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  1. Wow, Novalogic, haven't seen a game from them in forever! God, I do miss Joint Operations ... 2009 is going to be a huge year for RTSes. Starcraft 2, the long await sequel to the mega-blockbuster original, is just around the corner. Also, Dawn of War 2 is coming in February I believe, and that is also looking VERY fun. They've changed things a LOT since the original series, so much in fact they should have just come up with a new name entirely in my opinion ....
  2. Captainlnsano

    Oh My God!!!

    I think its positively appauling that Microsoft has deemed it alright to put out millions of Xbox 360's that RRoD left and right, and even more disturbing, that the consumers have not punished them for such actions! Theres simply no excuse for such poor manufacturing, in my opinion ...
  3. Here's a direct link to the video in Youtube HD: Part 1: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=LERxOtIMif4 Part 2: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=iDFp6ENWNVA&...feature=related I am really blown away by how amazing the graphics are with this game. Truly spectacular. I really like the new units they've created too. The Banshee is awesome, its like a super-Harrier, and the Marauder is just plain awesome. Dual rocket-launcher equipped supersuit of deaht
  4. This is the second time they've done this, and last time it was pretty popular. I bought the game after trying it last time, and I had a lot of fun with the game. My only major gripe with the game is that the vast majority of the servers are in Europe. Its hard for me, on the west coast, to find a good server to have fun wiht. I've noticed this with a lot of the new shooter, including COD:WaW. What is it with Europeans and First Person Shooters?
  5. I am an absolute fan of the MERC. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting one. If you have the spare cash, the Stealth version is nice for the backlighting, but overall its great. I started out with the original Z-Board, and will continue to support Ideazon all the way
  6. Absolutely Was sitting in my room this morning, looked at the temperature (I have one of those atomic clocks), and it said 60 degrees. I was like MY GOD ITS FREEZING!
  7. 10,000 dollars for a song is absolutely criminal, if anything THEY should be getting sued for that. And as someone on reddit pointed out, the RIAA like to say that they loose tons of money from pirating, but from what I've seen, the vast majority of people who pirate music would never have bought that music in the first place ....
  8. I was really pissed that they decided not to release GOW2 on PC. I believe they said the reasoning was they didn't sell that many copies, but that was because they had that horrible Games for Windows Live at the time, which back then you had to PAY to use. Now that its free, I think a LOT of people would have picked up a copy of the game ...
  9. Yeah, I've heard wonders about these badboys, but again, only 2.1
  10. The GTA4 DLC looks cool, and it looks like it may be adding two new guns too. I saw two shotguns I do not recognize in the video.
  11. I really like how good its looking so far, both gameplay wise and visually. Starting to get to an era where you have an almost creepy amount of detail an all your little dudes ...
  12. How about a remote controlled plan with an RPG!?!!? Oh wait, thats basically what the Predator is
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