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  1. Good sir, I thank you, and think I love you... Thank you very much bro. All is good now!
  2. Lol'ed at that, I truely did. If running a fan at optimal speeds could hurt it, for starters it would not be called "optimal"! And secondly, surely companies would make these speeds not accessible. I don't know if it is possible to push a fan past it's 100% speed mark, but if it is, THAT could possibly wear it out or something, but even then, I don't see that happening unless it were A. At something like 400% normal speed or running 200+% for years... So really, there is nothing to worry about. Back on topic, My 4870 Idles ~59C and Loads up to ~80C at times, so do not fret your cards are perfectly safe at these temps, stop worrying and put them to some great use in some gaming!
  3. Yesterday, I went out to the city and got the warranty on my 7200.11 500GB Seagate SATA HDD, which had stopped working about 2 months ago, and since has been lieing on my shelf. I received a 7200.12 in return, This made me pretty happy. However when I installed it into my case and plugged it all in, I turn on my machine (running Win 7 RC) and I see "New device found, installing drivers..." and I thought ok good.. Then I get the message "ST3500418AS ATA Device is ready for use." And once again thought, Well, this is good. So I go to My Computer, and could only see my old drives, Local Disk C (System drive) and Local Disk D, (Partitioned 320GB Western Digital SATA HDD, 50GB & 250GB) I thought the 500GB would show up and I would just have to format it to use it? I can see it in Device Manager under Disk Drives, But cannot find anyway to format it or store on it? I feel extremely nooby atm, but any help right now, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance P.S. Specs in sig.
  4. The answer is no, you definately should NOT leave, a lot of the things you have said in posts and the advice you offer, I have used myself and learnt from... You have been one of my most helpful members of the whole OCC team If you leave, I'd be very distraught
  5. Oooo! I can't wait for the gun to go off! I would love one of these cards! Best of luck to all
  6. Is this in terms of processing ability? i.e. still be good a few years down the track? Or do you mean how long will it physically last? As in how long until it stops working? Need a little more information... <_<
  7. Thats a good choice, But do make sure you get some more RAM asap. 2GB is about bare minimum for a 64bit OS while gaming. Even 32bit I'm sure you'd see a great improvement
  8. Clayderine, you said previously that you have an HD4870 at the moment? If you have this card, there is no real point in spending $250 on a new card that will see you no real performance gain. Stick with the 4870 if it is a possible choice, it will do fine up to 1920x1200. If not my opinion would be to go the cheaper route with a 4890 or just wait till the 5870's come out, but i hear they are launching at $299
  9. To be honest, I have a Xigmatek S1283 Red Scorpion, Which is essentially the same cooler as recommended in the cart, but with a red fan instead of black. It has H.D.T (Heat-Pipe Direct Touch) which the TRUE lacks (just something to note) and I find it performs extremely well, I idle ~16C and never above ~26C Load. It is silent, and comes with thermal compound. I think staying with that recommended cooler would be best, It comes with free shipping too which is a bonus.
  10. Don't worry, running at 1680x1050 will not damage your LCD. So enjoy the extra pixels As for monitor, go for a Sony, Samsung, LG, or BenQ, for brands, I have a BenQ (this is my 2nd) and they have both served me extremely well my old one, (like yours 17" 1280x1024) Is still running strong after ~5 years, Still love it. So stick with 1680x1050 for now, and when you get the chance go to a 22"+ screen, but make sure it supports 1920x(1080/1200) and reap the full benefits of your nice rig. Enjoy
  11. 291. Without cheating, I didn't bother with the tabbing cheat, however I closed and reopened and right clicked, set quality to low hehe. got 386. Specs in sig. Wonder if unlocking my other 2 cores would effect results? As this doesn't seem GPU based.
  12. Pushing the lcd? I don't think it could possibly hurt the screen if you are setting it to a resolution in the menu's. I have an HD 4870 and a 22" LCD (1920 x 1080) and it runs everything I throw at it without any troubles, even crysis is playable on 1920x1080. My suggestion to you my friend, is keep your current 4870. Don't sell it, Don't buy a new card, you also have no need to upgrade CPU or Mobo, they are both quite fine, however, looking at your current monitor, your system seems a bit overkill for a small resolution such as that. So I suggest you buy a 23.6" or something like that with a nice 1920x1200 resolution or something like that I find 1920x1080 is fine too Are you in the US? Where are you located?
