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  1. This probably isn't the answer you're looking for, but you should really upgrade to WinXP. It's so much faster than more stable than 98 could ever dream of being. It handles resources a lot better too.
  2. DDR = Double Data Rate, you set it to run at 200mhz, it actually runs at 400mhz.
  3. Hopefully a power surge didn't nuke your board. If it was a surge, there's probably going to be some other componants that got nuked too.
  4. Yeah it's easy to do. I have my 2 SATA drives hooked up, and set the first boot device to SCSI. After installing windows on them, I plugged in my other HD as a slave to my burner (no need for using an extra IDE cable when I don't have to). The first time I went to do it I had the IDE drive plugged in, and for whatever reason it was wanting to be the primary drive; unplugging it while doing the system install worked. Sorry if I don't make any sense, im doped up on flu medicine
  5. Agreed, don't know what i'd do without my nat router. Just make sure if you open up any ports to close them after you're done. Internet security programs are way more trouble than they're worth IMO.
  6. Test your PSU to make sure it's not flaking out, it may not be the motherboard. There's a good method for testing it posted by Evo_Unit here: http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=14134
  7. As long as the boy bands you listen to don't have barbie collections (N-sync anyone?), it's all good.
  8. I think pretty much every country but Canada/USA call soccer football. The football we know is almost unheard of (or at least rarely played) in a lot of places.
  9. Pizoi

    My Job

    Brainless jobs are the hardest ones, don't know how you can stand to sit in a lab for 8 hours doing nothing. You should teach yourself C or VBasic or something while at work and get yourself a high paying job with it
  10. Doh if I have known yesterday I would have baught it (in Canada though, would have to up the price for shipping). My Lian-Li case that's been on back order for 3 weeks FINALLY shipped though and will be here in a couple days It's a nice case, you shouldn't have any problem getting rid of it at that price.
  11. Pizoi


    You should try UltraEdit Pro Kevin (Windows), it's way sexier than vim. I recommend it to anyone that programs whenever I get a chance to.
  12. Yup, CFL is definately a lot more entertaining to watch than the NFL. Having only 3 downs and a longer field makes for more exciting plays, whereas in the NFL with 4 downs you just run the ball a few yards each play, yawn. NHL rules them all though, Canucks all the way baby
  13. Unless of course you're testing the stability of a video card
  14. I asked this question a couple days ago in the motherboard forum. Thread is at http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=14376
  15. That's odd, I thought Powercolor made higher quality cards than most others? I'm just wondering why I get 1000 more than you with my system totally stock. I've got 2x more ram but your CPU is clocked at 3200+, and i'm pretty sure 3dmark03 scores are mostly video card power.
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