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  1. Im looking at the folding seriously now that I realize I don't want to stop for any period of time and see that I can get a multi threaded processor that can out preform 4 Nvidia GPUs and use less power. Dual socket motherboard 350-400 (BRANDS?) 2x cpus 400-5009 (Chip modles ?) Ram MoBo dependent (any old ram work here?) PSU ( I just have no clue what to look for here either with out Mo-Bo Ideas) case (do i need a special case or will this fit in say an elcheapo Antech 900-1200? can this type of setup give me 100k 24hr avarage? or will I need a 4P I would love to be able to help put OCC back where we were when I first started folding I think we were at 40? We need to reinvigorate our folding culture here. How do we get more people folding?
  2. I fold for my friends and family who are affected by Cancer, Parkinsons and Alzheimers. I fold for hope. http://folding.stanford.edu/English/HomePage
  3. try SpinRite http://www.grc.com/sr/spinrite.htm Not sure if it will help your problem but at this point it sounds like it wouldn't hurtI had a Nosy HDD was rattling and its nice and quiet now
  4. they sound Amazing But my wireless G930's get the game ball. Passing these on to my son-in-law he says thank you OCC!
  5. Thinking about checking this out tomorrow http://www.firefallthegame.com/betaweekends/
  6. I started folding again.. LOL it was killing me not folding. I tried but i couldn't go a month with out folding!
  7. had to shut my folding down for a month trying to gauge how much folding costs me in electric with 3 machines so i ran it for just about an entire billing cycle of my electric and im waiting to compare the bills and then im going to turn 1 rig on as a dedicated folder. im guessing about $100 for the 3 rigs together. Im thinking i can afford $30 extra a month
  8. Any one using or working with wordpress give a first time user on must have Plugins? Back up, security, Administration? here is a list of my current plugins I am using. Advanced You Tube Embed Plugin Akismet Formidable Jetpack (is this one worth getting the paid upgrade?) Pie Register Simple Daily QuotesSimple User Profile Terms of Use User Permissions TLCHouseWashing.COM any tips tricks or suggestions would be awesome! EDIT: A large majority of my site will be information on how to clean maintain and generally keep up appearances inbetween house washings here in central Florida with an emphasis on helping my 1700+ clients with preventative maintenance. So I need a way to provide a lot of information to my clients (average ages 50-70) in a way that is easy to browse for most that are not very tech savvy.
  9. I would be interested in speaking with anyone that has such knowledge as well! I just built a wordpress site with a free template and want to learn how to do that my self.
  10. Billy's(my friend Mechanic) words "Begin with the end in mind. tackle 1 area at a time until complete" Assuming the truck currently runs 1 Focus on getting the truck running well before you even think about the body and suspension 3 simple things to remember AIR FIRE FUEL Start with your Vacuum hoses and replace your air filter etc etc Check all of your ground wires, clean and reconnect all you see, clean and or replace terminal connections Plugs wires coil cap roter make sure when you turn the key you can hear the fuel pump some trucks have 2. One in the tank and one on the rail replace the filters. if the gas gauge is not working it is most likely rusted and there very well may be rust in your tank and lines. install an inline Visibility fuel filter up top before the carb,(temporary) this will tell you if there is any rust in the lines or tank. be prepared to take it out if your fuel pump or pumps are not strong enough. If your going to run in the woods you want to make sure you don't break down in the woods first. or just make sure you keep a tow strap in the back seat LMAO Once you get the truck running well then you can start planning the rest. I watched a friend suck water into his engine on a Bronco because of a stray vacuum line. If you need any advice call me get my # from my website tlchw.net Jeff
  11. Yeah it was some screwy font that came with the wordpress template. I just changed the CSS to Nunito a google font. http://www.google.com/webfonts/specimen/Nunito LOL Wonky i had to google that one My word of the day thanks Fred
  12. ok and then get a third and a fourth and a fifth ask multiple mechanics and from multiple forums or ask your pastors mechanic if your worried about honesty.... but at least get at the very least more then one opinion was my point... Yes get it running well before looking at attempting to lift it first. I can ask my mechanic friends for you if you like. I just happen to actually know 2 honest mechanics..But i know he would say get it running first and then start start with replacing all the worn out rubber and bushings and grease fittings maybe then as you are doing that you will by default be inspecting all of the moving suspension parts sway bar swing arms shocks struts etc etc once you know the under body suspension and frame are ok then you can worry about lifting the old girl. I have helped rebuild work on and restore a few cars hanging out with mechanics and growing up with a hotroding uncle with an affinity for old hot rods and stocks cars and circle dirt beasts. if you want better results ask better questions and lots of them. @ Coors yeah i have known a shit ton of those type of mechanics. But not all of them are scumbag thieves and generally even if your not buying anything from them they too can still tend to be just as much of a fan boy as PC builders.. *Shrug
  13. Are you just trying to get in shape for hunting (assumed from cammo paint)season? What is your budget. Is it running now? What are you going to use it for Just Woods? Woods and Road? How much lift? What size tires and rims? What do you have and what are you looking at buying as far as lift kits and suspension mod kits? I have a friend who is an awesome mechanic I can hear him now..."what ever advice you get online get a second opinion from a local mechanic, most of them will talk your ear off for a cold 12pack or some herbal head material?" LOL I would start with Buy a manual for the Engine and replace ALL the vacuum hoses before attempting to clean or rebuild the carb. If your going to lift it, I would first start with putting it on a lift and at the very least check the frame or under-body for damage. or totally clean the underbody/frame and check all the mounts and frame for cracks or damage. Nothing is worse then getting stuck in the woods in a spot thats hard to hook or tow from because a frame couldn't take the beating of the woods..(Experience) Replacing all the (Worn rubber) suspension bushings and suspension mounts (if needed) and grease fittings etc etc.
  14. Renigade

