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  1. My Usernames Email addresses and Password list is getting extensively refunkindiculos. I need to organize my chaotic and disheveled MESS. I am looking for a program that I can sync from PC to Phone(iPhone currently) some of them are 9.99 on iTunes some are more some are less... any one use them at all? or are they a waste of money ? should I just use an Excel spread sheet and password protect it? But either way I am tired of forgetting what Email is with what site and what secret question did i use for what site etc etc etc... any Help?
  2. No this is not the reason it has the R at the end. There are differences between the R and U models. You can view this on ASUS website. Setting up aiCloud service is entirely up to you. If you intend on using it, then by all means. If you want details check out this video breakdown: There are other videos for helping you with the service. they use the same firmware... Unless that has changed?
  3. I am getting repeat occurrences of it now 3rd time in 2 days Same messages as everyone else using firefox 17
  4. I guess its a matter of breaking down the performance of them. Best thing to do is look for multiple reviews on the brands your looking at buying, and educate your self. I use Arctic Silver 5 but only because I had to buy some paste in a pinch and all the local store had was the big tube and I got way over charged as in i paid $30 for Arctic Silver 5 Big aZZ tube so will be using it for a While LOL If you are going to be swapping out fans and experimenting I suggest you atleast entertain the thought of getting a big azz tube $21 at NewEgg and YouTube how to apply thermal paste to a CPU
  5. My god 980X . thats Insane.. I would love to get 1 PC and get 50K a day from just 1 CPU and GPU.. 2 PCs are costing me 100$ a month to Fold .. I would like to whittle that down to 1 PC getting 2 or 3 times the PPD
  6. STICKY PLEASE ! ! Thanks road-runner !
  7. monitor your temps carefully and use caution! Post a pic of your CPU cooler. if it is stock you want to take it easy as Spike said
  8. you can use a program called Core Temp Lot of these guys have been doing this for so long they sometimes forget that not everyone knows the needed basics. We all had to start somewhere. Don't be afraid to ask if you don't know or don't understand something fully that someone has told you here. We all want to help you avoid problems and costly mistakes here. few simple things to keep in mind Before attempting to overclock anything. Back up everything of value. Research everything to the point of total understanding, and ask again when you are not 100% certain. Find out and understand what can go wrong as well as the benefits of overclocking. Know what tools are available Prime 95, CPUZ, CORE TEMP, OCCT etc etc Basic building guide here that has a few references and lastly remember the only dumb question is the question you didn't ask that fried what ever you were attempting to overclock. Also let me say welcome to OCC You will not find a more helpful friendly and knowledgeable bunch. From the bossman Bosco and ALL of the staff here, right down to every last member. And let me just add that you will not find a better Moderated site any where these guys are on top of it 24-7-365, spam posts and trolls and all the other BS that makes the internet a scarey place is removed and dealt with a clensing that can only be described as a vorpal evisceration, with a super expedient Get-R-Done surgical precision that is unparalleled in this realm or any MMORPG! So thats my 2.5 cents.
  10. make sure someone is watching with a camera I want to see, and besides it might be worth 10K on AFV!!
  11. Just take it to an Electrician. your obviously missing parts that's making it impossible to figure out what needs to be done with little or no experience in doing so. Would be safest bet IMO or Try it your self and get a spiffy new hairdo!
  12. Yeah I ended up getting a Flickr Pro account for the few Bucks its worth it for the extra perks/amenities
  13. where did you get this? your missing a wire dude. you need 2 connections and there should be a ground screw to the chassis. Also you need some kind of control (Thermostatic) This thing appears to be Old and Broken which=fire hazard. The one wire you have left looks like is 20+ years old. Does not look safe even with an Electrician to guide you through your repairs and set up. You don't need no stinking heater! just set up another folding machine and snuggle up to it and watch it fold !
  14. 264 is an extremely processor-intensive codec. What are your system specs? how big is the file? what resolution? Video and picture editing programs can get extremely memory/resource intensive.
  15. Nice shots man ! what lens are you using ? and what lens came with it? I am just using the stock Nikor 18-55 but would love to get a 300
  16. may have posted to quickly. Just changed from WMP file to MP3 going to see if that works even though its not a rip but a sync.. edit: LOL NM im a tard again.. just needed to change it to MP3
  17. I have been trying to get Music on to GFs Kindle Fire HD with Windows Media Player and it shows it syncing the CD to the KFHD. go to the music folder in the KFHD and you can see the albums but when you try to pull them up from the device they are not there. tried syncing and re syncing still nothing. do I need to do it differently? I damn sure dont want to pay cloud fees for 30+ CDs I cant find anything on how to put music driectly from a CD to the KFHD \ or do i just need to suck it up and pay the cloud fees for 30+ CDs? Seems refunkintarded to pay for music 2 times....getting quite pissed and ready to shove this thing ()*&)(&*$^&*(^)(*&(*^$)
  18. Bathsalts started in Russia or China? I would say China first!
  19. Renigade because Renegade was taken. Some times as Renegade_Nole. Also happen to be a Florida State fan. Didn't care about sports until I moved to Tallahassee. One of the Best traditions in College sports Renegade and Chief Osceola planting the spear!
  20. BATHSALTS allready started it ! also as an FSU fan may i just point out that it started with a MIAMI Hurricanes fan !
  21. Renigade


    Give the VGA plug a shot bud. unless you dont have physical access to the machine? or drop down to V6? Look here bunch of posts about headless GPU problems http://foldingforum.org/search.php?keywords=using+VGA+dummy+headless
  22. Renigade


    Have you thought about making a VGA dummy plug instead? save a bit of electricity .
  23. Am I missing something? There are large discrepancies between HFM.NET's Work Unit History PPD, HFM.NET's Work Unit History CREDIT and Extreem Over Clockers's PPD page Look at the 24th and 25th... NONE of the 3 numbers match I would assume that atleast 2 of them would? I want to understand this so I can stop asking so many questions and answer a few for new people
  24. Ok who is folding using server set ups like 4 CPU Boards or know anything about folding with server rigs? I would like to start looking into using an Opteron set up. Right now Im running 3 Quad core AMDs 2 ATI cards and 1 Nvidia Card and barely showing 30Kppd in HFM.NET and SLAMMMMMMING my electric bill. I dont want to stop folding but I dont want to continue to pay the ELE Co's all that extra cash From what I understand if you want to get the BEST PPD/$ you need to spend more money and go with a 4 chip server board.
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