  13. Hahaha, Truely rofled. Anyway, On topic, This thing is a beast! Real hawt. I cant imagine it being practical though. Nice idea in theory though, Maybe I just dont understand it well enough
  14. Ok, So I bought an XFX HD 4870 I was told I would recieve the card with this cooler: Cooler I was expecting I actually recieved the card with this cooling solution: Cooler I recieved I was fairly upset because I thought it would definately not cool as well as well as dump heat into my case! I couldnt return it, because it was opened. So I'm stuck with this one, It Idles ~57C and Loads ~70C. I don't like the temps it loads at, so I'm thinking about getting an aftermarket cooler. Can anyone recommend some good ones? Maybe a couple reviews too please I don't know if these temps are crazily high, or whatever, but I kinda felt they were a bit high. Seeing as my CPU Idles ~18C with the cooler in my sig. Thanks. (hope links work)
  15. Ahhh! thank you. 1333Mhz is something I'd be happy to stay with Thanks guys, I learned something today
  16. Hi guys, My specs are in my sig, I've just read in CPU-Z that my G.Skill DDR3 1600Mhz Ram is running at 669Mhz? This worries me, because I feel like I'm not getting the full performance out of this expensive ram. Anyone know why this is happening? Is it CPU limited? My Motherboard supports 1666+ DDR3 RAM, So its not that. Bottom line, is this severly effecting performance? And Is there any way I can fix this? Thank you.
  17. I'm Aussie as well, and I use MSY all the time, a quick word of advice would be to call the store you are going to go to and ask if they have the stock in at that time, because they can be very unreliable when it comes to stock. Just a heads up
  18. Antagonist A.D. - These Cities, Our Graves.
  19. Sorry to burst any bubbles or hopes but the Xbox 360 has a Tri-core 3.2Ghz setup.
  20. For the side panel anti-vibration rubber rings came with the case, those are on, but I am pretty sure its the sound of the air being pulled through the holes in the side panel, it's like very loud wind shear. Also is 80C to high for idle? And do you know of any GPU Temp monitoring programs besides SpeedFan that I can use? Thanks
  21. Hey guys Haven't been on in a while cause my old comp died. Motherboard fried. I built myself a new rig though GA-MA770T-UD3P Phenom II x2 550 4GB Kit DDR 3 1600Mhz G.Skill RAM 600W Thermaltake Toughpower XFX HD 4870 1GB CM Storm Scout Xigmatek S1283 HDT Red Scorpion CPU Cooler 2x Xigmatek 120mm XLF LED Fan. 21.5" BenQ G2220HD So far, most things going smoothly, a few hiccups, I had a 1500RPM Xigmatek 120mm fan on the side panel, but was creating alot of noise, (was fine off the panel, it must be something to do with the side of the case and wind shear or something) so I removed it. I am not to happy that I bought this fan and its to loud to keep on, I've tried slowing it down with SpeedFan, but I've never used it before and can't get it to change fan speeds. My CPU is running ~24C Idle, and haven't seen load yet, but I am happy with this. However, what I am most concerned about is the HD 4870. When I purchased it, I was led to believe by the site that I was getting a refference design cooler. However AFTER shipping they emailed me saying that the cards they had were the same in specs, just different cooling solution. (Cooler I was told I would recieve: Original Cooler) (Cooler I got: New Cooling Solution) I wasn't happy about this, but thought they wouldn't put something like this on if it couldn't cool sufficiently right? Well, I'm worried now, because SpeedFan says that it is running 80C Idle. This can't be good I'm sure. So, is there any other programs I can use to monitor GPU temps and see if they both say 80C? And any suggestions on the noise from the side panel fan? It is unbearably loud and I don't know how to slow it down from 1500RPM. Thank you.
  22. Ok, So I've been here for a little while now, reading lots of questions posting here and there. Finally figure its time to live up to the name of the site, and overclock my CPU, even if it is just by a little bit. However, before I do that I wanted to know the temps of my CPU, I still use the AMD Stock heatsink on my Athlon x2 4200+ and was a little worried it might be running hot already. I downloaded CPU-Z but that does not seem to have temps. So can someone please recommend a program that will give me my CPU temps? And I've looked around by can't find an overclocking guide on OCC, Is there one? Or anyone know of a good one? I'm a noob, its my first time (go slow ) so all help is much appreciated. (I'm aiming for 2.4 Ghz stable atm) Thanks friends
  23. 750W should be more than enough for 2 4890's (correct me if I'm wrong). The rest of the build looks great Just make sure you call MSY and ask about stock before making the trip and waiting in the never ending line. Also why not get the Optical Drive from MSY? Their Sony and Samsung at 35 dollars SATA DVDRW. (Just a thought, might save you 20 dollars) And to any people thinking these prices may be a little crazy. He, like me is Australian So all prices AUD. Enjoy building it
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