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  1. So here is the link to the product made by Noise Limit. It's basically a passive cooler that uses liquid turning into a gas and re-condensing to cool the cpu. Does anyone have any ideas of how this odd little cooler will perform? Anyone have any thoughts?
  2. Anyone want it? If not it's going on ebay.
  3. I am assuming you have the brackets attached exactly like this picture shows?
  4. I know everyone says to start low, but I didn't. I started at 3.5 just for kicks, as I didn't have anything on but my OS and stress testing software, so if I had to reinstall, meh. Maybe I just got extremely lucky that I didn't ruin anything, but I also didn't increase voltages. so
  5. Well hope you enjoy the summer weather down there, and hope the perfect moment comes along.
  6. Can I just say I love this slide..."why humans matter"...Um, robots have their own version of linux?
  7. Saw this feature where you can reset windows instead of a fresh install. Seems like it would be handy especially for this community. What do you guys think?
  8. They put that same sticker on the board itself,so I'm guessing to save money they just print the same thing twice. If you had removed it from the board, then that would have voided the warranty. However, EVGA could probably care less about the box.
  9. Nvidia has 3 monitor support as well as with 3D. So
  10. Hey, I put the smiley face to indicate it was a shameless plug.
  11. I'd go with an older 200 series graphics card from NVIDIA, just because they should be cheaper but still somewhat future proof. No need to get a fermi if you aren't going to game. You could always buy a gts 250 from me for $100. Or get a GTX 260. I have a 275 and haven't had any issues with it, and especially since you aren't gaming...
  12. So both Nvidia and ATI have options for using multiple monitors and 3D vision technology at the same time. This sounds pretty cool, but I was just wondering what everyone else though about it.
  13. The answer is NO! You aren't guaranteed to unlock anything ever! Some unlock, some don't (I have a 720 that doesn't unlock ).
  14. also, you should check out scythe fans for teh case fans, they make 140mm case fans that fit 120mm screw slots. I put those on my 690. Here they are.
  15. Make sure you realize that it fits an 80x15mm fan and not an 80x25mm fan! Made that mistake...
  16. While this argument has gone wildly off-task, I have to agree with Deathmineral. Pros and cons are subjective, thus depending on the person they are either a pro or a con. For instance, how many of you think about resale value when buying a car? Both Jeep and Toyota will list resale value as a pro for buying their car, however, if you plan on driving it until it doesn't work for you anymore, that's not a pro, as resale value of a non-functioning car is very low. Silverfox, you kind of proved his point when talking about OCC's reviews. They list price as a con for things, but to you, it's not a con. So is it or isn't it a con? Again, subjective. Neither of you can state you are right on a subjective topic.
  17. I was just about to ask about this. Good to know.
  18. I need the cash for the card, unfortunately. But I have a friend who bought the exact same card who hasn't used his yet either. I'll see if he wants that stuff.
  19. Bump, and I'm dropping the price to $100, but only for OCC!
  20. Also, OCC reviews heat sinks here all the time. You should check out the reviews, and it will show you how each one stacks up against each other. Other than that, people here are always willing to give you ideas about good products. Just post what you're looking to cool, and they'll throw out suggestions. When using a fan on a heat sink, as i just found out, you want to know more about air pressure than over air flow, as a greater pressure pulls in more air over each fin to aid in cooling. Here are some guides: http://www.fantronic.com/case_fan_guide.html http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=304051
  21. Brand spanking new, still in box. Info can be found here. Great card, for a great price. Usually goes for $140, selling for $100 plus shipping.
  22. I was on for a while right before and after you left the other day.
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