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  1. Ive been put as 4.79GHz but im only at 3.79 Could you change it please
  2. Whats so different about the Intel Xeon chips? I know they are designed to run on servers but are they very different from i7 processors?
  3. Is it new RAM you have put in? If so then it could be faulty RAM. If you have only clocked you GPU then I dont think it would have any effect on the CPU stability (could be wrong) Have you changeed any of the voltages on the RAM?
  4. What do you mean set BIOS to 1066? Is this memory frequency? or something else?
  5. I have exactly the same...is it actually a problem?? It doesnt seem to affect my Pi values at all
  6. I had some faulty OCZ memory recently but no company has zero faults on their components I would go with them again
  7. i7 processors natively support crossfire - its some that dont have the nvidia nForce200 chip that supports 3-way SLI. eVGA motherboards are brilliant I have x58 SLI LE and its a great mobo to use!
  8. I have the 902 There are three 2-pin leads for the; Power switch, HDD LED and Reset switch - is that what you have? From what you are saying I gather it is different which is quite strange =/
  9. I thought one of my friends was making it up when he told me about this =/ I thought it was like having a 10-bladed razor. And is there really any point in having 48 cores? Seems that the core cloocks will be much lower and lower voltage too if it uses less watts. What effect will a slower clock speed but more cores have? Processes will have to be split between cores so surely quick bursts of data or large amounts of data will be slower? Either way this chip is crazy!!
  10. From what I have heard megahalems are about the best and a decent price. I use the CM V8 I love it, it looks awesome and keeps my i7 920 to ~60 under load at 3.8GHz (after i bought some decent TIM and applied it correctly ) There are only reallya couple of degree difference between the top coolers and depends on how well you set the h/sink and your ambient temps. I have my window open all the time as it drops temps by 5C
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