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  1. Blast*r pull that 9500 out of your system. Clean out the drivers and physics then do a fresh install of the latest driver and physics with only the 280GTX the driver is 178.13. Then run it again. There is a Patch I believe somewhere for you guys running vista. the patch is supposed to help on AQMK3 I believe it is just as simple as dropping a Dll. file into your program file. Look into it and see. Good luck to you............. WZ
  2. Just what drivers are you using. you need not get them from Nvidia. Go to www.guru3d.com and get the latest 177.98 drivers. I have been running a 260GTX and for my card these are by far the best drivers. These drivers are not just high clock supporting benchers they are high clock supporting gamers!! The best drivers to date for my system. I game at 756/1536/1236 for hours at a time and it is just all good. My fan is set at 90% and I have never gone above 62C with my card and that includes torturing it with furmark. Try'em you have nothing to lose! you may want to lower your cpu speed from 3.6 to 3.4 or 3.2 just to eliminate that as a possibility. WZ
  3. Hey Kitfit1 check it out!! Look familiar?? Your e8600 is freakin great!! I would love to mix it with my 260GTX. WZ
  4. The v-core was at 1.6, the cpu pll 1, the Northbridge 1.61, then mem 2.16, SouthBridge 1.2 Everything else auto. It was a nice run.... WZ
  5. If you are going to cut a slice of the 32M pi you need a very sharp and fast stable knife!! Fast memory is what gives my knife such a sharp edge..... WZ
  6. Well since it did not change your desktop to chinese ...duh go set your windows back to english. Since you or someone on your computer changed it. This is no virus or malware or spyware this is someone trying to be funny but, none of those things are funny.
  7. Here is just a little of example of just how MegaHertz Matter. Take one explosively fast E8400 jam it into an Asus P5E board mixed with a couple gigs of G.Skill 6400HZ memory that will clock up to extreme levels!!! Then you mix one lowly little 8800 GTS 320mb vid card and clock it to 654/1950 and get out of the way cuz this little bi*ch is taking it downtown!!! you will see many faster cards running in SLI get knocked flat on their *ss by this combination. you just got to love those Megahertz aka. "The Great Equalizers" WZ
  8. Check out my all but retired 8800GTS 320 . When you strap a E8400 rocket to it's . it will relly fly!!! This card still can bring it. I found when clocked to 4500mhz and higher it will play any game I desire........ Smooth and Sweet. WZ
  9. You know I own both the 4850 and the 8800 ultra and the 8800GTX and the 3870 and the 8800GTS The 4850 , 8800ultra are a step above the rest. For me where the ultra wins out is when I watch dvds on my system. I watch a lot of concerts. It is here the ultra wins in playback performance. I am moving up to the 260GTX this week as I just read where the 260GTX, 280GTX and the 4870 x 2 all tied when it came to video playback and all 3 beat just about every dvd player out there in playback of movies The machine with the 260 is going to get hooked up to a panasonic 58 inch plasma. Right now the 9800GTX is under 180 with MIR it too is an excellent card. Right now it is hard to go wrong whichever way you go....... The only place you can go wrong is not make a decision and not get a new card.... He who hesitates is lost......... WZ
  10. The soothing light at the end of your tunnel is just a freight train coming your way.......... WZ
  11. Hey Matt it is good to see you getting into the ultra low 10's. you are just a click away from the 9's and that is quite a feeling!! Keep on pushin!! WZ
  12. So the core speed is still posted by Core-Temp and my time has been validated. If you don't trust me submit it to Kunaak over at XS. He will show you the way This board,processor & memory combination are just meant for each other!! I am running 4500 mhz as my daily clock with no problems. I have backed that time up with yet another sub 10 second run also a 9.938 run. Cheers guys!! WZ
  13. Well I pushed it even harder!!! It will be awhile but, I am going to get this one liquid cooled too!! WZ
  14. OwinC that is a nice run. you got some nice parts put together there. I am especially impressed by your vid card score! I think you can get more by tweeking on your memory some WZ
  15. Mobo-----P5KE Wifi Prossy----8400 Wolfdale PSU------PC and Power Cooling Silencer 750 Quad Cooler----Scythe Cooler with 100mm fan Memory--2 x 1 gig G.Skill 6400 HZ Vid Card--Foxconn 8800GTX HDD------250gig Seagate Baracuda DVD-----Samsung DVD writer FDD----Sony Vantec---Fan Contoller All of this system is pure air-cooled!! WZ
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