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  1. Looks pretty good Brad. I would probably spend less on the case and spend more on your vid card. I also might suggest going with a PC and Power Cooling PSU instead of the OCZ version you chose (even though both OCZ owns PC&P now). I'd also suggest going with a 10,000 RPM HD for your primary drive. It seems to help with load times for the OS, apps, and games. Good luck and let us know what you go with!
  2. I have the same OS installed so I'll check it out when I get home for work tonight. Sounds fishy though.
  3. I've had great success with all three brands. I think the only things that separate them are price, leds/no leds, fan speed controller, no fan speed controller.
  4. Texture issues are typically a result of the video card not being able to game at the resolution you have set. You will probably have to lower the resolution settings and possibly check to see if the vid card is bad.
  5. I'm listening to Paramore and Foo Fighters right now. Feelin' pretty good too.
  6. I just bought my wife a new front loading washer and dryer from Sears (spent $1,500) and I also bought her a Kitchenaid Mixer (around $200) so I'm extremely broke right now. Looks like leftovers until I get paid Jan. 1. =)
  7. My team Air Force plays Houston Dec. 31 and I hope they stomp them into the ground. It's a shame Air Force didn't get to go to a different bowl game because they had a decent year. Go Falcons!
  8. My favorite fans to use are Silverstone, Antec, or Panaflow if you don't need them to light up. =)
  9. Sweet, thanks for the quick response. I'll get it going tonight.
  10. I just have a cheap glass L-shaped desk I picked up at Office Max for around $69. It does the job, but does shake quite a bit when I'm printing. :thumbs-up:
  11. That's too bad about the PS3. It's a great system specs wise. I think the main problem was the initial price for the system. It also didn't help that you can get an XBox 360 system for $199 right now. Adios PS3!
  12. I need to start folding for you guys. How do I get started? I've got a couple systems that would be great for folding and are just sitting idle every night.
  13. Wow, thanks a bunch Bosco. Those are some extremely awesome prizes!
  14. Here's a few of the highlights from my Christmas this year: - One year XBox Live subscription - Sony Blu Ray player - Insignia 8" digital picture frame - Insignia HD pocket camcorder with 4GB SD card - Lego Batman XBox 360 game - Rock Band 2 XBox 360 game
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