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  1. whats up guys so between november and december i plan too make an upgrade from my 2600k to the x99  platform   i will keep my 2600k rig since its been a really great rig  and i will use it as second rig so question is 5820k or 5930k  i think i will buy a single gpu but sometimes i change to dual gpus like my current rig that has dual gtx 670s on sli  im liking the 5820k  but i want reviews of its performance in oc i want a 4.3 to 4.5ghz 24/7 oc also how would dual gpus performance be affected by just having 28 pcie lanes

  2. JJ -


    Based on your current system specs, I'm having a hard time justifying in my own mind why you are upgrading.  You've got a really solid build already, and other than satisfying the upgrade bug or the need to be on the cutting edge of everything, you aren't gaining much for the amount of money that you'd be spending on any one or more components.


    If you aren't already using a SSD, that would be the first thing I'd add to your current build.  Then maybe spend money on a better monitor, keyboard or mouse?  Maybe even a better CPU cooler (air, water or AIO) and push your 2600K up to 4.5 or 4.6Ghz (where it will run comfortable, stable and cool easily with decent cooling).

    i have crucial 128 gb ssd  i have corsair k70 keyboard and zowie gear  optical mouse also i have a noctua nhd14 cpu cooler

  3. Maybe if we knew your complete current rig specs. we could make some value add propositions for where your money might be best spent.  Usage patterns would help too.


    The 2600K was (and still) is a dandy processor - especially when considering overclocking potential.


    asus maximus iv  extreme z


    2600k overcloked to 4.3 ghz


    two gtx 670s in sli  


    16 gb g.skill 1600 mhz

  4. whats up guys so ive been rocking my 2600k from some time now and its been a great processor but i think that i want to upgrade in december of next year so heres the thing  i could  build a new rig with haswell e  at the end of the year or  i could buy a new graphics card and wait   till next year for broadwell what do you guys think would be better?

  5. I have been researching monitors tremendously over the couple months.. I decided to pick up the ASUS VG248QE for multiple reasons. 144hz, future G-Sync compatibility, and zero motion blur. The Korean overclockable monitors will get 120+hz, but still will have a slight motion blur due to the nature of the IPS panel. I have been gaming for 2 years on a very nice LG IPS236V monitor, which looks brilliant, but suffers from blur in FPS gamses. The new EIZO Foris FG2421 is "240hz" (but honestly 120hz just double frame), and is a VA panel, which will have close to IPS colors, with TN speed. It, however, is ~$600 and is the future of monitors. The VG248QE will have a slight color degradation, but it's not as important as the reduced motion blur, to me, at least. You can find good deals on the VG248QE right now. With the Lightboost hack, there is virtually zero motion blur. BenQ just announced a new monitor that is still a TN, but advertises good color and a Lightboost style motion blur reduction, but has not been released, nor has a price been announced.

    i end up buying a benq xl2420te  it has amazing reviews and  most people say it has better picture quality than your average tn panels 

  6. hi again guys my old hanns.g finally died so i have to buy a new monitor  so i really want a good gaming monitor i wanted a ips at first but now im really considering 144hz gaming monitors even though they  dont have   the picture quality found on ips ones im considering the benq xl2420te   its  24'' will you guys think that going from a 27'' to a 24'' would  it be a huge difference?   and also do you guys think that a 120hz-144hz  monitor really gives you advantage when playing online fps  games?

  7. Is this a 'need' or 'want' question? I cannot see two 670s having any trouble with what's out right now, unless you're running multi monitor high resolution....in which case I wonder why you chose two 670s


    i just want to know if would be a good upgrade  to go for it now or wait  im watching the  r9 290 non  x  to make a crossfire  but i dont know if the 290 non x cf would be worth the upgrade over my 670s 

  8. hi guys   so  i need some opinions on an upgrade  i currently have a gtx 670 windforce sli do you guys  think that a 280x crossfire or a single 290x  would be a worthy  upgrade from my gtx 670 sli or do i keep my sli and wait till i fully change my rig in novemeber of next year what do you guys think 


    Is it too hot to touch or just hotter than it should be?



    Also, does it seem to make the problem after using it for a while or does it happen when you first turn it on too?? (the monitor itself, not the computer)


    it does the problem after some time using it right now i have been using it  without the problem  i think it overheats  because it has some time now without doing it


    Change the refresh rate on the screen, perhaps that has some issues. If not, I'd go with monitor

    Try this, maybe switch from 60hz to 59hz or something. You won't notice the difference.


    What model is your monitor, how long have you had it and does it feel like it's overheating?? When it starts showing the bars try blowing into the rear exhaust vents and see if it clears up. My friend's Acer was failing and would run really hot and we could get it settle down for a couple minutes by blowing into the back


    my  monitor its a Hanns-G HZ281HPB 27.5''  it has almost 5 years with me now  sometimes it feels kind of hot in the back 

  11. guys so  i got the issue   almost all night yesterday so today  it wasnt gone so i hooked up my tv as monitor and the bars are gone and then hooked up to the monitor again and the bars are still there until some time and then got away  could this be my monitor dying? or failing? edit: i tried something    i got the issue again right now so what  i did is i hooked up  my tv again and i turned off  and turned on my monitor so it would say that the monitor has no signal to it and wallah the green purple bars were still there  even  if  theres any video cable  connected to it so im 90% thinking that this is my monitor failing what you guys think

  12. Wear and tear with visual issues like that, is always either an issue with drivers or over heating.


    Consider getting more oxygen in your Case.

    yeah i will try new drivers when they come out i changed my  hdmi cable to a dvi cable to see if that works then if it doesnt i will try to test each card alone   im trying to find another monitor to try that also

  13. Does the issue appear when using only one 670? Is the bar solid all the way down or scattered? How long is the PC on before they appear?

    it appears when its on sli   and it appears randomly  i play bf3 or ps2 for hours without problem sometimes im just browsing and it appears out of nowhere  sometimes my pc is on for 5 hours straight and it doesnt appear  

  14. hi guys long time without posting so  my gtx  670 sli has been working good except that from some weeks now i have strange artifacts kind of a green and purple bar  on the left side of the  desktop  from time to time they come and go so i was kind of afraid that this was one of my cards that had problems  the artifacts dissapear when i reboot my pc so  i thought that i printscreen this issue so you guys could help me but after i did it i rebooted my computer so i could see the images  i found that  the images look like if everything is fine with my desktop  no strange artifacts nothing  i did alot of printscreens and not even one with the issue so guys could this be my monitor  its an old hans.g 27'' that i bought back in 2008 or my cable? or maybe a pcie bad slot? when i have the issue next time i will take pics with my phone so you guys can see this issue  thank you in advance

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