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  1. Well glad to see OCC getting the respect it deserves from Corsair! But ^ is the problem, everyone will want to see it at least compared with the H50...
  2. Yeah, I know, but corsair should send them one for the review. According to here, it should be available to purchase, but I can't find it anywhere, and there isn't a press release on corsair's website.
  3. So besides the googleweb news showing that it might be released next week, does anyone know anything about it? Is OCC getting one to review? And if not, what the heck Corsair, send 'em one so I can read a good trusted review!
  4. Kinda bored here, but just wondering if anyone has heard just a stupid joke but couldn't stop themselves from laughing at it? I'll give an example of a joke I know is horrible, but as I am typing this I can't help but laugh. Two muffins were baking in an oven. The first muffin turns to the second and says "Holy cow, it's hot in here!" The second turns to the first and says "Holy cow! A talking muffin!" What are the dumb jokes you've heard that you just can't help yourself from laughing at?
  5. For memory, the ripjaws are good, as well as OCZ makes some good choices (i have the gold series, but the Reapers are good as well). As for the PSU, don't again count out OCZ, as they have some good cheap (realtively) PSU's that are still good quality.
  6. I read that article as well. Sounds pretty interesting.
  7. I would check the cable going to the power switch in front, as that's all I can think of. I have this case, so when I get home I can give it the once over to see if any cables go into the front door, but i don't think there are.
  8. From what I've read it trades blows with the D14, so i dunno about that...
  9. From what I've been reading, the two tower design is what gets the D14 it's awesome cooling power, so you may want to look into more two-tower designs like that. Edit: the Cogage arrow looks kinda cool, and keeps up with the D14 from the reviews I've read, and can have 3 fans on it. May want to see if that will clear your board.
  10. /begin shameless plug I have an NVIDIA GTS 250 from BFG that I'm selling for $100 if you're interested. Still in box too, brand new. /end shameless plug
  11. You should be able to turn it on with just that and nothing else. You can also get a PSU tester if you want, they can test all of the connections to see if anything is dead. They come in pretty handily.
  12. You should give damian some rep for the help. Little green plus button at the bottom right of his post...
  13. I was thinking along these same lines, and am looking forward to what the 475 can do/cost.
  14. Are you planning on storing any music/movies on the computer? If so, I would suggest a bigger drive. Other than that, the rig looks pretty good. I would probably go with the phenom 2 x4 940 though, as it is unlocked so you can overclock if you want to in the future, and is also the same price. 5770 is a good budget gamer card, but it depends on what resolution you play at. WOW won't demand much, but some FPS's will. I always go with WD for my drives, and the blue series is decently priced without giving up too much features. I am a WD fanboy though, so take this advice with a grain of salt. As for the memory, for around similar prices you can get OCZ gold, which is what I have and they overclock well, or even get the GSKILL Ripjaws, which are good budget overclockers. ASUS is a great brand for motherboards, always leading with innovation and capabilities, but take this with another grain of salt (let's just say I won a contest where they gave me a LOT of awesome free stuff. Not that any of it was bad, it was all great products, but because of it I <3 ASUS ).
  15. So recent news should make ATI fans very happy. Not only has ATI gained the larger part of the discrete graphics card market share, as reported here, but Apple has decided to ditch NVIDIA in its desktops for ATI. Looks like the red camp just scored a major point. Thoughts?
  16. I know they stepped it up for motherboards, especially in the AMD market. So if anything, it's on the rise to be a good one. Buy it now before they start adding a name brand premium!
  17. It's being reported on over at tom's as well. I hope they don't go through with it, but we shall see
  18. Newegg is having a 4v4 tournament for it's Wanfest if any of you guys are interested. I'll be on my honeymoon, so I'm out...
  19. They kinda butchered X-men all together, and I didn't think either of those sequels was arguably better than the first, but meh, just my opinion. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer was better than the original, IMHO.
  20. The second hulk with Edward Norton...not sure if it was a remake or a sequel or what...
  21. The ram should be fine if you are going to run the CPU at stock. It may not automatically go to 1600 (a lot of boards say 1600(o.c.) on them, which means you have to manually set it to that), but it will still run at a lower speed, like 1333 or something. Everything should automatically be detected, so you shouldn't have to mess with timings.
  22. They have their older model out, I was just wondering about the technology behind it. Also looking to see what people think of it. It has most definitely piqued my interest.
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