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  1. So SYBA SI-PEX40064 PCI-Express 2.0 Low Profile Ready SATA III (6.0Gb/s) Controller Card at $29 will be good?
  2. I need to buy a PCIe to SATA Card. My Mother board only has 4 SATA ports. I have 2 internal HDD's, and a SATA DVD so that only leaves 1 open SATA slot. I have 2X2.5 HDDs and 2 X SSD drives I would like to use in a 4X 2.5 Hot~Swapable HDD bay but only 1 spare SATA port available. Motherboard is only SATA II but i will eventually upgrade the Old Gigabyte GA MA 790XDS4. Any suggestions on what Card I should get? Would like to stay in the $50 range but if best don't mind spending $100 ish NIC is not necessary but I wouldn't be opposed to having a 4 port NIC to eventually set the 4 Bay HotSwaper up with a raid Config. I have never configured a Raid set up. My current PC will most likely be converted to a File server running windows server when I get my new PC in June or July.
  3. My thoughts/ideas to-date. My storage and file sizes will be under 6 GB for information that I need to up/download quickly so I was looking at using a PC with a RAM disk set up at the office for the stuff that needs speedy access, and for the stuff that doesn't require quick assess just use regular 2TB HDD's in RAID for uploading pictures from my Nikon with GPS tags from Jobs. I document everything. I currently have 50/10Mbps with Comcast but as I expand I will most likely go with 100/20Mbps I will be using Microsoft Office 365 Small Business Premium. Mostly Access and Outlook
  4. Will be a scheduling/access database and file share for my service business. Right now its just me. Eventually when I get the database to where I am happy with it I will add service trucks that will have laptops using Microsoft Office 365. I track and doccument everything from customer calls, work/job/ scheduling notes, milage vehicle/equipment service and maintenance and products used per job. EVERYTHING if I spend money or time on it and it is related to the business in any way shape or form it gets documented.
  5. Thank you remix. Was more so looking for someone who has set up a cloud server to chime in. I have found a lot of information and was just trying to get a few other opinions from the people here, I should have expressed that originally. But I guess the people who have home based cloud servers have not seen the post yet or had anything of relevance to chime in about.
  6. My ASUS RT N66R router has AI Cloud. Can I dedicate a PC to act as a cloud server or do I just need to connect A external HD to my router via USB (for my business) with out having a static IP? Also can someone suggest cloud software, or the best OS and cloud software to use for the best security. I would prefer to not pay yet another annual fee to Godaddy my website hosting service. EDITED 12/24/2013 @ 2:32 My thoughts/ideas to-date. My storage and file sizes will be under 6 GB for information that I need to up/download quickly so I was looking at using a PC with a RAM disk set up at the office for the stuff that needs speedy access, and for the stuff that doesn't require quick assess just use regular 2TB HDD's in RAID for uploading pictures from my Nikon with GPS tags from Jobs. I document everything. I currently have 50/10Mbps with Comcast but as I expand I will most likely go with 100/20Mbps I will be using Microsoft Office 365 Small Business Premium. Mostly Access and Outlook
  7. thank you!!! I will check that out! I am hoping someone here has some experience in building the type of database i need to build. But this will get me started!
  8. Can anyone point me to some books or tutorials to help me learn Microsoft Access. It is so important to me I will even pay for online classes if necessary. I need advice from anyone who has built a customer data base for the purpose of Scheduling recurring appointments and invoicing with Access.. How does it work with and share information with other office programs like Outlook and Excel? Does it work with Microsoft Map point? I know (from google)Map point works with SQL database is that the same thing as Access? I am going to get Office 365 Small Business Premium. Also going to buy Microsoft Map Point. I want to build a Database that will help me with my 7+ years of information on 2400+ customers. I schedule 6-8 jobs a day all within a 40 Square mile area (The Villages Florida) that is divided into 65+ villages and growing. So scheduling the jobs as close together as possible is HUGE and is not as easy or simple as it sounds. Its just my fiance and I working/running the business. So I need to get our workflow streamlined. I currently use a laptop in the truck so i can keep the database on it. As it sits we wash houses from 7 am till 3-5 PM and then we field calls and emails sometimes till 7-8 at night. Burning the candle at both ends from the end of August till the end of January and if we get any busier we will not be able to keep up so I am between a rock and a hard place. I know that with a good database i can cut Phone and Email time in 1/2 when it comes to scheduling and adding new appointments for new clients. One big problem with QB customer Manager is I can not keep it on the same machine with Quickbooks Pro because they corrupt each others information. Stupid that Intuit still sells customer manager and have not made one fix for it sense 2006 and they are well aware of the problems it has with QB Pro.. Sad Effin thieves....Also QBCM only exports to QB Pro and Just Names and addresses none of the information and scheduling Notes i need... post here or hit me up at jeff at tlchw net
  9. Last October I bought a D3200 for the arrival of my Grandson. It was suggested for me to put it in MANUAL and keep it there and set the camera to take both NEF and JPEG to learn. The NEF format will have all of your settings tagged on the picture so you can later trouble shoot how to adjust the settings if the shot did not come out how you like. If you have trouble getting a shot then just drop it into AUTO. I would suggest if you like to take pics outside get some filters to play with as well as a circular polarized filter. I live in Central FLA and and the Circular Polarizer is my favorite because any time i want to enhance the blue of the sky it just screws on to the end of my lens, It's a really cool gadget for 20-30$ I have been told that because of the smaller sensor on my d3200 the telephoto lenses like the 18-300 (I have been considering getting or a 18-250) is equivalent to a 450 not sure the equivalent for the 250, but the last thing you want to do is max out the zoom to full focal length because the more zoom with the smaller sensor the more fuzzy the images get at full focal length. oh yeah... Get a Flickr Pro account because you will need LOTS of space to sort and show all your pics i think I'm at just under 10K clicks now on the camera and im getting close to 200GB of Video and shots. Have Fun !
