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    ok so i was reading the forums how you guys talk about the Sennheiser , so im going to bite my tongue and get it, but there a problem i saw on amazon.com there the pc350 and the pc360 i just want ur guys opinion on which one to get?
  2. thanks i'll give it a try but do u use the energizer battery or a different kind of batteries like enloop battery?
  3. NiMH they use but the i-c3 use the came
  4. ive got an old 15 min batteries charger from raido shack most of u might know them as the ic-3 i dont think its still working, well i cant find the battery for them and i dont want to buy them off ebay cuz i dont know what they did with them. Would it be better to buy the new energizer 15 min batteries set?
  5. i really didnt want to buy the 32GB but amzon game me a great deal on it cuz they mess up my order thank you for the reply guys i will post some video soon to see what its like.
  6. well i just got my nikon s8100 and i really like it. the only bad thing about it is the port to open the battery and memory card is to flismy so as the a/v out as well and the video can pick up ever little noice there is including the zoom in and out but other than that i really like it. well here is some picture im posting so let me know. The memory card i went with is transcend sdhc 32GB class 10 i got them off of amzon this one was done in iso 430
  7. my friends is selling to me for $100 the one off of new egg if about $300
  8. heya guys my friend is sell his speaker Logitech Z-680 for cheap to me, or should i buy a new system the logitech Z-5500 off of newegg.com
  9. ok after reseting i still get the same thing when it boot up
  10. ok afer i try one stick of ram the cpu video card and clearing the cmos it still froze on the platium loading screen. i dont understand how i cant get in to the bio after i clear the cmos?
  11. yes there is beep noise when i dont add in the video card
  12. hey guys i love this forum been reading alot now i have a problem with my computer its a mis k8 neo 2 plt. power supply is 600 amd 64bit 3500, pc 3200 2gig of ram, 6800gt graphcardand 2 harddrive well today when i turn it on the computer wont go in to bios nor when i reset the cmos, it just freez up in the loading screen and all it say is the platianm that it. all the fan turn on light is on and nothing happen i have no way of fixing this nor have exact part to check it, is there anything or can u give me any ideal?sry if its in the worng forum
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