cooling system :)
    80.0GB SeaGate ATA Drive
    Pioneer DVD-RW ODD
  1. I've checked it today: We have a Core2Duo E8400 Penryn for 660PLN (225.15USD, 160.88EUR) it has 3MB cache (per core) 1333MHz bus and 2 cores running 3.0GHz each (I know You can have one cheaper, but not here;) ) Kod Producenta: BX80570E8400 895733 Producent: Intel Rodzina procesor
  2. Weird... I thought I saw in my reseller's software a description of a dualcore Penryn. I Have to double check it Thanks for pointing out this fact.
  3. Hi all @Nerm: No I don't work at Staples or Best Buy I work at local ISP and I really agree that F&R is the last resort, but I am all alone out there (as a tech, that is) and sometimes there are too many PCs to fix "at once" (though situations like this happen too sledom to hire another tech). + That particular customer was using her PC for web browsing only, so there were no personal data (not even favourites, even the wallpaper was the default one) But, heck, I was so curious about that infection and maybe I would be able to deal with it - given I had enough time. @chavalcito: And this was just the situation. She came in the morning and wanted her PC fixed by the evening. And I would really like to clean that infection but there was no time to do it "the hard way". And about the matter of clueless people: I invite all curious people; come and see by Youselves how customers think in these here parts best regards, wiewior1984
  4. You know, Seagates aren't flawless either. I've been selling them since about 1,5year and quite a few were RMA'd because of BAD SECTORS. AFAIK Maxtor's drives failed very often back then but I don't recollect many with BAD SECTORS though. The sudden wiping the drive out of data is mainly caused (from my research) by a BAD SECTOR in partition table. A chkdsk in windows usually restores everything and marks bad sectors, so that it is still possible to copy the data.
  5. Well, ok, and what do You think of doing a copy of a game to play within ONE household? I'd agree that it is no legit, but on the other hand why do I have to buy another game just to play with my brother?
  6. If you set both drives master or both slave on a single IDE Channel You'll end up with no functional drive until You set them right This is a common issue even today (where IDE drives are used) An inexperienced user may commit that error and panic. Don't panic, just power off the PC and either put one of the drives to the second IDE Channel or switch it to be the opposite (Slave->Master or Master->Slave) Fortunately everything is using SATA now <phew>
  7. Heh I'd rather not think what could happen if it was the other way round
  8. Isn't it that i7 is to be the first Intel CPU with integrated memory controller? I've read somwhere that if You have a mobo with DDR2 AND DDR3 slots and pair it with Phenom or Athlon X2 You do really get some performance boost. The article said that using DDR2 with AthlonX2 is natural; DDR3 with Athlon X2 was supposed to work slower, DDR3 with phenom is normal (faster than DDR2+Athlon, that is) and using a DDR2 with Phenom was just a waste of Phenom's potential. Now I got confused by that article and since i7 is to have the mem controller integrated I'm very curious how it will turn out...
  9. I have some experience with XFi's add-on cards... To me (I'm no audio freak ) there is no difference between this <wow>XFi<aaaah> and my SoundStorm from nForce2 chipset So I find the"onboard" audio sufficent.
  10. And how about distance from the TC? maybe it is too far? when I've been using long ago a crappy DLink AP I could barely walk away. I mean to the other room. (I've got thick walls) Or the signal was instantly lost. So I've upgraded it to AirLive 5470AP and it works fine so far.
  11. My company recently did some survilence system in my town, and this is what I know: 1 camera that has 3,2MPix matrix is able to generate up to 2,4Mbps doing 1frame/sec at full quality. We've put 4 of those + one that has 5,0Mpix and rarely reach 17Mbit/s Another issue is the PoE. Our appeared quite troublesome. No more than 10meters or there were power outages so we abandomed the idea of PoE and got special line for power. We've used IQEye 703 (or so I was told).
  12. The realtek is propably integrated card, right? if so, perhaps when You overclock you OCed the PCI bus as well?(even unintentionally?) and this may cause this behaviour? What do You think?
  13. WPA is far stronger encryption method than WEP. Though sometimes it takes more CPU time to decrypt the packet. It doesn't matter if it's home use, but consider Access Points that serve 20 or so clients they quickly become busy
  14. I believe that first to support x64 was AMD with tehir x64 CPUs. Am I right?
  15. @wildman2 thanks for link I've had similar problem. Man that saved me a-hella-lot walking
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