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  1. It's not there on my Lenovo, and I've read it's not there on others. I would love to see a pic of one that's actually there (with the key blurred out of course.)
  2. It's not there. I've checked under everything.
  3. Well, you would think they would, but from what I've been reading, they're not coming with the stickers on them. This Lenovo I have here doesn't have one and since I discovered that on this computer I've been looking into it and it sounds like machines that are shipped with it installed don't have the COA on them. The only way you get a key is from buying the retail version. I have read something about the BIOS being setup with the version that the computer is supposed to have installed, and sure enough, my computer does say what version is installed on the first page of the BIOS. I'm going to try the install on an extra hard drive tomorrow at work and see what happens.
  4. Yeah, I've used that before. It works great as long as the system boots. The issue I'm going to run into though is people coming to me with dead hard drives that didn't bother to make a set of recovery disks.
  5. Yeah, I'm going to make my set of recovery disks as soon as I get home today. It's everyone's computer I'm going to have to work on in the future that has me a little concerned. As soon as I get finished downloading an image of a W8 disk I'm going to try a clean install on an extra hard drive I have here just to see what happens.
  6. Ok, finally got the new laptop with W8 installed. So far everything seems cool, not to bad getting it figured out. The only thing I have found so far is the COA is not there on systems that are shipped with it preinstalled. So here's my thing... If you don't make a set of recovery disks after you get your machine, how do you reinstall windows in the future if you have to replace a hard drive? So far on any of the other forums I read, people are just illiterate or don't really take the time to read what the real issue is and they give some crap advice that has nothing to do with this issue.
  7. I am, only because my boss is going to buy me a new laptop with it installed.
  8. AMD Phenom II X6 1090T MSI 790FX-GD70(MS-7577) Crucial 2GB PC3-10600 1333MHz DDR3 x4 2 MSI Hawk Radeon 5770 1GB in crossfire 300 GB Western Digital Velosiraptor for OS and programs 750 GB Western Digital for storage Corsair HX750 - Modular - 750W Power Supply Xoxide X-Purity EXE Edition Case 20" Acer monitor United States
  9. Nice... I have an Invicta that looks ALOT like that.
  10. I went to Wally World today to get a cd player for the truck and picked up a bottle. Now if only it wasn't a few million degrees out there, or if only there was ac in the garage...
  11. Thanks guys. I was hoping stuff like that would help eat through the glue. I've always sprayed with glass cleaner and scraped, never really had any reasone to do a heated back glass yet.
  12. Ok, hopefully there's some car people out there that know a good way to clean the glue that's left on your glass after you peel the tint. I have to redo a couple of windows that are starting to bubble and turn purple(they've been tinted for about 8 years) and my back window has defrost lines that I would like to still be there when I get done. Before anyone says it, yes, I know a hammer would work great but I'd rather not go that route.
  13. Got a '97 Cavalier Z24, '04 Ram 1500 SLT, and a '10 Santa Fe limited.
  14. Well, I guess that's a little high then... What kind of car is it? You have and Audi don't you? I suppose I could deal with it for that car.
  15. That's about what mine is too with full coverage on two cars and liability on the third. I think my jaw hit the laptop keyboard when he said $2500 for the year on just his car... wow...
  16. It was a little over $20,000. I can't remember the exact amount. We had the dealer put a new set of tires and a remote start on it too so I guess over all, it wasn't a bad deal.
  17. http://i637.photobucket.com/albums/uu99/the_dude26101/IMAG0023.jpg 2010 Santa fe Limited, leather heated seats, blu tooth, ipod and USB hookup, power everything. 18" rims Only 25,000 miles.
  18. http://s637.photobucket.com/albums/uu99/the_dude26101/?action=view&current=IMAG0023.jpg 2010 Santa fe Limited, leather heated seats, blu tooth, ipod and USB hookup, power everything. 18" rims Only 25,000 miles.
  19. An older HP quad core system with 6tb of hard drive space for all of my movies, music, and my DVR security system that records around my house 24/7.
  20. I don't know about MPC, but VLC will play my movies straight from an image that I make from dvds I rip with DVDFab.
  21. Guess that proves how well it will go through a house...
  22. As much as I hate to use it, Power DVD 10 works for me.
  23. Usually the light on the back would be lit solid. If it blinks, I would definitely try a new PSU.
  24. the_dude

    ANDROID help

    Yeah, what he said... There's all kinds of ways to get the stuff, but considering the legality of the issue, we don't discuss those kind of things around here.
  25. I don't think you're going to get the best performance out of your laptop on battery power, no matter what you do. It's just a way they try to save power. That's the reason I don't even try to play games on my HP DV7 even though it does play some games pretty good for what it is. Laptops and games just don't really go together.
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