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  1. Hi, I'm on the verge of ordering either the Danger Den Double Wide tower 21 or Mountain Mods Ascension, but I'm really torn between the two. The Danger Den Double wide looks a bit better in my opinion, but the Ascension seems more functional due to the larger size, more options for fans/radiator setups due to the larger size (also more future upgrade options – or so it seems). That and I've never owned an acrylic case (DD) - how easily would they scratch/are they high maintenance? Just wondering if anyone out there as any experience with one, or both of the above cases. Any preference, and why? Any insight very much appreciated from anyone!!
  2. Wow, thanks for the replies everyone! Very interesting suggestions indeed... I think I'll be reading reviews at least for another week! I really need something that will fit 4x 3.5" hdds, and 1 2.5" for my ssd boot drive, 2 sli'd cards (that take up 2 i/o slots each). Those are the biggest components. The problem is, right now, with my psu at the bottom of the case, and the 2 video cards above it, there's absolutely no more room to add anything to the other existing pci slots (I'm really interested in the new pci express ssds). I need something that gives more clearance between the mobo and psu, that and the HDD cage (with fan in front), only fits 4 hhds, with the 5th not having any active cooling (I really want all the HDDs to be actively cooled by a fan). Right now, the cosmos S doesn't cover it (or actually you could say it does [cover my pci slots] - no pun intended)
  3. Since I'm on the verge of buying a new case, I was hoping to get everyone's opinion. What do you think the best gaming case/all around case is [ever], considering the budget is unlimited. I've gone through a sea of cases, reading reviews, and reviews, and reviews, and have come to the conclusion that the Coolermaster HAF X is the way to go (to replace my Cosmos S). I've also considered the Thermaltake Level 10, but it's just not customizable/functional enough for me. (from what I can gather, any input?) Suggestions most welcome!! Many thanks!
  4. Can anyone help me out? For some reason my sound works perfectly in window (vista ultimate), but in games, my sound is gone. Strangely enough, earlier it didn't work in vista, but worked fine in games. All the drivers are there and the hardware/drivers are working fine. When I test my speakers in vista, works fine as well. But as soon as I start call of duty, it's gone. It's as if it was using a different source. Any ideas? Many thanks!
  5. I'm still waiting for a reply from Gigabyte, but that's what I was afraid off. Gigabyte doesn't seem to sell anything for the 1366 socket at all...
  6. I'm interested in buying the gigabyte 3d mercury case and was wondering if anyone can tell me whether or not the cpu cooler (from the water cooling) is compatible with i7 920 cpus? Thanks!
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