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  1. people of overclokers club ive fixed the problem my copy of windows wasnt an original bought another one and bammm sli has worked flawlesly for all the people with code 43 isssues first ensure u have a original windows 7 copy before doing any other test thank you all who helped me through this man your a great community
  2. if still it doesnt work i will sell my second gtx 670 and wait for new gpus from nvidia and amd but i really want to thanks the community all of you are really friendly and helpful and thats a thing that its not seen too much in most overclocking forums nowadays thank you guys
  3. ok i will send you the email but i dont know if this will work out out of the united states lol i live in guatemala but i send it maybe they know a solution
  4. nope when i add the second card windows recognizes it and nvidia control panel also recognizes it the error comes up when i try to anable sli i put maximize 3d performance and boom monitor goes off gets back with 800x600 drivers crashed and one card gives me error code 43 before it was both cards that gave me that error 43 now its just one with 1 card on pcie slot 1 and other on slot 2
  5. yep ive tried both things i wanted this sli setup because was almost like having a gtx 690 and cost me 800$ instead of 1000 and besides i dont like the high temps on dual gpus with stock cooling but i think i would be better off with a gtx 690 right now lol
  6. maybe or maybe its becouse of the factory overclock they come with i dont know i never had any issues like this before i think i will sell it at this point if my last tests fail and wait for next generation dual gpus or something like a toxic 8970 i have to say that a single windforce gtx 670 is almost like having a stock gtx 680 so im ok with just one card right now very impressed with the fps the videocard gives me 56c temps while playing bf3 for like 2 hours
  7. i now i have formatted my ssd like 6 times now ive try old nvidia drivers stock nvidia drivers newest nvidia drivers also i tried newest motherboard drivers and stock motherboard drivers im just waiting for another copy of windows 7 to see if it works if it doesnt work im selling it and keeping just one gtx 670 while waiting for next generation dual gpus
  8. i have both of these connectors on the last thing i achieved was that now instead of losing signal signal appears again in 800x600 nvidia panel crashes and i get one of the cards down with windows error code43
  9. ive tried these things try each videocard on first slot and both worked flawlessly i used benchmarks and played bf3 also try both cards on second slot both worked without problems i tried using a normal hdd and nothing swapped gpu on different pcie slots changed sli bridges i also changed my bios to the newest the only thing i havent is try another copy of windows 7 first time i had so much problems with a videocard setup my rig works so well in everything overclocked to 4.3ghz 1.25v the only thing that doesnt work is enabling sli
  10. yeah i know that but amd new gpus are coming in january i love both sides of the coin btw i have one only thing to try and its trying other original version of windows thats the last thing if not second gtx 670 is going to be selled
  11. i tested each videocard both work flawlessly i only got one thing to test and its using a normal hdd if this doesnt work i will sell one of my gtx 670s and wait for the next generation dual gpu cards
  12. i will try to do some tests to try to get my sli working but if not i will try with a normal hdd i can live with that but i really want this to get fixed without having to buy a hdd lol or a new motherboard besides i dont live in the states so its harder for me to buy computer components
  13. i also have used 2 way sli bridge with the same results im going to try new windows and use a normal hdd and using a hdmi cable maybe it gets the signal through there ill keep you informed thanks for the help
  14. i swap them in different pcie slots and i can use them with sli disabled ive played games like that without any problem but when i try to enable sli monitor goes off without signal and have to restar even though the pc seems keep working just the monitor goes off and when i restart the drivers arent recognized and in the control panel and system says error code 43 its very weird i will try to install a different copy of windows if not i will try to use each card alone to test if they are both ok will also try a different monitor in case if its my monitor that doesnt work i really need to fix this and btw thanks for the fast response man
  15. still cant get it fixed ive tried changing the videocards in different pcie slots configurations and still same problem i have heard that this problems also occur when your windows 7 is not legit do you guys think maybe that my windows 7 isnt legit ihave to try that btw im hating sli right now lol first time using sli and this happens
  16. i have done that too and also i have done a clean windows 7 install to try to solve the problem but the same thing happens
  17. so i build my new rig everything works right i overclocked to 4.3 ghz easily but i been having a little problem with sli i cant enable it the pc recognizes both 670s but everytime i try to enable sli with maximizes 3d performance the screen goes black and then my monitor shows no signal but everything works just the monitor goes off and when i restart the drivers are not detected and i have to reinstall them again ive try changing bridges using different drivers but i cant seem to enable sli everytime i do it screen goes black monitor tells me theres no signal restart and screen is at 800x600 and drivers arent recognized i have to reinstall them my sistems specs are asus maximus iv extreme z 16 gb g.skill 1600 mhz 1.5v intel 2600k 2x gigabyte 670 windforce oc pc power and cooling 950w haf x crucial 128 gb ssd edit; i attached a pic of how my sli is installed on my rig
  18. ok thank you only one question the asus maximus iv extreme has 2 ez plug connectors are they both for dual gpu configurations?
  19. yep exactly that ones i plan only to overclock the cpu do i have to plug them even though i have only a 6990
  20. hi guys so i have my asus maximus iv extreme z motherboard and it has this ez plug 4 pin connector my old dfi ut x58 doesnt have this connector ive investigated about it and it says its for extra voltage for cf or sli configurations as i have a hd 6990 do i have to connect the ez plug or is just optional for crossfire and sli
  21. hi guys so i have a haf x and a asus maximu iv extreme and i wanted to buy a prolimatech genesis but after seeing the pains that takes to remove ram after installing it with that cooler im thinking of buying other one so what cooler do you guys recommend me that has performance like thermalright or prolimatech megahalems and with this 2 requirements that it will fit in the case without removing the side panel fan of the haf x and that doesnt obstruct memory ram as i plan to install 4 modules 16 gb on my build
  22. my old setup that i gave up over the 2600k was a i7 920 on a dfi ut x58 motherboard damn i miss dfi
  23. i didnt have one i wanted to buy a 3930k but after i saw the reviews i got dissapointed about the performance in gaming sure 3930k and 3960x are a improvement on 3d rendering video encoding music encoding etc but its not like its hell faster than a 2600k so that lto me doesnt justify the price of buying a sandy bridge e and x79 motherboard so instead of that i bought a 2600k and a asus maximus iv extreme z that its cheaper and has the same and even winning in performance in alot of games i wanted sandy bridge e i really wanted it and i was very excited about it but after seeing the reviews it got dissapointing
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