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  1. Awesome, congrats to all the winners and thanks for the contest and all the sponsors.
  2. Funny to see this topic, I'm getting ready to toss one of these in the trash. We have no use for it anymore and it doesn't hold a charge. RAM upgrade and a lite linux OS would probably work fine.
  3. I'm sure it probably happened. People can be incredibly stupid. When facebook had a major outage people were calling local police.
  4. Quick plane trip, nice smooth flight.
  5. Definitely upgrade. Going from 2.0 to 3.0 gave me a good boost on Comcast. I went from about 33Mb to over 50Mb.
  6. In celebration of their new speeds we had 3 hours of outages in our area. Good times.
  7. Intel Core2Duo 2.66Ghz @ 3.0Ghz Gigabyte P35 Motherboard BFG 8800GT 4GB PC6400 DDR2 WD 640GB Segate 1TB United States
  8. A small earthquake somewhere would have been kind of funny people people would have freaked out. We had some power outages on the east coast and people did get a little freaked when it happened.
  9. What exactly don't you understand and what are you trying to do? I've been using Acronis for years and it's always been pretty straightforward.
  10. When I started on the internet there these types of things were not typical. Don't really recall spam email and there hardly any ads. My first internet access was through a Unix shell account so no graphics either.
  11. Another year and another amazing set of prizes.
  12. Sounds like it will be pretty cool. I'm up for more F2P games anytime.
  13. I wait all year for this contest! :-)
  14. Congrats to the big winners, enjoy those sweet power supplies.
  15. One of those awesome PSU's would be powering this: i5 760 16GB of DDR3 Gigabyte P55 Mobo Nvidia GTX 570 Intel SSD WD 2TB x 2
  16. Although I recommend Corsair products all the time I've mainly owned their memory products. I would definitely say I'm a big fan of their memory products. I have several flash drives and at work whenever we needed to upgrade our systems I would order Corsair memory. The great thing about their memory is that it always worked. Never had a bad stick and never had a compatibility issue.
  17. If you don't need the data then there's nothing you need to do. You could delete the array on the current drives is there is one and then switch the hardware but that shouldn't be necessary. Are you looking at using RAID 1 for some specific reason besides fault tolerance. When I'm installing an OS fresh I usually do it with only the boot drive connected and then connect the additional drives after the OS is installed.
  18. Here's the cooler installed on an i5 760. Just need to get a video card installed and my build is done.
  19. My loot just arrived, thanks very much to OCC and Deep Cool. This will be cooling an i5 processor in my new machine.
  20. I was just checking the status of the deep cool stuff and saw this update. Thanks for the info. I think that was the only piece missing from my build.
  21. I have the 750W version in a case waiting for my other parts.
  22. Someone already posted for Round 5 and the guy who got DQ'd doesn't realize he did.
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