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  1. I've read that the RM series isn't as good quality as other corsair products. from the websites you gave I would recommend the XFX 750W XXX edition 95
  2. jklein what you just wrote should be : 10*(1-.30)+10*(1-.30)*.05 + 7.50 (one of the brackets was in the wrong place) what I was alluding to is: 10*(1. - 0.3)*(1. + 0.05) + shipping (7.5 or 7.85?) I'm guessing that's what waco meant as well I think writing it like that makes everything clearer you start with 10, apply the discount 10*(1. - 0.3) , then apply tax to the discounted price ( 10*(1. - 0.3) )*(1. + 0.05) = 10*(1. - 0.3)*(1. + 0.05), then add shipping giving the answer of 14.85 or 15.2 (depending on shipping)
  3. when doing percentages it's better to keep the terms collected. for example, for doing the discount, 10*(1. - 0.3) is easier to understand than 10 - 10*0.3 even though it's the same thing. if you do the same for tax then add shipping you should get the answer. also was shipping 7.85 or 7.5? did you calculate the 15.20 value or was it given to you? if you calculated it just write down on paper exactly what you did and then put that directly in python (also you don't need to expand out all the terms like you've been doing) I generally find it's better to figure out exactly each step of a problem (on paper) before starting to put it into code because if you don't know exactly what to do the computer definitely won't
  4. 2. A Corsair HX-1050, Seasonic X-1050 Gold or Seasonic XP-1000 Platinum should be good. 3. I'm pretty sure no monitors currently support g-sync. They should be coming out Q1 next year. I would wait for those rather than rush to spend $500+ now. 5. I would personally go for a SanDisk Extreme II 240GB, Corsair Neutron GTX 240GB, or Samsung 840 Pro 256GB in that order. You might want to see if you want to put any / how many games on it. I currently have 120GB (Crucial M4) but that's not big enough to put games on it along with the other stuff I have on there. 6. I'm assuming you still mean a full loop for both options not a all-in-one unit? The kit you mention vs custom will be pretty similar, just that you'll need to do research into choosing specific parts if you go fully custom. Either way you still have to put it together youself. The cooling performance will close / negligible depending on the waterblock. 7. Go with the 4770k for gaming. The 4960x would only be useful if you do video editing / computational stuff, games won't get anything out of it. (If you do decide on the 4960x, go with the 4930k because it's almost the same but a lot cheaper but you'll still need a different motherboard) Edit: It looks like a single 780 ti gets 60 to 100 fps at 1080p with settings turned up depending on the game (the one you selected should perform a little bit better). The thing is, for the demanding games, the fps doesn't always increase as much as you might hope with sli (eg 60 -> 80 fps for crysis 3, 1080p, very high settings) especially for the $850 price tag. Check out http://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/gtx_780_ti_sli_geforce_review,1.html and http://www.anandtech.com/show/7492/the-geforce-gtx-780-ti-review I would recommend getting a single 780 ti and maybe upgrading to the new top card next year when they (hopefully) actually make significant updates to the gpu.
  5. The only suggestion I would make on jammin's build is to maybe go for RipjawsX cause I think they're made for 1155. RipjawsX 1600 8Gb $112 -> $224 for 16Gb from MSY (didn't see any at Umart) Maybe also changing the Corsair for a 120Gb OCZ Vertex 2 $250 (Umart) You should check out MSY cause they have pretty good prices. MSY and Umart are the main places I look at.
  6. This is my Asrock 4CoreDual-SATA2 I like the XPower because it is a stable when overclocking, uses high quality components, and has sata6 and usb3.
  7. If you search on http://www.staticice.com.au you should be able to find some good prices for Australia
  8. Does anyone know anything about G-Skill Falcons? They're cheaper than Vertexes for the same capacity. I read a review on them and they seem to perform reasonably well. Here's the review: http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/2747/g_sk...disk/index.html
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