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  1. I have an 8800GT, 2GB DD2 and an E2180 dual-core (slightly overclocked the CPU) and a P31 gigabyte motherboard. Whilst playing games I start to see artifacts (like TF2). I doubt it's a temperature problem as it's running around 60 - 80 degrees during gaming and that's fine. I have the latest drivers installed from the Nvidia website, of course. Would could possibly be the cause of this?
  2. Thanks, I see a lot of OCZ and 1066 suggestions - combine the two and I think I'll go with this http://www.eclipsecomputers.com/product.as...96R1K&af=50
  3. Hi, got a UD3R Gigabyte motherboard and an E8400. I'm looking into some DDR2 RAM to do as much overclocking as possible (looking to reach 4GHz or even over). Every RAM kit I'm looking at has pros and cons, I just want one that's gonna be good for overclocking and preferably a 4GB kit?
  4. It seems that the E7400 isn't fully supported in any of the BIOS's. Check out BIOS 18 - only lists the E7200 and E7300!!! Could this be why the temps are reading bull crap values?
  5. Ok, really weird situation going on here: Installed E7400 with Freezer 7 Pro. Used thermal paste correctly. Installed the latest Abit bios (number 18). Abit IP35-E. Booted... set all the standard voltages and speeds. Then rebooted to see if it went into Windows (you would expect it to, on stock). It didn't. Ok what the heck. Went back into the BIOS. Holy crap. Bios says the CPU is running at 98 degress celcius. Ok hmmm firstly I thought why is the heatsink literally cool to the touch. And why isnt the 98 value changing a little. Completely static at 98 in the bios. Ok so I booted into Windows fine when I turned off the "shut down when certain temp is exceed" thing in the BIOS. Nothing crashed. CPU fan running maxed out even when I'm not doing anything. Ran Orthos at this apparent 98dc and nothing is crashing. Core Temp reads 40 on one core and 35 on the other - but the values don't change at all. HELP>>> Shitting in my pants!!
  6. Hey folks, I would like an opinion. I have OCZ 4GB 800mhz memory that's currently running at 740mhz because it's running at 1:1 with the CPU's FSB - I've overclocked my E2160 from 1.8 to 3.33. The timings on the ram is at stock 5-5-5-15. I was wondering - will rising the ratio to 1:1.25 to increase the memory speed be beneficial? Is a ratio other than 1:1 bad? Or should I leave the 1:1 ratio and lower the timings to 4-4-4-12? Ram is running at 2.1 volts. Sorry for all the numbers lol Thanks. The ram in question is the OCZ2G8004GK.
  7. Hi, been reading the reviews here for a while but I'm a 1st time poster. I'm getting a bit of cash from various people for x-mas and I was thinking about upgrading my gaming rig with a little something. I've currently got: E1260 @ 3.33 cooled with a Freezer 7 Pro Abit IP35-E 8800GT clocked at 676, 1674, 1952 2GB of OCZ 800mhz 4-5-5-15 Gold edition memory Lian-Li PC-7 Corsair 520watt PSU I can only upgrade it with one or two "bang for the buck" components. I was thinking getting an E5200 and overclocking that, and 4GB of memory (regardless of my 32bit OS). I don't know if getting a new graphics card is the best idea, what do you think? <3 to overclock of course.
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