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  1. Thank you Bosco and Staff! and Merry Christmas ! ! !WOW congratulations to all that won !!
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    what WU is it failing on or is it more then one? As far as I understand the servers at Stanford make continual adjustments and assign WU's to Machines they think will complete them and if they fail continually they are either taken out or the issues with the WU's are addressed accordingly. But either way they send a dump back to Stanford failed or completed. The data sent back to them is used to debug and diagnose problems. When it dumps it sends the info as if it had finished. So unless there is something wrong with your side, the only thing you can do is just ride it out and hope that you dont continue to get WU's that your machine has problems with. You may try posting your question at foldingforum.org if no one here can enlighten your particular situation any further. EDIT: some times an overclock can increase the chances of getting failed WU's
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    Merry X-mas to everyone!

    oops double post
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    Merry X-mas to everyone!

    Afrikaans: Gese
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    HFM.net finaly seeing all PCs

    After I got my new router I had not tried to set up HFM.NET until this morning and Bam worked first time. So my last network setup seemed to prove a bit more difficult for this .. LOL Now i just need to figure out how to get my GPU clients named as the GPUs they are same as my SMP clients named properly.. HTPC -AMD 9850BE, JEFF PC-AMD X4 940, and BILL PC-AMDX4 830
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    Looking for Video Editing software

    Want to put titles on videos i shot with my DSLR and add subtitles and narration throughout. Thanks
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    Hi from Colombia

    Welcome to OCC
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    profile pic

    I think I should change my pic to a bleeding hemorrhoid the size of a cornbread muffin because, well quite frankly I exceed at it with little or no effort.
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    Was Not Photobucket

    Sounds like it may have just been removed because of inactivity. But OP hasn't said how recent the uploads were or last time he used it. I had posted Pics last weekend of a Christmas party/ gift exchange for Lisa's Parents before they went to NC for the Holidays
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    Was Not Photobucket

    EDIT: its back up not sure if they had a server down for maintenance or what but yeah I feel stupid now sorry for the false accusation Photobucket and sorry to all of you I got reved up with this post. Was not my intentions. I listened to someone that told me BS and i should have been more patient. I had some pics of my Grangfathers Winchester model 1906 44-40 and a vintage 1909 Model 33 Remington 22 rimfire. Or was it the Pickup shot with the 2 AR15's an AK 47 (semi auto of course) 308, Mosen Nagant Mosberg shotty, springfield 30-06 2- 38 snubbies a couple of Glocks and a few .22's may have offended them. Well my entire account is gone. LOL lesson learned (don't post firearms on Photobucket)
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    Was Not Photobucket

    No apparently I am a dumbazz and I listened to someone I should not have and Now its back up 1909 Model 34 Ok So on the tool box is a Remington bullpup .22 that my buddy uses to teach his kids gun safety Its fun as hell to Shoot anso the Model 34 Remington .22 from left to right we have the 1) Winchester model 1906 44-40 2) SKS 3) 30-30 4) AK 47 5) SKS 6) AR 15 ( he just got a golf ball launcher for it LMAO) Laying across the bed is a WWII era Mosin Nagant with bayonet attached and we had a random 9mm a Glock 17 and a Raven 25 that I can remember there should be a few shottys in there and A 308 that was being shot at the time. We have a range that has 12' berm and 2500 acres behind it of prime Boar and (Florida deer) what I call Small dogs having hunted in the Mowhawk Valley of Central NY and the Adirondacks. Deer in FLA are SMALL Every month there's 3-5 of us that drop about $200 in shells total and targets and about $60 in beer .Go shooting clear all the weapons we shot, lock up the ammo and then clean them while we get hammered at the cook shack. Of the old rifles That 44-40 or Saddle gun kicks like a BB gun but is not very accurate. the Model 34 still gets 2-3 inch groups at 50 Yards (Vice) and the Mosin Nagant gets 2-3 inch groups at 100 yards also viced. Next time I will take the D3200 and get some better pics. I had taken that one with my cell because a friend had asked me to get a pic of the assortment of rifles we would be shooting that weekend. But we shoot then drink after ALL of the weapons are all cleared and ammo secured. So yeah I feel stupid having posted that Photobucket deleted my account. Maybe they put it back up after I submitted my ticket or had servers down for maint. but I still feel dumb.. LOL
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    2 Million

    Woot I hit 2 Million. I know that's not much comparatively speaking being ranked 56 on the team and 14,255 overall ranking but still seems like a milestone to me seeing as I was folding with my PS3 only for over 2 years. Now lets see how long 3 Million takes.
  13. Renigade

    Was Not Photobucket

    Yeah I had that account before I got my Flickr Pro account. Was originally for screenshots from my alliance gnome mage named ~ Orctoaster..
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    2 Million

    Man I need to buy some nVidia cards this GTS 450 is showing 11k a day by its self ! I noticed when went to get the passcode for this one its different then the code im running on the other machines.. Does each machine need its own pass code? Hows that work? I assumed I used the same passcode for all my machines.
  15. Renigade

    2 Million

    So I just got my father in laws PC they are gone on vacation till Feb so I am going to make the most of this Phenom ii X4 830 and a GTS 450
  16. Renigade

    Was Not Photobucket

    Yeah my account is gone.. was under orctoaster ..
  17. Renigade

    Gun control

    Winchester 44-40, Remington 22 and a Mossberg 500 12 Gauge, S&W 38, and my Pride and Joy that I learned to shoot on 1982 Crossman 760 powermaster. I got my first 22 at 15 years old. I trapped and hunted. I go shooting on a regular basis. It is an American thing, you wouldn't understand. [all due respect]
  18. Renigade

    2 Million

    Thank you sir!
  19. Renigade

    Looking at new mouse for MMO

    The wife and I play GW2 right now as well and Quite happy with the Logitech G500 In World of Warcraft I used it for my Mage and Prot Warrior 3 Buttons at thumb and 3 clicks at mouse wheel (left center and right) also was enough for me. So 6 is all I have ever used or needed extra for MMORPG's and Shooters I also played Everquest from the start when 50 was max level and Nagafen and Vox were the badass bosses in EQ and the Trolls still resided in Grobb. LOL Grobb Skwad ( all Troll guild) Raids on Queynos those were the days! ":Bashun da vendors and bankers and quest givers"
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    sup, i'm a noob

    Welcome to OCC
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    Counterstrike GO competition *Prizes!*

    so no report on who won? and scores of participants?
  22. Renigade

    Black OPS II

    Never mind.. Thank god I had not opened it. I found out there are no dedicated servers so that means no rules no admins and no crouch only servers.. SUX taking it back.. damn treyarch sucks...
  23. Renigade

    Black OPS II

    Anyone playing? I got it for my birthday yesterday and still have not installed it.
  24. Renigade

    It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

    Bad idea? Sorry Im just always partial to a driving bass line, nasty ass rifftastic distorted guitar with the thunder that can only be provided with some double kick.
  25. Renigade

    It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

    Rock one out with Trans Siberian Orchestra !