    Mass Effect 3

    So what are you saying? i cant play 1 and 2 now that I played 3? or you going to bust into the ABC's next? LOL
  15. Renigade

    Mass Effect 3

    just didnt want to pass up on any hidden weapons or armor if there are any. but if it doesn't matter and you get everything no matter what you do then fine by me.. Guess im going to have to try 1 and 2 because im enjoying the hell out of this one.. Just rescued the Cerberus scientists .
  16. Renigade

    Mass Effect 3

    Anyone playing(or has played and finished) that can give me some links to some good guides / walk throughs for arms and armor buying or hidden weapons? i never played the first 2 and got ME3 for Xmas my next Priority is Horizon. Can I do all the side missions before doing the priority missions? is there a list somewhere that give you the best order to do the missions in? the wiki is ok but i get the feeling it is not as informative as it can be.
  17. My roommates were masters at growing unique and strange forms of molds mushrooms and spores with coffee cups and paper plates. So bad I got bronchitis that turned into pneumonia. I was sick for a Month and had to get an IV 3 days in a row because Z-pack didn't make a dent. So believe me when I say your roommate is clean compared to some.. Consider your self extremely fortunate dude! they could be thieving crack heads or hippies that don't shower but just cover the body odor with patchouli oil. I get nauseous with just the memory of the scent....
  18. Google how to Air Crack or brute force WPA-WPA2 its not hard... and there are other programs out there a lot more sophistacated Maybe you don't need ALL of what I suggested.. But if it got cracked once ( as you kind of implied ) do you really think they will give up and pay for their own internet? They have No internet and nothing but time to run a program while they sleep or work.(if they work) I just always suggest a strong password over a good one. Sure use an 8 character PW that WPA2 requires as the minimum and if it was Brute forced it takes them 1/2 as long or less especially if it is all letters. over a 16 char assorted. I am not paranoid I would just rather be safe then sorry. If I can crack a WPA2 its a safe bet to say that a lot smarter people then I can do it a whole lot faster, and I have a GED not a college education. Just my opinion for what its worth. a Quick Read here but I could be wrong
  19. best thing to to is create a 16 digit password with Upper and lower case letters, numbers thats a-z= 26 A-Z=26 0-9=10 and add 2 Symbols or characters= 64 so even they try to regain access/control with a brute force attack it will take a while... Open your calculator and do 64X64 and hit = sign 14 more times and that's the number off attempts it could possibly take them to Brute force it, and that # is after they realize that you didn't use dictionary words. because most people that use common dictionary words for passwords often use them again even after having been exploited. Just use a piece of painters tape and place it on the bottom of the router with the password or place it in a safe or where ever... EDIT: and you want to take that a step further use 4 or 5 different language letter characters if possible LOL
  20. After a brief review of the available options in this type of software platforms and checking reviews I have pretty much ascertained that (IMO) LastPass is in fact the best of the best. If you have not even looked into this lately or have never looked into this software I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU DO ! Check reviews Check Security Issues Check The Frequency of Patches Nuff Said Thank you again CheeseMan42! I was looking into this software because the GF's PC had recently been compromised so after reformatting her HD and reinstalling her OS ( Acronis True Image Home ) going through 8 hours of remembering password and getting some reset and changing user names and password I felt it was time to simplify this entire process instead of trying to reinvent the wheel and revamp my Spread Sheet. What a time saver!
  21. Thank you CheeseMan42! that will greatly simplify my life!
  22. Renigade


    Welcome to OCC man! I see the Antec LanBoy great case I have my HTPC in one:)cept mine is not modded at all. 200MM in the side there?
  23. no one uses eWallet, 1password, LastPass, mSecure or any password info type vaults?
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