  10. Happy Thanksgiving to ALL ! Every day should be Thanksgiving, approached with conscious thought, and an open mind and heart. Driven by an insatiable and unwavering determination to project and reflect the love we take for granted every day. Never neglect gratitude, it is strength beyond strength, it is the key that opens every door. Giving selflessly will turn the guarded, jaded and most distant; it is a welcome infection of love that is faster than the speed of light. Relentless consideration, an understanding ear and kind words are simple tools that are always with us. Love is not hindered by time or distance it is intimately intertwined with the very fabric of who we are. Remember our greatest friends we have yet to meet. The act of love will always yield serenity of soul, and lucidity of spirit. From the very bottom of our hearts we wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Lisa & Jeff (Renigade) OCCTG by jeff_barbiaux, on Flickr I am grateful for all of the OCC community and staff! Thank you for all you do!
  11. In buying my memory, how much of a difference is there between DDR3 2400 and DDR3 1066 and where would the differences be noticed if any? I plan on getting AMD FX-9590 in December.
  12. Yeah pretty much because its going to be spread out over 6 months I figure prices and options will change a bit... as far as CPU I want to get an 8 core a stand alone water cooler for CPU and either a CM or Corsair case. ETC ETC
  13. Hey guys I have been stalking these forums for a while, love and trust the reviews here at OCC. I don't get the time to research new stuff but have always appreciated and respected the advice I get here at OCC so I am reaching out again to get some advice for a long over due, and greatly needed up upgrade for my aging dinosaur of a PC. My Current Rig is a AMD Phenom II X4 940, Thermaltake Frio in a Gigabyte 790X DS4 with 8 Gigs of DDR2, and Corsair TX 750 w PSU. and 2X 5830 all in a Antec 900 wrapper that is now almost 6 years old. And my motherboard is 5 years old So I am a bit over due for some upgrades. My last upgrade was the PSU and Vid Cards. 2+ years ago My Intended upgrade MB Crosshair V Formula-Z and 2 x 8 GB Sticks of DDR3_the MB manual says: AMD AM3+ FX
  14. No one? Ok I guess I will go buy the latest Acronis
  15. I Apologize for the topic title change but i was unable to afford to go out and buy a new version of acronis. So how do I go about installing an SSD into a brand new windows 8 laptop. I have a 60 GB SSD thats All i want and need for storage.. bought the SSD because Quickbooks customer manager slows down the longer the program runs and i thought this would help speed it up a bit. (I HAVE NO WINDOWS 8 INSTALL DISK) Windows came preinstalled. seeing as I cant afford to buy acronis true image and my 2010 version of acronis is not working with the way the OS was installed. I did not hyjack the other thread because that was a windows 7 question. or should i just have asked there? I bought a new Lap top for my Business and an SSD for my new Laptop.. I install Acronis True Image home 2010 and when i go to run it i get an error message. All I am running on this pc is Windows and QuickBooks Customer Manager . Do i go through the hoops to change guid partition into a MBR? or is there another program i can get for free? or should i just buy the latest version of acronis? or is there an acronis work around or patch for my 2010 version that will allow me to clone my new laptops HDD to a SSD I dont mind spending the $60 for the newest acronis but if i can avoid it and do it for free money is kind of tight right now.
  16. bloddy hell.. 100+? what games you playing Hyper that you have that many people on raid nights???
  17. yeah im getting a lotta people that didnt care for mumble. I decided to try a 10 man Vent server from typfrag.com for $4 a month
  18. Im looking at Typefrag for Hosting as the last provider i used Nation Voice are thieves. Nation Voice double billed me for 6 months and because i didnt notice it they have a clause in their TOS that states they do not give refunds after 10 Days so they got me for $70.
  19. I am in the market for a VOIP and wanted to get some opinions from yall here at OCC. This will be for my WOW guild. I had used Ventrilo for a long time. and had become biased against Team speak because every time I had gone into a TS server it had always been hosted on a slow/bad connection. I do now like TS and Ventrilo Equally as long as they are hosted properly, but I prefer Ventrilo because I can use the push to talk function on my Logitech G930 head set when I am away from keyboard. But other then that I have not tried Mumble. and Skype is ok but can get a bit annoying with no push to talk.
  20. Renigade

    The Shame !

    Back to WOW Alleria Alliance I had to try a panda.. i was doing sooo well i had stayed away for 18 months..
  21. mainly looking for a decent FaceBook login
  22. @ anyone who has used a Wordpress Social medial Login (plugin) Ok I'm looking for a good Social media login for my wordpress site. I dont mind a little branding I would pay to remove branding if i can use it with no problems for a while. I need something that is secure and easy to use seeing as my clients range in age from 50-75 I didn't want to ask on the wordpress site because i didn't think i would get an honest opinion, more likely just another sales pitch.
  23. Austincarven thanks bud! but im perfectly happy with wordpress and I hope you find our forums here useful, i mean other then hunting for leads:)
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