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    [SIZE=1]: cm 690,[/SIZE][SIZE=1] hx620[/SIZE][SIZE=1], intel q9450, True Black, p5q deluxe, 2gbx2 ram of mushkin xp pc2 8500[/SIZE][SIZE=1], [/SIZE][SIZE=1]evga 9800gx2. wd caviar se 16 640gb, 4x zm-f3 fans.[/SIZE]

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  1. CTA


    yes, mx-2 is excellent for 24/7 than AS5... and tuniq tx2 is average but acceptable... take a look at both reviews http://xbitlabs.com/articles/coolers/displ...roundup_12.html http://benchmarkreviews.com/index.php?opti...mp;limitstart=6 and you decide...
  2. CTA


    ocz freezer would be best but almost no major different between mx-2 since mx-2 is better than AS5... zalman nail-polisher style is also very nice and easier than average TIM... performance is various... so hard to tell... anyway... i dislike flashy case... the cpu cooler should be at horizontal way (intake from front of the case and exhaust at rear) because you dont want to cpu to use hot air from very hot video cards...
  3. i agreed about quality of images... and... i believe its not reliable... and why "low cost" you should add price date...
  4. CTA

    200 Mm Fan

    thank you guys... i guess i dont have much choice to select antec big boy... i think i will choose 4*100mm fans to create massive cfm at that noise level ( 58*4 = 232 at 30dBa) please correct me if i got mis-concept about noise level...) compare to antec's hi-speed 134 at 30dBa...
  5. CTA

    Free Wifi At Airports = Win!

    i thought any wireless devices like cell are forbidden to use on airplanes...
  6. CTA

    200 Mm Fan

    i dont want 210 or larger... 200 is good enough... but thank you for links...
  7. CTA

    200 Mm Fan

    probably very stupid question... is that dimension of fan existing? i can't find it at ncix and or popular retailers... i would like to get some 200 mm fans... if not then i can pick 4 of 100mm from scythe but i cant tell what different between Scythe KAZE-JYU 100mm Quiet Fan and Scythe KAZE-JYU 100mm fan since their specification are exactly same... with different model numbers... >_> <_< >_>
  8. CTA

    Top 10 Cpu Cooler

    i disagreed with you about noctua.... if you research deeply on noctua p12 then you will find out... zm-f3 is much better than p12... and sample is not exactly same retail... as hardcore reviewers found out... well i decide to get v-8 with haf case... it will be looking very hot...
  9. CTA

    Top 10 Cpu Cooler

    i believe both... anyway i check many reviews including core duo... v8 took TRUE black's crown now... about 1 to 3 degree... pretty impressive except fan one.. maybe replace it and it will be improving the temperature... right now lowest price is 75cdn + taxes :\ just wait a bit... >.>
  10. CTA

    Top 10 Cpu Cooler

    oh i missed that review... (i check all reviews o_O?) anyway nice review... but where is exxx especially e8xxx? and i will check other test if i can agree...
  11. CTA

    Top 10 Cpu Cooler

    i owned one tho... it costs about 95cdn (two fans and TRUE black) + taxes... so i would like to try new one for e8xxx... probably cheaper...
  12. do you agree this article at Top 5 Intel & AMD Heatsinks on Frostytech ? i am trying to choose something new other than thermalright TRUE black...
  13. well if my suggestion (except update bios) is not working then it might be your hdd problem... try it on different computer... you still need to tell us what kind of hdd is... like model...
  14. i have that problem before... make sure you dont disable feature in BIOS (click restore default setting in exit menu)... or time to update your BIOS ( you will find the version very old)...
  15. CTA

    Stupid Firefox...

    no way... you have to look at your folder (lazy to look up it for you... but you should know where)... there might be specific files/folder for your FF3... sorry i am not ff3 expert... i know lots about IE7... i also wonder what about system restore? it might be recover your bookmark then save your bookmark then re-install it...