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  1. What everyone else said: CCleaner
  2. I'm gonna throw in my opinion as well. She has no right to keep bringing this up and getting angry with you. None whatsoever. It is something that you regret doing, and don't plan on doing it again. That's the end of the line. If she continually brings it up and can't get past it, it's time you get past her. This will not bode well for your relationship at all. This isn't your problem, it's hers. SHE is the one who has the issue, NOT you. I don't know if you are religious or not, but almost any God of any religion at this point would have moved on. Is she better than God? Seriously, I want to stress that this is HER issue, not yours. You have dealt with it, feel bad, and have moved on. SHE has not. SHE is the issue.
  3. Dangit, I really wanted to do that, and now I fail.
  4. This. These are the places where the companies tend to go skimpy on parts, is on those bridges. Most likely, the drive itself is fine.
  5. Look at your system. Now look at the prize system. Now back to your system again. Now back to the prize. Sadly, yours isn't the same as the prize system, but it could be if it had 2 ARES 5870 X2's, 2 SSD's, A Lian Li case, ASUS Rampage extreme MB, i7 980 6-core processor and Antec 1200W PSU. Now look down. Now look up, you're on a boat, with the machine you could have (ignore power concerns, you realist ). What's on your machine? Back at the new machine, it has two tickets to E3. Now the tickets are diamonds. Anything is possible when you look at the system specs. I'm on a horse. . No, but seriously, this machine has several key components that make it more expensive than yours, that I listed. Not saying your machine is crap, it isn't. Just this one is better. And free.
  6. Check it out here, grand prize looks pretty sweet.
  7. I've never even heard of everest either...
  8. Anyone else know about it? Has anyone ever used it or heard of it before?
  9. Or you can download the Ultimate Boot CD for windows, on another computer. Burn it to a disk and boot from it. It has password tools to reset passwords for you. Easy Peasy!
  10. Anybody heard about this software? I was wondering if OCC was possibly going to do a review, or if I could get other people's opinions on if this product is good or not.
  11. On this note, maybe having one huge chart that shows where all of the graphics card stack up, or at least the ones that were done on the same machine in one huge chart, including the older generations. That way you can get a quick comparison of something that has already been reviewed. That's my $0.02, and let me know if it's not clear...
  12. you may need to add a pause or a cin in order for the program to wait and actually display the message for a while.
  13. Do all of the front connections work on the Hades case?
  14. It's probably on the fuser. You'd have to clean the actual fuser or get a new fuser, which at this point might mean getting another printer.
  15. Hubs do split up the signal, so you may see one. Switches give full strength to each line.
  16. I'd love to take the job, but am neither qualified, and need to stay in Columbia, MO, as my wife is in vet school.
  17. If by splitter, you mean switch, you should have no problem with that.
  18. I usually get 7 during the week, and sleep as late as possible on the weekend.
  19. At least he compared it to not only the H50, but also to both ALC's by CoolIT. This was a great review, there are plenty of other reviews out there that show the H70 vs H50 with dual fans and single fans on both, this is the only review I can find that compares all 4 self-contained CPU rads in one setting. Great review ccokeman! Just what I was looking for! Yes, at stock idle it isn't much of an improvement. At stock idle, why even get another cooler besides the intel stock? But it does much better OC'd at load. Looks like it is a good improvement over the H50, and CoolIT's Vantage. Vs the D14, no it doesn't stack up, but you have to look at size. The D14 is HUGE, while this will take up close to no space! Definately interested in getting one of these myself now.
  20. So are we close to seeing this review? I was also wondering if you were going to compare it to the vantage and ECO by CoolIT.
  21. , but your on a mac, so you look cooler (begin the flame wars )
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