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    MSI K8 neo2 platinum
    AMD64 3500 venice stock 939
    1 gig of 512 mushkin
    nvidia 6800gt 256mb
  1. this one? ok this is then one im going to choose there one on newegg for $20 more that has a heat sink but a little bit out of my bbudget so can u tell me is it worth getting the heat sink thank hopefully this will be my last question?
  2. ok guys one more question should i go with the memory i posted or go with these? by the way i went with the 750 powersupplies
  3. wow thank i'll keep that in mine for right cant wait to order this stuff on monday get get it my friday of this week
  4. thank you but right now im going to stick with the e8500 im not doing any video editing and i can up grade it to the q550 latter when i have the money thank you for helping chooseing my setup guys
  5. ok im going with the motherborad what baz000ka j0e said and will this processor be ok with this setup or should i dish out more money to get the q9550? im going to keep the graphcard i posted on.
  6. thank you baz000ka j0e choseing that borad for me i didnt see one on there site but right now the processers is alittle bit over my buget and i was using this reg for gaming i dont mine spending more a little more on the graphcard thought so if u got any suggetion on the card let me know?
  7. graphcard ok mabey i'll give it ati one more time so tell me what u think?
  8. so if i want to go with nvidia sli then i should chose a different motherborad if so can u help me pick it out please? p.s. does the memory is ok with oc it alittle?
  9. wow didnt know people are on this site late at night but i want to stick with nvidia card didnt have much luck with my ati 7500 card umm...would the motherborad make a different?
  10. 1. motherboard 2. processor 3. graphcard 4. power supply 5. memory 6.as5 hey guys im getting this setup this week i need to know if the motherboard is right for it im leaning to gigabyte mabey dfi not sure yet and does this memory seem right?
  11. ok thank you guys for the infor man do i remeber how much it cost back then when it was so popular and how much it cost thank you
  12. sry i fix the error u can try it now
  13. heya guys i have a msi k8 neo 2 platium for stock 939 and i lost the cd to xp pro but now i have vista and one gig of ram is not helping me out right now so im going to buy a new memory for this out dated mobo i was looking in to these 3 1. my first choose 2.my second choose 3.and the last im going to go with 4 gig of memory to help vista pick up the speed so please help me choose one
  14. wow 64spd i can even paddle that fast what have u been feeding them gosh ge me some
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