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    Asus P8Z77 V-Pro
    2x4 GB Patriot Viper 3 2133
    XFX HD 6950
    M-Audio Audiophile 192
    Xonar DSX
    CM V8
    CM HAF 932
    CM RealPower 620W
    120 GB SSD Corsair Force GT
    3x500GB HDD 7k
    CM Sentinel Advance
    SideWinder X6 keyboard
    Panasonic Viera 2011 fullhd 32" LED, IPS, (almost zero input lag!)
    Samsung 226CW
  1. AMD simply screwed up this time, power design wise. Im some scenarios card draws almost 200W. I expected this new 14nm FinFet shit act like or even better than Nvidia 16nm stuff, performance per watt. Not happening. GloFo process sucks compared to TSMC.
  2. As I remember there there were no restrictions for Dreamcast or PS2 in Q3A or UT, so gamepad users were thrown against KBMouse players.
  3. M$ loosers, when first xbox came out there was big statement that this peripherials won't see the light on this platform. Even old Dreamcast had this support and it was kinda revolutionary for console at that time, and pretty useful for sure(Online use). Late but still... M$
  4. 180w TDP for so much horsepower, that's incredible achievement Nvidia.
  5. Nice review, This could be pretty useful for VJs or Video Mappers using more video outputs from single laptop. Have a nice day.
  6. good luck to everyone what a great list of prizes... happy holidays OCC staff
  7. CPU [email protected] MoBo Asus P8Z77 V-Pro RAM 2x4 GB Patriot Viper 3 2133 GPU XFX HD 6950 AUDIO M-Audio Audiophile 192 Asus Xonar DSX Cooling CM V8 Chassis CM HAF 932 PSU CM RealPower 620W Storage 120 GB SSD Corsair Force GT 3x500GB HDD 7k Mouse CM Sentinel Advance Keyboard SideWinder X6 keyboard Display Panasonic Viera 2011 fullhd 32" LED, IPS, (almost zero input lag!) Country: Czech Republic good luck to all & have a nice weekend DrTiCool
  8. thanks for the review, now I'm considering these sticks for my next IB rig
  9. color wise it's really looking like an old board, Pure Black series looks much better. Sapphire aquired some ex EVGA mobo development staff few years ago when they switched to producing motherboards, so I'm looking forward for their products, so far it looks good, well except that color for this time
  10. Hi, I'm thinking about an upgrade from 4870 to 6950, will my OC'ed e8400 @ 4.4 ghz be enough to run this card? I know it depends on games, just if 6950 isn't too much overkill for c2d. ...waiting for Bulldozer upgrade thx for reply
  11. ok, that 8500 is OC friendly, but that GB board isn't best bet for OC and I'm not sure how that G41 chipset likes OC, I prefer P45 chipsets for 775 socket. Another thing is RAM, I recommend 1066 instead of 800(Its overclocking alongside with CPU) so then u can downgrade it for stable run like mine's(1066) running @ 1000(1:1) instead of boosted 1150mhz. Also u should specify what CPU cooler are u using, if its stock I doubt that u would go over 3.6-3.8Ghz. - PCI Express Frequency (Mhz) setting is on Auto as default. Do I change it? and if I do to what? >>> try higher frequency(by small steps), then run some burn tests - Dram Performance Control It has a Standard (default), Turbo and Extreme setting. Do I change this? >>>> leave it on Standart And then there are also quite a few other options under it that is on auto by detault. - Motherboard Voltage Control CPU Core >>> max safest voltage for vcore on these chips is 1.36-1.37 (check in CPUZ) BIOS is often showing higher numbers than it actually is. but I doubt u ever need 1.36 for 4ghz, My E8400 was able to run @4ghz @ default vcore CPU Termination Dram Voltage >>> leave it on default or look at the sticker on RAM for its rated voltage 3 options that has a default value and also an [AUTO] Setting. If I want to run @ 430FSB x 9.5 do I change the CPU Core? and what would a good number be? If someone could help me with these I'd really really appreciate it. The default settings for me 8500 (3.16 ghz) is obviously 333FSB x 9.5 and if I change it to anything else, even just upping it by 15ghz it does not work, reboots and goes back the default settings. I'm sure this must be able to work, I'm just not clued up enough. Another Question while we @ it, that Easy Tune6 that comes with Gigabyte Mobo's. Does it actually work & can one make use of it to good effect? >>>>> yes, I would try that EasyTune, easies way to find out if its overclockable, try it from lowest OC and find out if its stable. then u should tweak in bios. good luck, but like I said earlier that RAM and maybe that mobo is limiting you
  12. ok one more thing I had problem when overclocking above 4ghz was ram issue, exactly with those Reapers 2x2gb 1066, those rams were pretty picky on GB boards, after updating BiOS to latest release they started working fine, hope it may help
  13. that MCH Core(northbridge) has way too much voltage(you posted 1.45), default is ~1.1v, I got mine on 1.22v(well on my GB EP45-UD3R board), maybe thats causing overheating of chipset and even some mosfets
  14. well, 3.8 isn't too much overclock for E8400, it can handle it on default voltage. I got mine OC to 4.4 @ 1.36v in cpuz(bios showing over 1.38v). Even I doubt that temperature is issue at that speed as well. Just keep watching if it crashes again and maybe bump timings to 5s. good luck
  15. what a wonderfull list of prizes, I'm excited. Good luck to everyone oops, edited
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