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  1. So my machine is getting pretty old. CPU wise it's still good, but not so much graphics wise :(. Just bought an SSD (I know, little late to the party) and an upgraded PSU (1000W!). We'll see how I stack up with all you young bucks lol.


    Intel 920 @ 3.8

    ASUS P6T

    6GB OCZ Gold

    NVIDIA GTX 275

    Samsung 830 128GB SSD

    CM 690

    Scythe Mugen 2 (a huge beast!)

    OCZ ZX Series 1000W Fully-Modular 80PLUS Gold High

    24 inch 1920 x1200

    21 inch 1080p monitor

    Creative 5.1 surround sound speakers


    Country USA

  2. I'll jump on it tonight if I can. Your best bet is to try to find a bunch of times when you can organize a good amount of people on it, at least at first. That will get the attention of the casual gamer to hop on. Then make sure the games are balanced, and there aren't any cheaters, and you should be goo to go.

  3. I suggest you check your Summer again. At least at my university there are different periods of Summer classes. We have 12 week long, 10 week long, 8 week long, and two 6 week long sessions of classes. If your university does the same thing then you may actually start your class a month or more after the Summer semester starts. I hope that is the case.

    :withstupid: University of Arizona had several summer sessions, so you may be fine. But I dunno.

  4. So A coworker is getting married in June, and what he really wants(needs) is money. So instead of getting him money, I want to get him the most horrendous gift ever, for laughs, which he can then return and have money. The problem is That I can't think of anything (or find good sites with a good return policy). They are registered at target, sears, and bed bath and beyond, so I was looking through those sites to find horrible gifts. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


    OCC, with your powers combined, we are Captain Planet of Awful Gifts! Go Planet!

  5. I've got to write a program that accepts a word from the user, assigns it to a string, and then converts it and outputs it in the ICAO format.


    For example, if the user types in "OCC", then the output would say "Oscar Charlie Charlie".


    I'm not sure how to "break apart" the string letter for letter so that I can output the appropriate word for each letter of the input.


    Should be able to do a for loop going through the string, like so


    for( int i; i < string.length(); i++)

    char = string;


    something along those lines...

  6. I like Mushkin for a few reasons, mainly they always have the best memory on the market. I would also like to see them stop using lower end OEMs to make their PSUs (Seasonic or FSP would be awesome).

    :withstupid: This pretty much sums up my feelings towards them. That, and they could give me free stuff. Then I'd think they were the best company ever!

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