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  1. Yeah, you're probably right. It'll most likely be a waste to have an extra stick laying around when I'm sure prices of the ddr3 will probably drop by the time I get the i7 920. Thanks for all the replies.
  2. Yeah the i7 Cpu limits the voltage to 1.65. But my main question was if anyone found an article or have experience the triple channel memory on the dual channel motherboard with optimum performance.
  3. Yeah, I was thinking the same. I wonder if the motherboard will automaticly recognized the voltage and set it low. I searched through other forums and I'm getting mixed reviews. Too bad we dont have anyone here that can test it out =P
  4. I want to get i7 920 once diablo 3 or Starcraft 2 comes out. So would it be possible to use the tri channel kit on the dual channel board with optimized performance?
  5. This might sound like a stupid question but I wasn't clear on the answer after googling it and reading through other forums. My question is that if you buy the 2 dimm ddr3 sticks, are you able to use it in the x58 triple channel slots? They are different voltage 1.6v maxed on the i7 boards, and the voltage on the 2 dimm sticks are 1.8v-1.9v. You would have to undervolt so it wont destroy the i7 cpu, but would it perform just as well as if you bought the 3 dimm ddr3 and vice versa? The reason why I ask this is that I'm planning on getting a new board for my cpu which supports ddr3. But the board i'm getting is only going to be dual channel board which I know wont compare to the triple channel board. I want to know if I would beable to reuse the 2 dimm dual channel ddr3 on the triple channel motherboad with the same performance. Sorry if my question is kinda hard to understand. I been trying to think of a clear way to word it so it was so much understandable to what I'm asking. -Thanks in advance =)
  6. The antec 1200 or the Coolmaster HAF 932 are getting good reviews.
  7. Yeah I ran most of the cables through the back...it looks like a mess back there. I kinda just stuffed them and closed the back side panels =P
  8. I used a low torque drill and some drill bits. I just drilled it very slow and tried not to put so much downward pressure when I was drilling them. You probably need to put it on a good flat surface as well so that the plexiglass doesn't bend when you're drilling it which may result in cracking. Kool, If you do end up cracking it, the acryllic glass at lowes or homedepot are pretty cheap. I bought a 18" x 24" for $7 usd at lowes. They cut it to a predetermine size for you if you want. Mines was cut to 18" x 16" and it fitted perfectly.
  9. It's good so far. My temperatures are staying at a constant 27c mb and 28c cpu on idle. On load, the motherboard goes up to 28c and cpu at 31-32c. My gpu temperatures are ok still, it stays around 51c idle and goes to 61c underload. I'm planning on putting an aftermarket gpu cooler. I'm thinking of the Scythe USA SCVMS-1000 Sleeve VGA Cooler or the Zalman vf1000 cooler. If you have any opinion on those two let me know. I hated the airflow before because my system kept crashing. I wasn't sure if it was the 8800gt overheating or just the lack of cool air on the whole system. Now I can leave my computer on 24/7 without worrying about it crashing. I had my computer on for about 2 weeks straight without any problems during the summer. Had to shut it down because I didnt want the electric bill being so high =P
  10. Here's some pictures of my case. Sorry it took so long. I decided to go with 120mm on the side and 80mm at the bottom because it was so cramped. I had to get a new acyllic glass because I tried using the hole saw on it which had deep teeths on it just kept on cracking all the plexiglass surface. I decided to use a dremel and just cut it out. Afterward, I sanded the rough edges down. Sorry, all I have are the final pictures.
  11. goober

    My Tec System Is Sweating...

    This is one of the reason I'm afraid of water cooling =( Sorry to hear what happen to your computer after putting so much work into it...
  12. That's normal. You'll probably have to worry when the cpu goes into the 70-80's, which might make it a little unstable.
  13. Yes, I'm planning to add fans at the bottom of the case to move cool air up. I am planning 2 120mm fans. and Maybe add 1 120mm side fan.
  14. goober

    Modding A Ultra Mid 998

    I have a similiar case, Ultra Alluminum mid tower case. I added 2 120mm fans at the top as exhaust fans which helped out a lot in temperature. I'm plannning to add 2 more 120mm fans at bottom blowing cool air up. I hopes this helps a little.
  15. goober

    8800gt Vga Coolers Help

    Yeah, I was thinking the same.