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  1. it would be a nice win motherboard: Biostar TP67XE cpu: Core I5 2500K ram: Kingston HyperX DDR3-1600 2x2 GB hdd: seagate 400GB gpu: Gainward 8600GT but i plan some upgrade here psu: XFX Pro750 W case: antec DF-35 THANK YOU
  2. Merry Christmas! Enjoy your time waiting for Santa!
  3. Lots of entries, i guess. But let`s hope Santa will come for everybody! Merry Christmas everyone!
  4. 7EVEN gets my vote. It`s what Vista should have been from the beginning. +1
  5. Goodluck everyone. And thanks for the competition!
  6. I just saw the trailer. Looks amazing. Can`t wait to go see it. I bet 3d is even more greater than "normal" view
  7. How about Kingston? Much better priced...
  8. Really nice. But i think it`s a bit overpriced. NH D14 it`s Noctua`s king, but this one priced around 40-45$ i think it would have been much better.
  9. i get lost @ 2200 DPI. i don`t want to know how the 5700 will do B:)
  10. it works for sure, but if you don`t plan occ and you will only game on it, go for a c2d the E8400 is perfect.
  11. Good enough. Think it`s the same thing both in 922 and 932, right?
  12. more than 2 weeks and nothing...
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