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  1. Hey, I was having a problem with my linksys (it would go dead for large periods of time) So I bought this router to see if it was infact the linksys fault. Turns out it was just a bad piece of software running on one of my computers (once removed the router worked fine). I went to return my brand new microsoft router (Since my Linksys was working again) but alas I lost the bill. Item : Microsoft wireless base station MN-700 4 port ethernet switch w/802.11 g wireless access. Condition : In original packaging (with manuals, ethernet cable, power adapted etc), Used once. I am interested in selling for cash (around 70 usd) via paypal or possibly a trade. Will trade for -P1-P2 laptop to serve as my irc screen -Fair sized harddrive Reply with any offers, Thanks for looking.
  2. G.0.D.

    Painting Mouse

    depends what type of paint you are using
  3. G.0.D.

    Battle Of The Shoe Box Pcs

    Hehe... Hope it dosnt turn out like my shoebox computer (powersupply was falty and cause a nice little fire!)
  4. G.0.D.

    OS Advancement

    window 3.1 for sure GUI changed everything.
  5. Also some one made a case much like the one ur planning and won the maxim PC mod of the mounth thingy... That was about 6-8 mounths ago if u want ill go trolling through my back issues (they had alot of helpfull tips for trying 2 acomplish this task)
  6. G.0.D.


    Just a warning about 'http://www.elwirecheap.com/' Placed my order, Recieved a auto confirmation letter, Has been 6 days they havent given me my UPS tracking number and wont respond to emails. Ill keep you guys updated but for now I dont recommend using that store...
  7. G.0.D.

    Custom Keys 2

    Well working on the 3d model translates to the board. I now need to regine the actuall keys (make each key unique and of higher quality) Then using a special kind of paper print the same map thats applyed to the 3d model to the sheet of paper. Then the 'decals' are applyed to the board. Im sanding down and priming the main part of the board for a mirror black finish. Still havent finished the keys. Hopefully in a week or 2 Ill have some great pics for you guys
  8. G.0.D.

    Custom Keys 2

    Its not a pic >.< Its a 3d model move around with WASD and rotate with arrow keys EDIT: not 100% sure by ur post if you knew you could manipulate the 3d or not...
  9. Some of you may remember awhile back I posted my current keyboard. Im working on a new board and im looking for a little input. I have mocked up the board in 3d. It can be viewed by downloading the following plug in http://www.clickteam.com/webftp/files/13/13/JamagicOCXUS.exe after you have installed the above plug in go to this webpage http://www.g0dsoft.com/customkeys/customkey.3dd Move with WASD, rotate the board with arrow keys. Enjoy, and please leave feedback
  10. G.0.D.

    Custom Keys

    More then once ^_^
  11. G.0.D.

    Custom Keys

    Im gonna buy a large lot of keyboards of ebay, and then mod them all differant ways oooh teh sexky
  12. G.0.D.

    Someone Is Gonna Get Fired!

    no he used up the luck for everyone. Ur probably gonna get one of his 240's
  13. G.0.D.

    Custom Keys

    I intend to make a secound. -_-
  14. G.0.D.

    Custom Keys

    Dell keyboard - Becuase, not knowing how it was gonna turn out I wasnt going to use my good keyboard! (the dell board has found its way 2 my regular board postion though...) Symbols - Some of them mean stuff. but for the most part there is no real rhyme or reason so where they are. Im gonna mod a wireless keyboard next maybe ill put more thought into the symbols i place on it.
  15. G.0.D.

    Custom Keys

    -Undercoat (black) -Overcoat (red) -Water slide transfer paper (costs about 1dollar a sheet) -Matt Varnish (2 coats) ^_^