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    Need help with Logo design

    the TS is actually an idea from a modified version of the Georgia font . Also the font FSU modified to get their trade marked FS. I overlayed the Georgia font and stretched skewed and modified it a bit to get a similar look to the FS used by FSU not sure if that's a copyright infringement or not the way i did it? EDIT just noticed the bottom of the T is out of alignment a bit at the bottom but dont have time to swab it tonight. to fix just' cut the T in half Modify Transform and Flip Horizontal to make it symmetrical Night all
  2. Renigade

    Grandpa goes wild!

    I thought that guy sounded familiar. I lived in a small country town named Bridgewater NY I know nothing about Farm life or feeding, calving, milking, or cleaning the barn after you turn them all out to pasture and load the spreader...
  3. Renigade

    Grandpa goes wild!

    Thats going to be me in 45 years
  4. UPS on PCs, laptop, TV's, PS3 and Stereo but no home system yet.
  5. Renigade

    my junk build

    Make a Folding rig dude! and paint it Pink and dedicate it to folding for breast cancer!
  6. Renigade

    Hardly A N00B, But Fun To Say Hi!

    Welcome to OCC
  7. My Usernames Email addresses and Password list is getting extensively refunkindiculos. I need to organize my chaotic and disheveled MESS. I am looking for a program that I can sync from PC to Phone(iPhone currently) some of them are 9.99 on iTunes some are more some are less... any one use them at all? or are they a waste of money ? should I just use an Excel spread sheet and password protect it? But either way I am tired of forgetting what Email is with what site and what secret question did i use for what site etc etc etc... any Help?
  8. Renigade

    Media Server and/or HTPC build

    I am almost finished with my home networking cable runs have all but 2 rooms left and just started looking for a stand alone storage that has raid. out of the box for about $600 the EBoX R5 is what I have been looking at. EDIT: I was looking at this because I want to tuck it in the laundry room with my 16 port switch. I was thinking it would be easier on the Electric bill then a full PC and it is configurable through a GUI or at the box with the display screen or you can go with this if you are set on a PC build Port Multiplier SATA hardware raid controller - driver-less - SPM394 for about $180 http://www.datoptic.com/esata-hardware-raid-controller-spm394.html They do work with 3 TB drives
  9. Renigade

    Oh hai there :P

    I can get a lot more annoying then Onion or even deflowering an ego over legos! Well this is a pretty tolerant bunch here as long as its good natured ribbing. Welcome to the club man ! The only critique I have abut that sweet rig you got there is more a question why velcro ties? Run outa zips or spiral wrap?
  10. Maybe this will help if the people working on the site dont have to sift through comments to find people reporting bugs and things that are missing that used to make the old forums more user friendly. Possible BUGS Found 1) Firefox spell Checker not working 2)Needs the reply button at the bottom of the page. 3) sun shades for your eyes? sunglbuttes S. U. N. G. L. A. S. S. E. S. I guess the curse filter is catching that. 4)When editing a post the post editor is not allowing to edit the title of the post for when an Issue is resolved
  11. EDIT they say 8:48 but at 8:05 countdown is at 18 Mins 7:45 EST If you live in Central Florida this will be a cool show!. I have some cloud cover here so not sure if i can get any shots at all. I will be out with the Camera on the tripod.
  12. Damn ! Typo monster got me. Thanks LOL
  13. Renigade

    file compression tool?

    I need a free file compression tool. It seems winzip wants me to pay for software I will not probably use again for a while .
  14. Renigade

    What were your last upgrades?

    July 2010 I bought my HD 5830's thermaltake freo and upgrades my Phenom II X4 940 almost 3 years
  15. Renigade

    Lake Sumpter Landing

    Any members that want full size proofs let me know and I will Email yall the original 6016X4000 in Nef or jpeg Just PM me with Email addy. I never said it sucks I just cant wait to get my hands on a 300mm because the area I live in has so much great wildlife that would look a lot better close up! Where at? Born in Syracuse grew up in the Mohawk valley ~ Utica and then Bridgewater area but also lived in Albany / Schenectady area and also Chittenango area too. Bounced around a bit from 18-28
  16. Slide show link here http://www.flickr.com/photos/jeff_barbiaux/sets/72157632621220415/show/ Man I love my D3200 I cant wait to get a 70-300 lens!
  17. Im looking at the folding seriously now that I realize I don't want to stop for any period of time and see that I can get a multi threaded processor that can out preform 4 Nvidia GPUs and use less power. Dual socket motherboard 350-400 (BRANDS?) 2x cpus 400-5009 (Chip modles ?) Ram MoBo dependent (any old ram work here?) PSU ( I just have no clue what to look for here either with out Mo-Bo Ideas) case (do i need a special case or will this fit in say an elcheapo Antech 900-1200? can this type of setup give me 100k 24hr avarage? or will I need a 4P I would love to be able to help put OCC back where we were when I first started folding I think we were at 40? We need to reinvigorate our folding culture here. How do we get more people folding?
  18. Renigade

    The Elder Scrolls Online

    is there going to be an OOC based guild? Got me and the wife signed up!
  19. http://elderscrollsonline.com/en as for me and my family.. We are Signed UP !
  20. Renigade

    MMO games stutter really bad in big populated areas

    did it work for you?
  21. Any one using or working with wordpress give a first time user on must have Plugins? Back up, security, Administration? here is a list of my current plugins I am using. Advanced You Tube Embed Plugin Akismet Formidable Jetpack (is this one worth getting the paid upgrade?) Pie Register Simple Daily QuotesSimple User Profile Terms of Use User Permissions TLCHouseWashing.COM any tips tricks or suggestions would be awesome! EDIT: A large majority of my site will be information on how to clean maintain and generally keep up appearances inbetween house washings here in central Florida with an emphasis on helping my 1700+ clients with preventative maintenance. So I need a way to provide a lot of information to my clients (average ages 50-70) in a way that is easy to browse for most that are not very tech savvy.
  22. Renigade

    Lake Sumpter Landing

    I'm originally from central NY and I DO NOT MISS THE SNOW!
  23. Renigade

    Opteron 2P or 4P Folding Monster

    Im looking at energy use or cost over time. I just noticed they nerfed the bigadv unless I was reading BS saying that bigadv is now a minimum of 16 cores? Ok I want to get the Best PPD per kilowatt hour do i just get an i7 920 and OC it to 3.4 and run just 1 nvidia? I want to run 1 folding rig 24-7 I want to give the electric company the least amount of $ per points