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  1. Renigade

    Windows 8 failed update boot loop

    This will help you get it straight!
  2. Renigade

    Google Fiber - Am I reading this right?

    Read the TOS carefully ..Nothing is EVER for free from large corporations.. they are getting something.. Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive! and Google lawyers have LOTS of experience...
  3. Renigade

    New here on occ

    Welcome Man!
  4. Renigade

    D3200 Shots

    I was told to put the camera in Manual and learn to shoot first. But yeah as soon as i get a bit more familiar with why shots are not coming out the way I initially intend them I will start experimenting a bit more. Like my current problem is to much flash inside even at 1/32 it seems to wash pics out a bit more then I would like. and I notice to much glare or flash back off shiny objects, So I'm looking at getting an External flash and defusing it a bit.
  5. Renigade

    D3200 Shots

    Thanks cjloki & Stonerboy779 Pulled pork and Iced tea? Sounds like Florida love me a good BBQ sammich !
  6. Renigade

    Post Your Pets Thread!

    Renegade as a puppy when he first learned to swim he was terrified at first but then i couldnt keep him outa the pool! Thats mah boy!
  7. Renigade

    It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

    that's Awesome dude! *points at F13Bubba* ok what did you use? Programs? High impedance mic? Sound card or Studio board mixer?
  8. Renigade

    D3200 Shots

    ok No one liked the Red Neck Wine Glasses? C'Mon those are friggin AWESOME for chocolate milk!!!!!
  9. Renigade

    [WTB] AMD Phenom X4 and cooler

    I need to get a millimeter measuring tape LOL Yes sir I believe it will if not I will cut a hole to make it fit! I have a Sawzall, dremel and a drill and I am not afraid to use them!! ! What ya want for it:)
  10. Need to buy an AMD X4 or X6 and cooler for a Gigabyte 790XT-G45 a Radiator burst in my son in law's Koolance PC2 601BLW and I'm trying to get him a PC built from spare parts just need a CPU and a cooler by Christmas as my grandson is only 6 weeks old that means they will stay broke for a while. I'm not going to be picky about cooler, can always replace that later but at least want to get a Nice X4 or I believe this board will also take the 6 Core 1045T.
  11. Renigade

    [WTB] AMD Phenom X4 and cooler

    thank you sir
  12. Renigade

    i don't mean to be prideful but..

    And BTW OwinC LMAO at your avatar ! every time I see it man
  13. Renigade

    i don't mean to be prideful but..

    Gratz man ! what all are you running getting 16K 24hr avg
  14. Renigade


    HDR function?
  15. Renigade

    D3200 Shots

    And his fingernails have been chewed down to nothing!
  16. Renigade

    D3200 Shots

    I just noticed how dirty the guys hands are cutting the water melon ... Thank you but NO ! I think I will pass on the fresh sliced melon!
  17. Renigade

    Back to 2 folding rigs

    What a mess had to try several drivers but finaly got both machines folding SMP and GPU back to 10K a day for me
  18. Renigade

    Need advice............want to buy an LED TV

    I a 48" Sharp Aquos that has preformed quite admirably for 4 years with no problems at all
  19. Renigade

    Kiro Reporting In

    Welcome to the Club Kiro!
  20. Renigade

    New headset

    Love my Logitech G930 it comes with a Foamy The Squirel Voice ! ! ! and a few others that are not so great PARENTAL ADVISORY EXSPLICIT LANGUAGE See Foamy here but only if your 18+ KK thanks
  21. Renigade

    Official Forum bug reports

    LOL Never mind Boss man took care of it
  22. Renigade

    Official Forum bug reports

    As soon as I am Able to Edit I will Edit my ortignal post with 1) a List of Known Issues and 2) Issues that have yet to be addressed and who they were reported by so people dont have to read through pages of posts to see if a bug has allready been reported
  23. Anyone know a safe DL spot to get ATIMAN?
  24. Renigade

    Looking for a Safe DL spot

    Yeah on second thought I think I will just do it my self. Was planning on being lazy. But turns out I am just going to reinstall the OS on the HTPC anyways because it has some corrupted files. It was having driver issues because that machine had originally had an nVidia card that wouldnt run some games well so I gave it my other 5830 from my Gaming PC. When I uninstalled the nVidia Drivers it began getting errors with folding. UNKNOWN_ENUM (-1073740777 = 0xc0000417) So not sure if upon uninstalling the drivers is the culprit or if the wife picked up some malware because the HTPC is her gaming machine.
  25. Renigade

    GPU Clients crashed

    GPU still not working on V7 for my 9850 Machine what client do i need to down load to run V6 on that machine and can I run the V7 SMP and V6 for GPU? ?