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  1. I have 2 sticks. tested both in all 4 slots. Update: I believe my issue was my BIOS. Asked Gigabyte about it, and they gave some direction. I reloaded the defaults, and tested everthing. So far so good. God what a learning experience.
  2. I'll give them a try. I'll just be out of a computer for a month, hopefully only that long. Matt
  3. NO. The sticks test fine in DIMMs 1 and 2. Dimms 3 and 4 they fail immediately.
  4. The new build was going great... until now. I've always had a little quirk with the computer. Now I know why. It started with my games failing, then I couldn't OC my HD4850 past 685MHz. Rebooted tonight and BAM!! Windows will not open. SO I ran Memtest again just to be sure. Failed right out of the gate on Test #2. Pulled the stick out of DIMM #1, ran Memtest...Test #2 Failed. Replaced stick in DIMM #3...Failed Test #2. Put stick in DIMM #4...Failed #2 DIMM#1...Good. DIMM#2...Good. I'm past the 30 day return period for Newegg, and I've heard horror stories about sending your mobo to Gigabyte. I figure it's not worth the downtime, shipping costs, and hassle to deal with them. THey obviously don't care about their customers. Anybody got a suggestion on another mobo, other than Gigabyte? It has to be a good OC'er, and be around the $120 target. Thanks, Matt
  5. Actually I think I got it. I didn't know you could view updates Installed in the Uninstall Programs window. God Am I a nubie!!!
  6. The "Display Driver stopped responding..." issue with atikmdag.sys has been going on for about 3 years, from what I can read, and no one seems to have an honest answer. The best solution so far is to remove the Vista update KB952287, but how do I do that without erasing my hard drive and starting over? Or if someone can give me a better solution, please give it. Thanks, Matt
  7. Can I keep CCC on the computer, or do I just need to disable the Overdrive function?
  8. I have ATI's CCC Overdrive as my overlcocker for my HD4850. If I wanted to overclock using Rivatuner or AMD's GPU Clock Tool, would I have to erase all ATI drivers, or just the CCC program??? Thanks, Matt
  9. halogamer: Which RAM settings are you referring to? Manufactory setttings are 6-6-6-18, 2.0V. Granted the multiplier can work far less than 2.66. To Everyone: I think I learned more in one night and one topic than I did reading articles and such for the past two months. I've come to the conclusion that it is best for me to start at stock-stable and progress a little slower than what I was. Eventhough I've passed Prime95 for the past 16 hours at 3.6 Ghz, 1.20V, I realize that I could lower some of the other settings (MCH, RAM multi, etc.) and still be stable. However, because I stepped so large, I'm not really sure how much higher than stock I only need to go. Sure the components can take the jump, but I think the "success" of OC'ing is not simply how high you can go, but being able to do so with the least amount of effort (i.e. voltage). Hope to continue this with good news ahead... Matt
  10. MINDSCI, I'm correcting myself here: My BIOS doesn't have C1E or Speedstep in it. I thought I changed it, but that was on my old mobo. Anyway, I'm stable (with OCCT) at 3.6Ghz!!!! However, it's at 1.440V. I'm going start bringing that down. Although the test only pushed the core temps to 61. Matt
  11. Never installed Dynamic Energy Saver. What I'm going to save, $2.00 in energy cost per year? Computers did not create the Greenhouse Effect. I know Verran, I know. It sounds like I'm stabbing, but an E8400 should have no problem hitting 3.6 at low voltages, and after reading countless articles and topics on it, I figured I'd start out at 3.6, with somewhere near 1.36V. however after crashing at that voltage, I decided to post this topic, because 1.400V seems way too high. Matt
  12. I thought of that. I think the approved list from either Gigabyte or Gskill does not have the other on it. I checked that once.
  13. I'm pretty sure the C1E and Speedstep are disabled (did that for the ATI driver issue with Vista 64) Will putting the Vcore to Auto work???? Kinda wierd to let the mobo decide that one. I'm not sure my ud3r can step the multiplier at .5 increments, but if this isn't stable, lowering the multi and upping the FSB couldbe an option. PCI-e is on Auto, which is at 100 (or at least that is what is sidebar tells me). Memory timings aremanually set via manu's settings. If this works, I'll start lowing the Vcore to lower the temps. So far they are at 60-61 (with an S1283). Matt
  14. I decided to do the following changes: FSB: 400 SPD: 2.66 Vcore: 1.4750 CPU-Z: 1.440 MCH core: 1.20 That seemed to work. I was able to boot up to Vista. Running OCCT v2.0.1 right now.... Matt
  15. I build this thing about a month ago. Ran through all the tests. Everything passed at stock - stable. However, frequently Vista crashes running Fallout 3 with the ATI overdrive up to 650Mhz. Reading thousands of forums about the drivers and no one can come to a conclusion on that... another story. So I decided to start OC'ing the E8400 to see what it can do: First I up'ed the FSB to 400. Simple right? I mean any E8400 and gigabyte mobo can hit 3.6 without even coughing. There are hundreds of topics and articles on that specific subject. Hit F10, typed Y....... beep beep beep beep, etc. etc. etc. I can only get the thing to boot up at 356 FSB with 1.4000V. ANd even then Vista crashes very frequently. Do I need to be changing something else?? MCH Voltage. None of the topics I've read say that they changed anythign else. No one else seems to have a problem with the UD3R mobo, and there are no topics about this issue anywhere. When the BIOS states 1.4000V, CPU-Z states 1.360. Thanks, Matt
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