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  1. God bless us one and all Merry Christmas
  2. This is where copyright and intellectual property rights get downright sticky. I do agree that if a game is LAN based, you should not need 2 copies to play with a friend or spouse. BTW history tells us that dropping the price actually increases sales and revenue. For those around during the early days of VHS Tapes, pricing was $100 or more per movie. At that level pirating was rampant, the studios got smart dropped the price, and sold way more.
  3. Graphic look good, concept is different to say the least.
  4. For me it depends on how long the PC has been running aw well, Since I ghost my boot drive about once a month, F&R is not too bad.
  5. I like AVG Free the price is right, and it does a fairly good job. No AV is perfect, though they all seem to be heading in the same direction, which is towards bloatware.
  6. I would wait for the next release, then 1 additional week, prices should shake down in that time.
  7. Right now I prefer WDs, or Seagates. This will vary with time, it seems that each maker has its good builds and its not so good builds. It seems that WD has been slowly declining, and Seagate improving.
  8. Well, I am one fo the old Farts here I hit the 1/2 Century mark last August. Going through the posts, I have been building systems longer then some of these wet behind the ear pups have been alive.
  9. FIOS here was Verizon, now Fairpoint, If you think getting to a Verizon Tech Support person was difficult, add an additional layer of another company that really does not know FIOS.
  10. I stick with AMD, if it were just about performance, it would be Intel, but price also enters into it.
  11. Once a Month or more, with 5 Golden Retrievers, and one Rag Doll cat, this house is filled with flying hair. Hair that will grasp dust, smoke, dirt, grime, you name it, and that hair seems to love to find fans to blow into electronics.
  12. 9 PM PDT is Midnight EDT. I am never lucky enough to win anyway, but I will check in the morning anyway. Good luck to all again.
  13. There are times when a downgrade is required. When I bought this laptop for work, Only Vista Home Premium was available. Since then XP is offered at a premium. I had to downgrade the laptop for 2 reasons, first, I HAVE to use a Secure VPN connection, and the vendor does not yet have a stable VIita Client. The second reason was I have to maintain 50 remote HP Printers, and the HP software was not written for Vista but for XP. As for benchmarks, when I tested it before the downgrade, and XP after, XP actually was a bit faster. Sometimes it is not wanting to downgrade, but needing to, and that may well be dictated by outside influences, such as work.
  14. Very Strange, in the BIOS, what size is the drive? Also have you tried the Drive in another computer? Are the BIOS settings selected for RAID possibly?
  15. Go for the 1066, it is always better to build above then wish you had later
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