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  1. I stuck the 980ti in the new rig went on and put it folding over 4 m ppd now. Waiting to see what the 1080ti and the new AMD is going to do.


    The 6900k will bring 100k a day on 15 cores...

    Anyone folding with the 1080Ti yet? I hear over 1 Mil PPD average. 

  2. I Fold for Alzheimer's but hope the research helps all they are working towards helping, so i check "Any Disease" 

    I started folding for My Grandparents who both had Alzheimer's. My father in law has early onset Alzheimer's. My Father and I are at a higher risk. I will continue to fold when ever I can for all who are afflicted. Heres to hoping they find a cure!

     Just curious how many of you guys have immediate family your folding for, Prayers and best wishes from my family to all of yours!

  3.  Sadly the Corsair CX line wasnt that great, 

    OK so a little digging and I totally didn't realize The OEM that made it is Channel Well Technology Aka CWT and its made with cheap parts.  
    Thanks for that information. 
    Guess I am looking for a new PSU as well now....
    Any one recommend a 750W PSU for my rig while we are at it? Something that I can get a nice looking cable mod for :) Was so excited about this build i totally overlooked the PSU and assumed because it was a Corsair it would be ok.

  4. This GTX 1080 is kicking ass! Going to fire up the 770 and see how much i can scrape outa that as well. Whats average PPD for a GTX 770 Classified?



    Makes me wish I had waited for the 1080 ti 

    Anyone have, or planning to get one and fold with it?

  5. Thanks for the Advice :) First chance I have had time to sit down and look at this, work has had me chained up a bit.

    I have turned off CPU in i7 Rig and I am assuming the AMD CPU will be pretty much the same?  not worth the stress on CPU?


    For best results and less stress on your hardware,.. click Finnish on your CPU slot, and when finished with current WU go into Configure and remove CPU slot,.. then Add a few flags for GPU slot,.. next-unit-percentage 100, and client-type advanced. Then slide folding power up to Full,.. set check points up to max all the way to right which I think is 30-min.



    Done done and done :)



    Be sure you have a passkey and have completed at least10 WUs with it  to take advantage of the bonus points also..

    and done just a moment ago :)

  6. Just getting back into [email protected] have a 5820K  and a Hybrid GTX 1080. Does anyone have a current link to setting up my CPU/GPU to get the best results? once I get my PC rolling want to set up my guest PC AMD FX 8320 GTX 770 Classified.

    Any links to what has changed in the 3+ years I have not folded would be greatly appreciated.



  7. Ok got my account back.

    Thanks for the Reply El_Capitan

    You're looking for a gaming + streaming and video editing system.


    You're kind of on the right track. First, a hexacore CPU will help immensely with video editing, encoding, and streaming, but the 5820K will need an X99 motherboard. The Z170X-Gaming 7 won't be compatible.


    Second, what resolution and FPS will you be streaming at?


    Third, take m.2 out of the equation. It is totally not needed for anything for your build.


    Fourth, I am assuming you game at 1080P at 60Hz refresh rate your monitor supports. No need for anything higher than a HD 290 or GTX 780. The higher up you go, it really won't help except for playing at the highest settings for newer games and more memory bandwidth for graphics mods if needed.


    Finally, are you going to overclock your CPU?




    1920X1080 48FPS with scaled Resolution of 1096X616

    Not going to overclock my self but may have someone else help me with it eventually.

    Guess i overlooked the Motherboard compatibility . As i said this will be my first Intel Build

  8. want to use this HP Proliant DL380 Gen3 as a NAS server




    Anyone have a suggestion on what NAS software I should look at?



    Having problems downloading NAS4free from sourceforge anyone have a good DL link or an alternative to NAS4Free?

  9. Son in law was not sure if his PSU was bad or his vid Card so i put his Gigabyte 5830 in my machine and we discovered his card was bad. When i put my Sapphire HD 5830 back in i was getting 6 FPS in games i normally get 40-60.

    I have uninstalled the CCC and reinstalled.. Made sure i had the latest Direct X ran DXDIAG. Checked tpo make sure the card was seated properly.... Nothing

    is it possible his bad card screwed up my Motherboard?





    CPUZ info
    Display adapter 0    
        Name            Radeon HD 5830
        Codename        RV870
        Technology        40 nm
        Memory size        1024 MB
        Memory type        GDDR5
        PCI device        bus 1 (0x1), device 0 (0x0), function 0 (0x0)
        Vendor ID        0x1002 (0x174B)
        Model ID        0x689E (0xE140)
        Performance Level    0
            Core clock    400.0 MHz
            Memory clock    1000.0 MHz

    Win32_VideoController        AdapterRAM = 0x40000000 (1073741824)
    Win32_VideoController        DriverVersion =
    Win32_VideoController        DriverDate = 12/06/2013


    Windows Version            Microsoft Windows 7 (6.1) Home Premium Edition 64-bit  Service Pack 1 (Build 7601)
    DirectX Version              11.0

  10. Looking for a safe DL site for Picture Manager or any other software that will gather all of my Photos with out grabbing windows program pics.Trying to get my PC files organized so i can reformat and move every thing to SSD's

    I have Microsoft Office 2013 365 Small Business Premium apparently it no longer comes with picture manager....

    Any suggestions?




    EDIT:apparently Windows Live Photo Gallery  Does the same thing and more as Picture Manager..

  11. I need to buy a PCIe to SATA Card.


    My Mother board only has 4 SATA ports.

    I have 2 internal HDD's, and a SATA DVD  so that only leaves 1 open SATA slot.

    I have 2X2.5 HDDs and 2 X SSD drives I would like to use in a 4X 2.5 Hot~Swapable HDD bay but only 1 spare SATA port available.

    Motherboard is only SATA II but i will eventually upgrade the Old Gigabyte GA MA 790XDS4.


    Any suggestions on what Card I should get?  Would like to stay in the $50 range but if best don't mind spending $100 ish





    NIC is not necessary but I wouldn't be opposed to having a 4 port NIC to eventually set the 4 Bay HotSwaper up with a raid Config.

    I have never configured a Raid set up. My current PC will most likely be converted to a File server running windows server when I get my new PC in June or July.


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