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    I guess i should introduce myself. I feel bad, even though i know i shouldn't. It just sucks being a newbie, ya know. Anyways for anyone out there who cares my name is Danny and I live in Missouri. I haven't OC'd a system yet but am on the verge of getting a new system (first i need the money). Anyways I've been into PC's for as long as i can remeber and can at least build them. I'm sure I'll annoy you all when I finally do get some scratch and have countless questions on what to get and how to OC it. I figure i might as well put a name to the future frustrations.
  2. Ok so i have ssen that the hd 4830 overclocks better than the hd4850, but has fewer stream procs. Is this going to make a huge difference? I can find a 4830 for significantly less and save some scratch, but should i do this or spend the extra green on the 4850?
  3. Ok, so i was wondering what monitors you guys would recomend? Size? Resolution? I want a good one for both gaming and movies. I'm kinda new at this so I don't really know what's good and what's not. I'm going to get a new ATI card and rig soon (relatively, and probably either the 4850 or 4830), and I don't want to spen a fortune. Just wanted to get a good opinion. Also, does brand matter, and if so what are the good ones?
  4. Ok, so does anyone think the phenom 2's are gonna be up to a challenge with the new core i7's? I know both overclock well, with the phenom 2's going a bit crazier with LN2, but intel has multi-thread now so it's kinda like an eight core. I just wanted to get your guys opinion on how you think they are gonna stack up. I desperately need a new rig, but probably won't be getting it until mid FEB, so i can wait till the dust settles.
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