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  1. Hey guys thanks.. I get like 80FPS in FC2.... how come its better than IVIYTHOS..... <_<
  2. Hey guys in America you got to remeber the Australian Dollar went down so efficently. Here in Australia your $1 is $1.6...
  3. VERY basically cant hear my computer and the degreess.... where to begin
  4. I'm sorry guys I don't know what you are talking bout... I'm only new here. I made the sig using the textures, c4ds that I know. Only asked for a rate
  5. sozz that aTo was my old acc. yes i do have a 22" perfect. working.
  6. ASUS Silent Square & Silent Knight <3
  7. yeh probly crossfire.. But is it better to get a 1GB 4850 or 2 512mb 4850.. people just keep switch from the 2 and i dont rlly knnoww.
  8. hey guys rate my rikku sig. (in my sig atm)
  9. right now I got the E8500 and is really great so yeh get the 2 of em cheap aswell
  10. I'd recommend ASUS MotherBoards very nice and also come with OverClocking programs (depends what motherboard). Anyway that is some very nice specs and will be stable for both.
  11. Please guys tell me if this is good to use because right now I think it is.. I'm actually getting FarCry2 at UltraHigh - High which I think is reasonable.
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