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  1. Speak of the devil: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090412/ap_on_..._jesus_statue_2
  2. Married at 19 during the summer after my Junior year of college.
  3. Funny, I just told my girlfriend yesterday that I was going to start one.
  4. Scary isn't it. I had the same thing happen on my business Amex a decade or so ago. The guy was only charging small amounts of things, so it actually took a couple of months for me to notice it. It ended up all being internet porn. In any event, Amex took care of everything immediately, and I had a new card in my hands the day after I reported it.
  5. I merged both of my WoW accounts, Diablo2 and Warcraft 3....and redownloaded D2 and W3. I haven't played either in years, but thought as long as they were making it easy...and since the CD boxes were close at hand, I'd give it a shot. Next I'll have to search out my StarCraft and Diablo discs. I have a feeling they're probably on 3.5" floppy. Diablo2 really looks horrible on a widescreen monitor. The single login really makes it nice with multiple WoW accounts. Now, there's a drop down box to pick which account you want to log in with. Saves a bit of typing.
  6. I thought the first hour of the finale was great. The second hour had it's moments, but it was really a bit of a snooze. I did like them using the original BSG theme music as the fleet was sailing off though.
  7. Just in terms of sleepless nights spent playing: UT 04 BF 1942 Quake 3 HL 2
  8. I was pretty hardcore into HTPC a few years ago, before Blu-ray and HD DVD. I have a 2.35:1 constant image height projection setup, and used the HTPC for scaling and DVD playback. When HD DVD came out, and later Blu-ray, none of the software solutions supported the stretch required. I bit the bullet and bought a scaler, and haven't thought about an HTPC since. In years of tinkering with various video cards, FFDshow, Powerstrip, Zoom Player and Theatertek software, I was never able to get a perfectly judder free image. My HTPC required constant tweaking, which was kind of fun in itself....but you can't beat dedicated devices for ease. I kept the HTPC in my audio stack for a while for gaming, but trying to game on an eleven foot wide screen with seating nine feet back is really tiring. It's impressive, but it's tiring. The scaler makes everything so much easier. 1080p24 comes into the box from the BD player (on a BD, 480i on a DVD), is streched into shape in the scaler, and 1080p24 goes out to the projector. There's no place for judder to be introduced.
  9. I think that must be the norm with the home delivery drivers. My current driver doesn't even bother to ring the doorbell because he knows my evil golden retriever will let me know when he's here. By the time I get to the door, it's nothing but tail lights....and I'm normally in the same room as the front door! This is completely alien to me. For the last couple of decades I got all of my packages delivered at work. The commercial drivers would hang around, chat, feed biscuits to the dog....I knew my driver's name, his wife's name, his kids, their hobbies. All of the things you learn with five or six minute conversations five days a week for decades. Now that I'm retired and getting my weekly DVD, dog food and coffee shipments delivered to the house, it's a different story. All I know about my home delivery driver is that he can sprint from his truck to my porch and back again in less time than it takes me to get across my living room.
  10. I couldn't disagree with this more. Even the worst Blu-ray (which is a toss up between Punisher and Hitch btw) or HD DVD discs look better and more importantly sound better than the best DVDs. If you're watching your BD's on a small display or sitting too far from the screen there isn't much difference, but when you're projecting an eleven foot wide image, believe me, there's a huge difference. For me, I find the sound more important than the video. The difference is truly miraculous. The video's nice...but you get used to pretty pictures a lot faster than really dynamic sound. As for the best discs, I'd recommend popping over to the AVS forum. They keep a running list of the best video/audio quality discs in the Blu-ray software section (not the review section). Recently, Ralph, their disc reviewer gave Bolt 100/100 for audio and video. Ralph's been reviewing the technical aspects of DVDs for a lot of years (he was a mainstay at Home Theater Spot in it's heyday). So, I'd trust his opinion....but I really don't have any interest in seeing Bolt.
  11. After the pilot movie, I was prepared to hate this series. I was looking for an action show along the lines of the old one, not a drama set in space. The thing that really clenched it was the one opportunity for a space battle in the pilot, the Vipers launch, close with the Raiders and instead of flashing beams and whooshing missiles, a computer virus shuts them down. No fair! Still, the show grew on me. I don't know that there was any one scene that really stood out. But there were some memorable ones. The Pegasus officer being killed while attempting to "question" Boomer. Lee Adama's cold blooded murder for the greater good. The bar room brawl in one of the first episodes where Starbuck showed she was a far superior brawler to Apollo. The whole New Caprica storyline.
  12. I have a Pioneer Elite TiVo with a built in DVD burner, an MCE computer and a Motorola DCT6416v3 from my cable company. That's four total tuners, so I don't miss much!
  13. It doesn't look so bad after looking at these: http://ecci6000.com/6000_wheel_01.htm
  14. If content protection is enabled on the title, Blu-ray displays HD content down scaled to 480p. It's not that it isn't compatible, it just won't allow it to be seen at it's full resolution.
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