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  1. It seems nice for its age... ain't much good for anything unless your a collector. If anybody at all is interested, make me a SERIOUS offer, I do need to charge shipping on this beast. I'll let it sit in the basement for all I care, just thought someone might be interested.
  2. Believe it or not [email protected] but there really are collectors of old computers, especially ones that still work, even off the battery. I'll accept reasonable offers... I actually have one pending here local. Don't be so quick to judge man.
  3. IBM Thinkpad 365XD with owners manual, Windows 95 book and several other paper work including the original sales reciept for over $2000. It does have Windows 95 installed, I'm not sure what other stuff is installed as I just don't have time to mess with it. It comes with an external floppy drive, original ac adapter and the case in the picture. The battery actually does hold some charge, I was able to boot it up and check it out then shut it down while on battery power, As I said before, it boots up and seems to be fine, I just don't have the time to get all of the specs, I'm just thrilled it works as good as it does for as old as it is. All sales are final, as-is, no returns. I think this would make a good addition for any collector of vintage computers. I'm gonna say $80 o.b.o. because I really need to charge like $20 shipping on this big, heavy, beast.
  4. I haven't... between the 1090t and my two 5770 Hawks, my machine does everything and more than what I would ever need it to at stock speeds. Just never felt the need for the wear and tear on the components.
  5. To bad the iPod wasn't on there before Christmas... I gave about $220 for mine I think.
  6. Those 5770's are pretty awesome. I have two of the MSI Hawk cards in crossfire. Good to hear everything worked out for you.
  7. I would recommend trying another video card... kind of what I was thinking when I saw all of the exclamation points all over the screen before it started to boot into Windows.
  8. You need to set it up while it's plugged directly to your router, once configured properly all it needs to be hooked up to is a power source and be within reach of your routers signal, which would be maybe another level of your house I would suppose, or if you have a long house maybe in the middle of the house somewhere.
  9. Not really sure of any other uses for one... I would say it wouldn't be hard to resell though.
  10. That seems to be a pretty standard screen... I would say the other one will most likely work for you, can't really say for sure 100% though. I'm just not sure if you would get the resolution out of it without changing the cable too. I'm not sure if the cable has anything to do with the resolution it will display or not.
  11. What's the model number on the lcd you have now? I work with at least two or three broken lcd's a week and I've seen things like your saying work... not saying that one will work for you but sometimes they do.
  12. I can't stand it... I'm so bad about it I have a bottle of cleaner and a soft towel setting on my desk. I have to even get my wife's laptop and clean it if I see it's all nasty when she's using it. I really hate a cluttered desktop too. All I have on my desktops is the recycle bin icon.
  13. Thanks for the info. guys, I think I'll try out the vpn setup. My ISP doesn't offer static ip's for home users but so far I've had the same one for over a month now...
  14. Yeah, I guess logmein is an option... I was just hoping to be able to do a remote desktop connection with both computers.
  15. I've read articles about setting one of them to a different port, I set it up in my router, I shut off windows firewall and I still can't make my router let me into the other computer... any other ideas?
  16. Yeah, what he said... Although, that is a really good price for that drive on the egg. If he's looking for storage and not concerned about speed I say go for it.
  17. Hook me up with an icon too. I have two rigs going now, may set up a third this week.
  18. Ok, here's the scenario... I have my main rig set up to remote desktop into from wherever. I have an HTPC that I'm going to be setting up a little video security on to keep tabs on the little hoodlums running around the neighborhood. Can I setup port forwarding on my router to let me choose which computer I want to log into when I want to login from work or wherever I'm at? Does any of this make any sense to anyone but me???
  19. I've got two of the MSI Hawk 5770's and they're awesome. I haven't found anything I can't play yet.
  20. It will be worth the wait. I've had several HP's and they print good pics but the Kodak I have now is the best printer I've ever had for printing pics, and it prints pretty quick too. I've heard several have had print head issues but so far mine is on its second set of cartridges and is printing great. This is the one we have.
  21. I like to try different RAM on a board before I call it dead but it does sound like you may very well have a dead one even though everything looks ok.
  22. First thing I would do is look for any popped caps on the MOBO, next try to re-seat the RAM or even change it if you have any extra. Then maybe try an add-in video card of some kind if the RAM doesn't work. Beyond that I'd say yeah, the board is probably dead...
  23. Nice power supply. I have the 750 watt version running my two 5770's and 1090T and it doesn't even break a sweat.
  24. It's not free, but it's really good software if you have a bunch of mpegs to convert. Ulead Videostudio 11 is the best one I have ever used, and I've tried several.
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