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  1. bizkit.levi

    Erased The Mbr On My Sata Drive.. Help!

    And nothing? Try with some hard drive utilities..or format it..but from another computer...
  2. bizkit.levi

    Making A Vista Dvd Bootable

    U burned it like..a copy for your already installed OS?
  3. bizkit.levi

    Question About I7's

    And after a while we`ll see maybe 1160(?) i think and p55...
  4. bizkit.levi

    Firefox Extensions

    i think if you install to many extensions firefox startup time will increase...right?
  5. Maybe Santa is coming this year...with one of these... :o
  6. bizkit.levi

    Top 10 Cpu Cooler

    Noctua is great stuff
  7. bizkit.levi

    The Perfect Christmas Gift!!!

    You can`t give something like this to ur wife...right?)
  8. bizkit.levi

    4830 Vs 4850

    personally i`d go for 4830 best bang for a buck